Will John’s Satyamev Jayate-2 Double His Success?

Will John’s Satyamev Jayate-2 Double His Success?

Satyameva Jayate 2 shows John Abraham taking things to the next level. As a result, there will be more drama, corruption, politics, and action. We even have more John Abraham!

Satyameva Jayate 2’s trailer was released on Monday, Oct 25, 2021, and the sequel is loaded with everything that John’s films have come to signify in recent years. So we have a cop, a politician, a farmer leader, and a killer on the run, all of whom are played by John.

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John was born on Dec 17, 1972, under the sign of Aries. There is a self-occupied Jupiter in his Solar chart, yet there is Grahan dosha of Sun and Rahu, and Chandal dosha of Jupiter and Rahu, which makes his horoscope weak. When it comes to the future, his time is likely to be negative to mixed, because Ketu’s negative transit is occurring over his natal planets Venus, Mercury, and Saturn.

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