Will The Fans Love Shahid Kapoor’s Jersey As Much As Mehram?

Will The Fans Love Shahid Kapoor’s Jersey As Much As Mehram?

Shahid Kapoor’s upcoming film, Jersey is most awaited after the first song Mehram’s release. Fans have loved the song immensely. Now the question is whether the film will sweep their feet away as well. Jersey will hit the theatres this month and we can’t wait to reveal the astrological significance with respect to the actor and his film.

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Combo of Fatal Attraction & Aggression

Born on Feb 25, 1981, in New Delhi, Shahid Kapoor’s chart has ‘Aakarshan Yoga’ (Attraction Yoga) of Venus & Mars. Due to this, Shahid has received name, fame and irresistible charm. However, he has ‘Angarak Dosha’ (Fiery Aggression) of Sun & Mars as well, which has led to the average performance of his films mostly. If you look at his previous films, this has been the case except for a few hits. Soon there will be a positive transit of Jupiter over the three big planets, which may be good for him career-wise.

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Jersey - Another South Movie Remake of Shahid Kapoor

Like the blockbuster movie, Kabir Singh, Jersey is a remake of a south movie too. The expectation from this movie is high. Shahid Kapoor’s father, Pankaj Kapoor is also playing a special role in the movie.

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