Capricorn Weakness – Let’s Find a Little Bit More About It

The Capricorn archetype has certain potential vulnerabilities because of its considerable strengths. Although diligent and determined, some could suffer from the myopia of being stubborn and relentlessly focused on their aims. They can insist on the strong work ethics that drive them without recognizing that others have various cycles, values, or requirements.

Capricorns can be impatient and finicky, which is one of their flaws. Grudges and moodiness are also common traits. Change is difficult for them, especially if it’s something to which they’ve become accustomed.

Their communication skills are not fantastic, and they tend to take everything as a negative, which is why they might easily get down in the dumps.

The Sea-Goat is noted for its distinguishing and juridical nature, but it may easily lead to judgment and forgiveness of the mistakes or decisions made in others’ lives. Although Capricorn has a mystical and intuitive side, their traditionalist and conservative attitude may make it difficult to understand how they live their life or others flexibly.

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