Worship Lord Shani with the Shani Sade Sati Yantra

The faintest sound of the word Shani gives goose-bumps to people, isn’t it? It won’t be an exaggeration to say that many people start shivering with fear and anxiety when they come to know about Saturn or Shani being malefic or afflicted in their horoscope. But what is that buzz around Shani that makes us fear it the most and that too the most of all the other planets in astrology?

Saturn or Shani is considered to be a cruel and ruthless planet in Vedic astrology. The negative influence of Shani pushes the native into hell and makes his life too miserable to live. At least, this is what many people feel. But in the true sense, the Shani is the planet that is responsible for teaching us the lessons of life. He is the strictest teacher one could have in his life. Perhaps, it would be correct to state that once a person experiences Shani and its impact, the person learns to burn to shine. He learns all that he could never learn with all the comforts around him.

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The role of Shani in astrology is that of the Judge or the one who gives justice. He is there to punish you for your misdeed or wrong karmas. He makes you realise the factors that can make you a better person in life, after all the struggles and miseries you face during the various Shani Dosha like sade sati dosh.

But the Shani is not there to make you go through hell times only. It also gives you sweet fruits and blesses you with name, fame, success and wealth when in a strong benefic position in the horoscope. Like a good yet strict teacher, Shani rewards you for your hard work, patience and good deeds. Looking at the strict nature of Shani, let’s discuss more about the Shani Sade Sati yog and its remedy, which includes the use of Copper Sade Sati Nivaran Yantra, in the following sections.

Dasha And Dosha Of Shani – A Brief

The Shani is a slow-moving planet in astrology. The Shani dasha continues for around nineteen years and during the period of Mahadasha, if Shani is strong and benefic then it bestows the native with stability, longevity and prosperity. It also makes the person diligent and sincere.

On the contrary, if Shani is malefic during the Mahadasha, it may make the native prone to diseases related to bones. The native may also experience stress in relationships and controversies in the family. He could face some thefts too.

In the next section, we shall discuss the Shani Sade Sati Dosha and its associated Nivaran Yantra of Copper.

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Shani Sade Sati Dosh: Uncover The Significance As Well As Remedies

The word “Sade Sati”, in a literal sense means seven and a half, where sade stands for half and sati stands for seven. It shows the time period of 7 and a ½ years that the planet Saturn or Shani takes to travel from the twelfth house to the second house in the horoscope of a native. This total period can be experienced all together or in small packets of 2 and ½ each in the three houses. But in both cases, the Shani is going to test the patience and tenacity of the native.

The Shani Sadhe Sati Dosh has three aspects. They are called the Kantaka Shani, the Elinati Shani and the Janma Shani. There is one more, which is known as the Ezharai Shani. Another type of Shani Dosha is the Shani Panoti, which brings comparatively smaller troubles into the native’s life.

There are some easy and effective remedies for the Sade Sati dosha, like worshipping Lord Shani on Saturdays while chanting the Shani Mantra. One should also donate black gram and oil to the poor on Saturday. Offering sesame oil to Lord Shani will also appease him. The native should fast for 21 Saturdays and perform Shani Yagya and pooja. Hanuman Chalisa and Shani Chalisa can also help a native in the period of dosha. But the easiest and affordable remedy is worshipping the Sade Sati Dosh Nivaran Yantra – Copper.

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Sade Sati Dosh Nivaran Yantra: A Shield Against Fierce Shani

As explained above, the Shani Sade Sati Dosh brings with it a myriad of troubles affecting all the spheres of life, be it personal, professional, health or finance. No aspect is left untouched by the malefic influence of the Sade Sati dosh. So, it becomes inevitable to safeguard our loved ones and self from the anger of Shani dev. And one way to do so is the use of Shani Sade Sati Yantra.

Sade Sati Yantra Copper is used to pacify the malefic Saturn while it traverses the three zodiac signs in the natal chart of the native. The Copper Sade Sati Nivaran Yantra is an astrological instrument or tool that has clear geometric patterns that reverberate positivity and good energy associated with Shani dev or the Saturn. It can be considered to be the best tool to meditate and worship Shani Dev. It can propitiate the angry Shani, and this will help the native feel less pain and suffer less loss during the Shani Sade Sati phase.

The energised copper sade sati dosha nivaran yantra has the trapped energies of the divine powers. This sade sati yantra – copper resonates with the positive energies of the cosmos. The copper yantra to deal with sade sati dosha, has some numbers engraved on it. The numbers are embossed in such a pattern that when you add these numbers in whichever direction you want, you will get the same answer in all the cases. You can add these numbers from left to right or right to left, horizontally, vertically or diagonally, from up to down or down to up; the answer will not change; it will remain the same. These are the numbers that represent the planets.

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Sade Sati Dosh Nivaran Yantra: How To Use This Yantra?

It is always advisable to get the Copper Shani Sade Sati Dosh Nivaran Yantra from a genuine and authentic vendor and only after consulting an expert astrologer. Make sure that the copper yantra is energised properly, and then you can keep it in the sacred place in your house or office that is advised by the Pandit. The direction of installing the Shani Sade Sati Copper Yantra is a very important point to remember. To amplify its effects, it should be installed in the East facing the West direction, where the rays of the sun will touch the Yantra, and its positive energies will radiate and reflect in the surroundings.

Sade Sati Dosh Nivaran Yantra: Great Features In A Nutshell

The Energised Copper Shani Sade Sati Dosh Nivaran Yantra will protect the native from the agony and anger of malefic Shani. It will boost the self-confidence of the native and improve the physical and mental strength too. It will help in making a correct and wise judgement, and most importantly, it will bless the native with courage and strength to face all the difficulties during this phase.

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