Vastu Shastra for Interior Design – Vastu Tips for Interior Design

Vastu Shastra House is not only ancient science but also a Survivor. Especially in the present scenario, things have changed immensely from birth to education to career and marriage. Everything changes very fast, and everyone wants success. Some got it, but there are very few who are able to maintain it. Here Vastu Shatra House plays a highly crucial and very significant role which no one can deny.

As per the Vastu Shatra House principles, to attract positivity in a house, the main door of the house has to be in the correct direction. You must never forget that only aesthetics won’t work in Vastu Shatra for Home and for your overall happiness.

From the outer world, we enter the home by the main door only. The main door is also known as a transition zone where happiness and good luck enter it. Prime importance must be given to the main door as it brings cosmic energy flow, which provides health, wealth, and harmony. As it is written that the first impression is the last impression, and you must remember that the main door creates the first impression of the house.

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The direction of the main door must always be in the north, east, or northeast. These directions are considered auspicious in Vastu Shastra House. Never ever have the main door in the south, south-west, north-west or south-east directions.

The main door must be bigger than any other house and always open in a clockwise manner. Never keep three doors in a line and parallel to the main door. It is very inauspicious and known as a Vastu defect, which ultimately affects your happiness.

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  • Always remember the most auspicious door for the main entrance is Wooden.
  • If you have a door in the south direction, it must have a combination of wood and metal.
  • If you are in the west, it should be of metal.
  • On the northern side, you must add more silver colour.
  • For the east side, it must be made of wood.

As per the Vastu Shastra House principles, the main door must be prominent and easily visible.

Always keep your nameplate simple and easily readable. Never design too much and make it complicated.


  • For attracting positive energy in your home, there must be cleanliness around house.
  • Never keep dustbins, broken chairs or stools around the main door.
  • There should be adequate light surrounding the main door.
  • Never ever place a mirror opposite the main entrance. The reflection of the main door causes energy to bounce back.
  • Bright light at the door gives an aesthetic look. Never use red coloured lights.
  • It is best to decor your entrance with green plants. Never keep animal statues and Water elements near the main door.
  • Without any hurdles, the door should open at 90 degrees. All the door accessories must be polished regularly.
  • Always use high-quality wood for the door.
  • Never ever paint the door in black colour.
  • There should not be a bathroom near the main door.
  • Don’t keep shoe racks near the main door. Always keep it away or maintain some distance from the door.
  • Never placed septic tanks near the main door.
  • Also, never use sliding doors at the entrance.


The bedroom also plays a very crucial and important role in Vastu Shastra House. It is the inner part of the house where most couples or kids live. Positivity and happiness must be there in the bedroom to get success. It also brings couples closer towards each other.

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The bedroom must be in the South-west direction as it brings good health and prosperity for the house owner. It also increases longevity. Never keep a bedroom in the northeast or South-east zone of the house. Quarrels among the couple happen when it is in the southeast, whereas in the northeast creates health issues.

For children, bedrooms east or north-west are the best zones.

Bedrooms in the north are extremely lucky for everyone. It is a very suitable place for young students who are seeking jobs. New ideas regarding businesses also come from this zone.

A bedroom in the east zone gives a sharp intellectual mind which always gives success in studies.


As per Vastu Shatra House principles, only married couples should stay in the master bedroom. This rule applies to large families or joint families.


  • The bed should always be placed with the head towards east or south.
  • Bed placement in the master bedroom plays a very important role as it influences the sleep quality and health of the family.
  • The sleeping position in the master bedroom must be either at the south or west. Always place the bed against the wall in the south or west. When you lie down, your legs will point towards north or east.
  • Make sure that the guest room bed must have its direction towards the west.
  • It will be best if your bed is made of wood.
  • Avoid metal beds as it creates negative vibrations.
  • Never place a bed in the corner of the room as the positive flow of energy gets reduced.
  • As per the Vastu Shatra House principles, the bed position must be along the central part of the wall so that there will be enough space for movement.
  • Never ever keep a mirror in front of your bed. Reflection of the sleeping body is very inauspicious as per Vastu Tips.
  • The couple should never sleep in the northeast bedroom; this may result in miscarriage.
  • Try to avoid computers in the bedroom as much as possible. If not possible, at least make a partition.
  • Instruments like computers and cell phones are high electronic frequencies. It creates serious troubles in the bedroom, so avoid it.
  • You must use off white, baby pink or cream paint for the bedroom.
  • Never use dark colours.
  • Always keep your bed clean and free of clutter.
  • Keep aromatic candles or diffusers in the bedroom.


The universe consists of living and non-living things. For overall success and prosperity, we need to balance both things. We can’t concentrate only on living things as non-living things also play an equal and crucial role in Vastu Tips, and furniture is one of them.

Furniture is the most decorative part of the house, and it makes our living comfortable and lively. It also makes our house look attractive.

So here are innovative Vastu tips for furniture-

  • Always keep the furniture in the West or South direction.
  • You must keep furniture away from the wall to allow the flow of energy given from the back.
  • Never use irregular shapes like round or oval for furniture.
  • You must arrange the perfect square or rectangular-shaped furniture for your living room.
  • As per Vastu bed furniture, the bed must face the southwest direction of a room.
  • Always place Aquariums in the Northern or Eastern directions of your room.

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In Vastu Shastra, there is a special method for hanging paintings. It should be placed on the wall in a specific direction to gain maximum benefits. Here are some important tips for painting as per Vastu-

  • As per Vastu shastra North, North-East and East walls are best for paintings and photos.
  • You must place paintings of scenes like running horses, sunrise with ocean, sea, flowers and mountains as these paintings bring peace of mind and calmness in surroundings.
  • At the entrance, you must keep painting mountains in the south direction.
  • You must use the southwest corner of your living room to place paintings. It will reduce negativity.
  • You must display a painting of Radha-Krishna in the Southwest direction of your house. It increases peace and love in family life.
  • Never have a painting that creates confusion or is not good-looking.
  • Always use artistic paintings in your bedroom as it attracts loving energy.
  • You must keep painting water in your house or at work in the North-East direction.

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Vastu Shastra does not mean decorating your home only. It is a science that guides you to keep decorative things correctly and brings calmness and peace to your soul. After this, you can think about beauty and decor with the help of Vastu Tips. Here are some important Vastu Tips for statues and they are-

  • Always keep a Buddha statue at the main entrance to decorate your home. This will protect you from negativity. Keep the statue in the East direction.
  • You can place a Dog statue at the entrance of your house; it will protect you from evil spirits.
  • Never keep heavy statues in the Northern-East corner of a room.
  • The idol of god and goddess must be placed in a puja room with a proper direction.


  • You must keep a mirror in the North or East direction of a room.
  • As per Vastu Tips, never place a mirror on the wall opposite to a bed or study room.


  • Never plant big trees in the north-eastern direction of the house.
  • You must plant cactuses and other thorny plants for interior decoration.


  • You must use bright coloured curtains for your bedroom and dark coloured curtains for your living room.
  • As per Vastu Shastra, never use Red or Black coloured curtains.

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  • As per Vastu Shastra principles, you must have flattened ceilings rather than elevated to false ones.
  • You must construct and design the distance between the floor and ceiling of the bedroom for ceiling height.


  • You must avoid dimly lit rooms and always keep rooms lit with bright lights for positivity and a pleasant atmosphere.
  • Remember, lighting plays a crucial role in setting the perfect vibes for a house and ensures that you don’t take it lightly.


  • You must never use white marble tiles for regular rooms.
  • As per Vastu Shastra, use materials like mosaic, ceramic tiles, or marble for flooring.



  • Always placed Gas, Oven and Microwaves in the South-eastern direction as they exert a lot of heat.
  • The best location for T.V, Video player and Audio player are in the Northern, Eastern or South-Eastern directions of a room.
  • As per Vastu Shastra, never place electrical appliances in the Northeastern corner of a room.

So these are very easy to understand and equally easy to follow Vastu Tips for Home Decor. You must follow it seriously for your overall happiness and prosperity. By doing all this, Vastu will take care of you throughout life.

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