The Strength Tarot Guide – Upright & Reversed

The Strength Tarot Card Meaning

The Strength tarot card is the deck’s ninth Major Arcana card, which reflects several characteristics other than strength. Power was historically known as fortitude, and the meaning is apparent in both the picture and the title.

Having a courageous heart, staying cool under pressure, and cooperating with others when forgiving faults are all qualities of courage. When this card appears in your reading, it is unmistakably a reminder that you will need stamina and persistence to overcome any obstacles in your love life, work, or relationships.

The Power tarot card suggests that you are a very committed person who can do everything you put your mind to. You’re self-assured and don’t like being yourself and taking action.

The card also shows that you have the potential to remain optimistic, rational, and reasonable in difficult circumstances that bring your patience and strength to the test.

Are you ready to move out in a mantle of strength?

  • Element: Fire
  • Astrological Sign: Leo
  • Planet: Sun
  • Date: 22nd July to 23rd August
  • Strength Tarot Card Upright: Influence, compassion, focus, strength, courage, persuasion
  • Strength Card Reversed: Weakness, raw emotion, low energy, self-doubt, insecurity

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Love and Relationship

Coming to Strength tarot love, the Strength tarot card always occurs when you are having relationship problems or with family, a friend, or your partner. This isn’t always a negative thing. This card reflects the desire to embrace people as they are, to be patient, and to express the power of compassion.

What moves will you take to being more open and loving? Is there something you like to forgive from your past? Avoid the temptation to break down when confronted by hardship. During these moments, find opportunities to expand your heart even further. Meditation, social service, and spending time doing activities you like are also excellent alternatives.

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Money & Career

Speaking of Strength tarot career, the Strength tarot card represents a guide to progress. If this card emerges in your reading, you have all of the ingredients you need to create the ultimate formula for your own success.

This is an excellent card for leadership. It illustrates that you are prepared to face a challenge and that you can persevere. This will evoke resistance. Just remain clear and firm in your attitude, and the results will follow!

If you wish to get a raise at work, build partnerships with coworkers, or get a new contract, you must demonstrate that you are secure and in charge.

Being a service to others is one way to genuinely show strength in the workplace. Try fundraising, making yourself open for extra tasks, or taking on more responsibilities.

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Are you going through a tough patch? Are you mentally ill, exhausted, or stressed? If this is the case, the Power tarot card advises you to be mindful of your instinctual impulses and gut reactions, particularly in a health sense.

Talking about strength tarot health, It’s perfectly natural to feel depressed, upset, or even embarrassed at these moments. However, don’t let your feelings drive you crazy! Instead, control your animal impulses, retake your strength, and treat your situation with kindness and affection.

You know you have the qualities to get through these difficult times.

  • Give attention to your instincts.
  • Negative thoughts should not be allowed to guide you.
  • Approach the condition with kindness.

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Strength Tarot Feelings

In general, if you want to know your partner’s feelings about you, strength may indicate that they care for you but want you to do all of the chasings for them. This individual is a real treat. Despite the fact that they care for you and you care for them, this individual necessitates much more commitment than most people are willing to devote.

Overall, strength (VIII) represents bravery, self-assurance, and love. The superiority of wisdom over physical power and goodness over evil is guaranteed by the eight Major Arcana.

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