Things You Must Know About Retrograde Planets In 2021

Things You Must Know About Retrograde Planets In 2021

You may have heard about the planetary transits of Moon, Mars, Venus and so on… but, few of you might know about the astrology planets in retrograde. So, if we spend time observing the movements of the planets rather than counting the stars in the sky, we may find some of the planets that are retrograde. These planetary movements play a crucial role in the natives’ lives as they depend on the natal planets of his or her birth chart.

Moreover, we also consider the two nodes of the Moon – Rahu and Ketu, which might have impacts on our significant areas of life, astrology lovers will relate to it. In 2021 planet retrograde would bring positive or negative impact depending upon the native’s zodiac sign. Alright then, moving on to know the dates and time of the retrograde planets 2021, but before that, let us understand what is retrograde?

What Do You Mean By ‘Astrology Planets In Retrograde’?

Vedic astrology suggests that except for the planets Moon and Sun, the remaining planets would be in direct or retrograde motion. So, it means that planets like Venus, Jupiter, Mars, Mercury and Saturn might be retrograde or progressive. Other than that, the shadow planets like Rahu and Ketu also retrograde as both of them move opposite to each other. The backspin of these planets is commonly known as Retrograde. Some famous Indian astrologers and Astro pandits termed it as ‘Vakri planet’ if any of them spin in reverse.

Now, some of you may say that planets revolve around the Sun. Well, of course, they do, but when we use Vedic astrology theories, we consider planets revolving around the Earth. Hence, it is clear that planets do not move in indirect motion, but one may find them in opposite directions if viewed from Earth. These astrological retrograde planets may not always have negative impacts on us. Some of the planets may also shower blessings and good fortune as per their position in the individual’s kundali.

Planets in Retrograde 2021

PlanetsRetrograde BeginsEntering Sign
Mercury30th Jan, 2021 @ 08:54 PMCapricorn
Saturn23rd May, 2021 @ 03:35 PMCapricorn
Mercury30th May, 2021 @ 03:47 AMTaurus
Jupiter20th June, 2021 @ 08:49 PMCapricorn
Mercury27th Sep, 2021 @ 10:12 AMVirgo
Venus19th Dec 2021 @ 04:32 PMSagittarius

Impacts Of Mercury Retrograde In 2021

Mercury is one of the fastest moving planets in our cosmic world. Therefore, we see Mercury retrograde in multiple signs while other planets would retrograde once a year. In 2021, we will have Mercury retrograde on three occasions. At the end of January, Mercury will be retrograde in the Capricorn sign from the Aquarius sign and thereafter, it will again retrograde in May 2021 to enter into the Taurus sign.

Later on, the neutral planet Mercury will be in backspin to mark its presence in the Virgo sign around the last week of September. During this phase, individuals may keep an optimistic approach to look forward to in their life. When the planet will be in a debilitated sign, it may have negative impacts on you. Some of you may have health troubles like a weak nervous system or viral infections too. However, it also depends on the planet’s position in the individual’s horoscope.

Impacts Of Saturn Retrograde In 2021

Saturn is considered as the malefic planet in terms of astrology. It is the cold planet, which governs the Capricorn and Aquarius zodiac signs. The ringed planet is the slowest moving planet in comparison to other planets. Therefore, it is not that often we see Saturn retrograde. In the third week of May 2021, we will see Saturn in reverse motion entering its own sign, Capricorn. Here, Saturn is expected to assist those natives who are working hard to achieve their goals.

This phase of Saturn retrograde may make your goal achievable with hook or crook. The taskmaster may give you a reward for your previous efforts. Job professionals may have a slight relief in their current projects. Some of the individuals would be dedicated to accomplishing their work targets before the deadline. On the flip side, the karmic planet may make you feel insecure, arrogant and introverted. It is advisable to invoke Lord Shani or Kaal Bhairav every Saturday to get rid of its bad impacts.

Impacts Of Jupiter Retrograde In 2021

The most benefic planet of astrology, Jupiter, is not only worshipped by natives but also worshipped by deities. This Brihaspati Grah is associated with fortune, knowledge, spirituality and intelligence. The yellow-coloured planets even lend support to us in reducing the impacts of any malefic planets. In 2021, Jupiter will enter the Capricorn sign in the reverse motion around mid-June. This means that the auspicious planet will have to spend time in the Saturn-ruled sign, which may reduce the auspiciousness of Jupiter.

Natives associated with new businesses or entrepreneurs may need more effort to complete their pending tasks. Whereas professional workers may find the opportunities, they might slip from your hands. Jupiter passing through the Capricorn sign does not always bring unfavourable outcomes as it depends on the individual’s horoscope as well. However, those who want to remove the malefic impacts should perform Puja under the expert’s guidance. In this phase, natives should give more respect to their mentors or gurus.

Impacts Of Venus Retrograde In 2021

Venus is the planet associated with beauty, creativity and love life. It is also a benefic planet, which rules the Taurus and Libra sign. The God of love, Venus, becomes exalted in the Pisces sign, while it gets debilitated in the Virgo sign. The planet Venus will backspin in the Sagittarius sign from the 19th of December 2021. This indirect motion of Venus may hamper your marriage relationship as it would be affiliated with the bad planets.

Retrograde Venus may not assist you in forming a fun-loving relationship. Instead, you may find it difficult to have proper bonding with your partner. Some unnecessary issues may put a dent in your relationship goals. As a result, Venus may not lend support to regain your partner’s trust. The planet will be less effective when it gets retrograde or if it is forming in conjunction with any bad planets. It is suggested to read Lalita Sahsranaam every day to provide strength to Venus. Or else, organise Puja as per the advice of Jyotish.

Wrapping Up

We guess now you have a complete idea of retrograde planets in the calendar year of 2021. In short, we will see Mercury’s retrograde, followed by Saturn, Jupiter and Venus spinning in reverse. These planetary movements may bring favourable or unfavourable outcomes for the individuals as per his or her birth chart. The best you can do is to organise Puja or consult an Astro expert for remedies. Planets retrograde may also give you blessings when they are exalted or associated with friendly planets. We hope your wishes may get approved by the planets soon.

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