Chandra Yantra Copper And How It Makes Your Life Better in Today’s World

Chandra, In Hindi and Sanskrit, means Moon. According to Hindu mythology, Lord Chandra was the son of Atri and Anusuya. Chandra is considered the most powerful celestial body and possesses a significant place in our Vedic culture. Lord Chandra is being worshipped for centuries in the Hindu religion. Women worship Chandra for the Karva Chauth festival in India. Lord Chandra is a kind-hearted deity and always likes to wear white colour. He bestows upon the worshipper the blessing of peace of mind, balanced temperament, love in marital life, children, intuitive and imaginative powers. It appeases planet moon. Moon is a satellite of the earth. It plays a significant role in planet earth’s mankind. Like Sun, Moon also plays an important role in Indian astrology. An Indian Horoscope is incomplete without The Moon. When it is positive, then the person is always surrounded by positivity and good luck. Sometimes some sudden positive changes in life may surprise you. Some people have tremendous imaginative power though others do not. It is the effect of the malefic moon. All this happens because of the positions of our stars and planets in different houses in our Horoscopes. Moon, when malefic, makes a person suffering from chest disease, cold and cough, lungs disease, tuberculosis, B.P. problems, anxiety and depression etc. The planet moon controls our emotions, health, wealth, thought process, decision-making sense, willpower and many other important skills. It is truly important in the Hindu religion.

How Is Chandra Yantra Beneficial?

The Chandra Yantra captivates the energy of the moon and keeps the home a calm and quiet place to live in. It fills the house with positive energy. Chandra plays an incredible part in the success of a person’s life. Chandra Yantra removes the malefic effects of the moon. The worship of Chandra Yantra helps in keeping the house away from negative energy and spreads positivity around the family members. It gives the worshipper the power to make good and wise decisions. It maintains the mental balance of the mind and soul. The location of the moon in the horoscope affects a person’s behaviour. As per our Vedas and Puranas, the Moon represents the human mind, and it affects a person’s intuitive power. The Chandra Yantra enhances self-confidence and maintains emotional and mental harmony. It helps a person pursue a state of fulfilment and complete peace. It fills you with creativity, makes you stronger, develops inner strength and helps remove all your problems.

So, install Chandra Yantra to strengthen your Planet Moon in your birth chart.

What’s Special About Siddha Chandra Yantra?

Siddha Chandra Yantra is engraved in copper with a gold plating. The image of deity Chandra and the magical combination of a set of numbers of Chandra Yantra etched on it. Chandra when placed weakly, affects the personality and temperament of a person. It is also associated with fertility and childbirth. Some families face the problem of infertility for their entire life. This happens due to the malefic effects of Chandra. This Yantra creates optimism in the atmosphere. It can be worn as a locket so that it keeps enlightening the soul. One can have it in the image form and keep it at home. When worshipped, Chandra Yantra brings mental peace, stability, improvement in personal and official relationships, confidence, creativity and heals infertility (if any) in the life of the worshipper. A Siddha Yantra needs to be energised by chanting the Beej mantra or Ved mantra at least 11000 times to get the desired results. Monday is the best day to establish this Yantra. Monday is devoted to Lord Shiva, and Chandra is a great devotee of Lord Shiva. This day is also called Somwar in Hindi, where “Som “ is another name of Chandra. Regular worship of this Yantra forms a relationship between Chandra and the worshipper. The relationship gets deeper day by day and becomes more productive. The worshipper is said to live a contented and complete life. It is a good cure to the problems like Matru dosh and Mool dosh. These Doshas are the reason for many personal and marital life.

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Chandra Yantra: Can It Reduce The Malefic Effects Of Vastu Dosha?

We all are aware of Vastu. Some of us believe while others don’t; that is just a matter of faith. We watch our parents, especially our mothers, regularly daily worshipping for years, which is then being passed to the next generation. At the time of problems and miseries, we always remember God. But we need to thank him even in the good times. Sometimes the positions of the planets create Vastu Dosha in our horoscope. Depending upon the Sunsign, each planet leaves a unique and significant impact on a person’s life in both positive and negative ways. When Moon is malefic, it is called ‘Chandra dosh”. Chandra Yantra can be used to remove the Vastu dosh from our house. This Yantra, when placed at the right place of the house, will start working on improving your house’s Vastu Dosha, if there is any. The right place is the Northwest corner of the house. Chandra Yantra emits positive energy only when energised with a proper Vedic approach and by reciting mantras by an expert Pandit. This Yantra removes the Vastu Dosha of the house. As per Vedic scriptures, Vastu Yantra should be buried in the centre of the house at the time of construction with proper Vedic rituals. This way, it will nullify all the negative energies in and around the house and in all the directions of the house.

Powers Of Shani Chandra Vish Yog Nivaran Yantra

Shani means Saturn. Now Saturn is a very slow planet. It is a symbol of Discipline and hard work. Lord Shani is very pleased when your help the underprivileged people of the society, like beggars, sweepers, labour etc., while the Moon, on the other side, is a simple, peaceful and very emotional planet. When two yantras completely opposite to each other join together in the same house, then it creates Vish dosha which means Dosha formed when Shani and Chandra both the planets are in the same house of the horoscope of a person. This Yantra removes the malefic effects caused by the pair of Planet Saturn and Moon when together in a person’s Kundli chart. The effects of Vish Dosha are delayed success in life by any means, business loss, health issues, unnecessary stress, anxiety, mental disorders, and many more. With the regular worship of this Yantra with proper Hindu Vedic Customs and rituals, one can overcome these circumstances and learn to manage the situations cleverly. The regular chanting and worship of this Yantra are recommended to those suffering from the Vish (Poison) Dosha. This Yantra works as a protective shield against odds like severe health problems, delay in marriage, broken relationships, big losses in business or profession, and the lack of career growth. It protects a person from unwanted losses, instability in professional and personal life and makes him/her feel more self-motivated and self-reliant.

Who Should Buy Chandra Yantra?

We all are born on different days and different times, bear different names and carry different horoscopes. With all these things that make us different, they are also the reason why we all have different lives, different aims, hobbies, likings, disliking, interests, behaviour and thus FATE. But as we have different positions of all the planets in our individual horoscopes, their position affects each one of us differently. When Chandra is malefic in some person’s horoscope, that person should buy a Chandra Yantra.

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When Should We Install Chandra Yantra?

Monday is the day that is considered to be the best day to install this Yantra. The best worship time is early morning. It can be hung on a wall or can be worn around the neck like a locket.

How To Get Chandra Yantra Online?

Like all others Yantras, Chandra Yantra can be bought from the open market as well as online. Our expert team will provide the right guidance so that you and your family can obtain the benefits of the Chandra Yantra. Buying such an important tool online sometimes seems a bit uncomfortable as certain questions start flashing in our brain like Is it worth buying? Or Does it actually work?
So my answer to you is ‘yes it is worth buying, and it actually works. You can experience yourself once you are determined to go for it. Nothing happens in life without reason. If you are reading this article and you are feeling positive vibrations about it in your mind, then I would say you are at the right place at the right time. Maybe it’s God’s will that he is making us a source, a means to the solution to all the problems of your life. Maybe we get this opportunity of healing you and your loved ones. I am sure once you will experience this, you would certainly recommend other friends of yours too. So, just be positive and start this amazing new journey with Chandra yantra.


I am sure after gathering information about Chandra Yantra; You must be convinced that it is as true as our heavenly bodies that surround mother Earth. So if you are experiencing the same problems in your life, too, please embrace the holy Chandra Yantra and be ready to change your life. If you are positive about it, then it will not disappoint you at all. All you need to do is “ worship with your true heart and with full faith in it. God bless!!”

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