Chandra Yantra Copper And How It Makes Your Life Better in Today’s World

Chandra, In Hindi and Sanskrit, means Moon. According to Hindu mythology, Lord Chandra was the son of Atri and Anusuya. Chandra is considered the most powerful celestial body and possesses a significant place in our Vedic culture. Lord Chandra is being worshipped for centuries in the Hindu religion. Women worship Chandra for the Karva Chauth festival in India. Lord Chandra is a kind-hearted deity and always likes to wear white colour. He bestows upon the worshipper the blessing of peace of mind, balanced temperament, love in marital life, children, intuitive and imaginative powers. It appeases planet moon. Moon is a satellite of the earth. It plays a significant role in planet earth’s mankind. Like Sun, Moon also plays an important role in Indian astrology. An Indian Horoscope is incomplete without The Moon. When it is positive, then the person is always surrounded by positivity and good luck. Sometimes some sudden positive changes in life may surprise you. Some people have tremendous imaginative power though others do not. It is the effect of the malefic moon. All this happens because of the positions of our stars and planets in different houses in our Horoscopes. Moon, when malefic, makes a person suffering from chest disease, cold and cough, lungs disease, tuberculosis, B.P. problems, anxiety and depression etc. The planet moon controls our emotions, health, wealth, thought process, decision-making sense, willpower and many other important skills. It is truly important in the Hindu religion.

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