Vastu Tips For Money: Secrets To Be Wealthy And Bring Prosperity!

Everyone knows that the most crucial factor in everyone’s life is money. It may not be wrong to say that money is the primary source of our living. This is why everyone loves it. Of course, it is a funny fact, and the whole world revolves around this.

When it comes to Vastu Shastra for money, there are some procedures as per ancient science that you can follow judiciously to attract money. By following it, you can certainly get more wealth. However, you can attract luck in your home too by following Vastu tips for money. In Vastu for money, there are wealth corners present in your home, and you just need to know it for attaining more wealth and sheets. Also, you do not have to make unnecessary efforts if you do things as per Vastu shastra for money.

Vastu Tips for Money: The Exact Wealth Giver Locations

  • Always remember this, the South-east of any home or office is the Universal money zone. Also, use the compass to find the exact spot and stand in the centre of the place.
  • North direction is considered as a secondary money zone. This direction always gives a constant flow of income. It is also known as a career place. But an important thing to note is; North direction ensures that you will do your work sincerely and don’t lose your job.
  • In case you want to earn money and assets, always concentrate on the South-east direction. It will help you to attract luck and bring more and more prosperity.
  • It’s better to keep the mirror in the right direction and place as it helps to increase your wealth.
  • Ensure that the North and Northeast side of the house is open and clutter-free because it will help to bring more wealth.
  • There must be a constant flow of air in a home which adds a lot of positivity and helps to attain more wealth.
  • Keeping the water fountain in the Northeast direction can help in bringing a lot of good luck to earn money.
  • It is best to keep the entrance door clean as Goddess Lakshmi enters from it.
  • You should post a picture of a waterfall in the Southwest direction.
  • You should place a Chinese jade plant with succulent leaves in the Southeast direction.
  • It will help if you keep dragon tortoise in the North direction as it will give income luck.
  • You can place a symbol of wealth in the Southeast direction and fill up the ship with coins and treasures.
  • Always use light colours such as Light and Yellow to attract more money as per Vastu shastra.
  • It would be best if you keep the cash locker close to the South or Southwest direction.

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Vastu Yantras to Attract Money and Wealth

  • It will help if you keep a Golden Plated Kuber Yantra in the North or East direction. Chant mantra and worship daily.
  • You can also place Golden Plated Vyapar Vridhi Yantra to increase your wealth through investments and businesses.
  • You can also keep Lakshmi Yantra or Lakshmi Kuber Yantra to attract more luck and wealth.
  • Daily worship Ganesh Yantra and chant his mantra for gaining more wealth.
  • Keeping Vaibhav Lakshmi Yantra in the East direction invites wealth, prosperity, and happiness.
  • In case you are facing any serious financial troubles, using Mahalakshmi Yantra will offer the courage required. Also, it produces unexpected sources of income. So, it is advisable to chant and worship it regularly.

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Although the above are the things, you need to perform to attract more wealth. Still, there are some crucial things you must avoid completely to attract more money. Let’s figure out the things to avoid based on Vastu for money.

Vastu for Money - Things to Avoid

  • Avoid placing water, plants, and mirrors in the bedroom.
  • It’s best to avoid building a bathroom or toilet in the South-West corner of the house.
  • There should not be any water leakage in the home. Ensure that not a single drop of water is leaking. In case you find it, repair it asap.
  • Avoid keeping any corner dirty.
  • It’s better not to keep a damaged watch at home.
  • Better throw all unused materials away from home.
  • Refrain from growing big trees on the Northeast side of the house.
  • Never place a cash locker under a beam.

So, these are some dos and don’ts you need to follow to increase more wealth and assets. Also, it will bring overall success and prosperity to your life.