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Benefits And Importance Of Kuber Yantra

Hindus consider Kubera as a lord of wealth. The ancient gold treasure and vast riches are usually known as Kubera’s treasure or wealth. Also, the wealthy people in India are called appeaser of Lord Kubera. Lord Kubera was the king who used to reside in Lanka and rides on his Pushpaka Vimana. Following the confrontation with his brother, Ravana, he left Lanka and then settled in Alkapuri. Many scriptures consider Kubera a demon, but you refer to the Hindu myths, he is a God. The idol of Kubera depicts as the dwarf, who is carrying mace, fruit and money in his hands.

So, the Hindu worship him to achieve desired wealth. Along with Lakshmi Puja, devotees also bow down to Kubera for success and prosperity. Even the business owners worship him as it is said that Lord himself keeps the record of accounts and distributes the wealth.

The placement of Kubera Yantra in your house may help you attract wealth, and there are many other benefits. Not only that, if you wish, you can gift this yantra to your close ones too. A person worshipping this yantra with a full devotion may get blessings from Lord Kubera, and he or she may earn their desired wealth. Now, let us understand in detail about Kubera yantra.

Meaning Of Kuber Yantra

How Is Worshipping A Kuber Yantra Beneficial?

Steps For Installing Kuber Yantra

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