Benefits And Importance Of Kuber Yantra

Hindus consider Kubera as a lord of wealth. The ancient gold treasure and vast riches are usually known as Kubera’s treasure or wealth. Also, the wealthy people in India are called appeaser of Lord Kubera. Lord Kubera was the king who used to reside in Lanka and rides on his Pushpaka Vimana. Following the confrontation with his brother, Ravana, he left Lanka and then settled in Alkapuri. Many scriptures consider Kubera a demon, but you refer to the Hindu myths, he is a God. The idol of Kubera depicts as the dwarf, who is carrying mace, fruit and money in his hands.

So, the Hindu worship him to achieve desired wealth. Along with Lakshmi Puja, devotees also bow down to Kubera for success and prosperity. Even the business owners worship him as it is said that Lord himself keeps the record of accounts and distributes the wealth.

The placement of Kubera Yantra in your house may help you attract wealth, and there are many other benefits. Not only that, if you wish, you can gift this yantra to your close ones too. A person worshipping this yantra with a full devotion may get blessings from Lord Kubera, and he or she may earn their desired wealth. Now, let us understand in detail about Kubera yantra.

Meaning Of Kuber Yantra

The Kuber yantra is designed in such a way that it portrays Lord Kubera. It consists of 72 rows and columns. These numbers help you bring positive energy and wealth to an individual’s life. It is the best yantra for those who want to worship Lord Kubra. It is believed that if you place this yantra inside the house, you may come out of any financial woes and find ways to earn money. Moreover, a person may form a good reputation in society. Kubera yantra is beneficial for a person who is starting a new business as it assists them in earning profit.

Therefore, it is usually found in the locker room or vault, where it can attract money. This yantra is so powerful that it has the ability to transform the ragpicker into the King. Also, it helps you remove any bad fortune and further replacing with good luck.

How Is Worshipping A Kuber Yantra Beneficial?

Below are the benefits of keeping Kubera yantra inside your house.

  • Lord Kubera may save you from enemies and your wealth may get protected.
  • It guides you save your income and you may have multiple income source
  • This yantra helps you attract new opportunities in business.
  • Kubera yantra may bring positive results for those who are running new start-ups
  • Kubera Yantra is associated with benevolent Jupiter, so can expect wisdom and good wealth
  • You may achieve peace in mind by worshipping this yantra
  • It may help you earn money following righteous ways
  • Your income flow may increase in near future
  • One can also reclaim the lost wealth or any luxurious assets

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Steps For Installing Kuber Yantra

Below are the steps you should follow to appease lord Kubera.

  • Install the yantra in such a way that it should face the North or East direction.
  • Occupy the place in front of it, and sit in meditation posture.
  • Light up incense sticks and purify the yantra religiously to get rid of negative vibes
  • Now, focus on the yantra and meditate in the name of Lord Kubera
  • While worshipping, recite the Kubera mantra of ‘Om Hreem Shreem Hreem Kuberaya Namaha’. 108 times
  • Afterwards, start your morning exercise for 20 to 25 minutes
  • Conclude your prayers by bowing down to the Kubera yantra

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Things To Keep In Mind While Installing Yantra

Kubera Yantra is used as gold, Ashtadhatu, copper, Bhojpatra or paper forms. Kuber Yantra should be installed in the North Or east direction on Tuesday or Friday at the place of worship place it on a flat surface or hang it in the given directions. One can consider the auspicious day of Vijayadashami, Dhanteras, Deepavali and Ravipushya Nakshatra to place Kubera Yantra inside their home. You may only get favourable results if this Yantra is formed through the processes of purification, life prestige and energy storage.

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Wrapping Up

Kubera Yantra may lend you support in terms of finance and wealth. So, if you are looking to enhance your income or money flow, you must bring Kubera yantra to your home. We learned that there are many benefits of placing Kubera yantra inside the house. So, one should worship it and remember Lord Kubera to achieve the desired wealth. If you meditate with concentration, Lord Kubera may get pleased, and you may have a good flow of cash.

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