Sagittarius Constellation: Meaning, Symbol, Facts, Story, etc

The Sagittarius Star Constellation, Its Composition And The Myth Behind Them

The Sagittarius constellation or the archer constellation was first cataloged by Ptolemy in the 2nd century, like other constellations. Sagittarius means Archer in Latin. It has been depicted in Greek mythology as a centaur holding a “Bow and Arrow”. The Bow and Arrow constellation lies in the Southern sky and is one of the largest southern constellations. It is easy to find the Sagittarius constellation in the sky as it lies close to the dense area of the Milky Way and the brightest stars in it form a teapot-like image in the sky. The eight bright stars that contribute to the formation of the Sagittarius constellation are:

  •  Epsilon Sagittarii
  •  Delta Sagittarii
  •  Lambda Sagittarii
  •  Gamma Sagittarii
  •  Zeta Sagittarii
  •  Phi Sagittarii
  •  Sigma Sagittarii
  •  Tau Sagittarii.

All these eight stars form the celestial Teapot-like shape.

The brightest star in the Sagittarius star constellation

Location of the Sagittarius Star Constellation 

The Components of the Sagittarius star constellation

Which Greek god is Sagittarius?

What is the story behind the constellation Sagittarius?

Sagittarius personalities 

Which is the best time to see the Sagittarius Star Constellation?


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