Who is Responsible For Shashi Tharoor’s Controversial Selfie? Rahu Dosh or …?

Who is Responsible For Shashi Tharoor’s Controversial Selfie? Rahu Dosh or …?

Congress politician Shashi Tharoor has received strong criticism from BJP MPs after posting a photo on social media showing six female members of Parliament with the caption “…attractive place to work…” He has into controversies because of his tweets or some remarks. Although, later, he has even apologised for this incident. Let check out which planets are responsible for this controversy & what the future holds for Shashi Tharoor.

Shashi Tharoor’s Kundli: Ordinary or Extraordinary? You Decide

If we look at the horoscope of Shashi Tharoor, born on Mar 9, 1956, in London, then his horoscope seems quite normal. Oh wait, we’ve found that there is a Saturn-Rahu dosh in his kundli that drags him into a series of controversies. If someone has such dosh in their kundli, even the marriage life gets bothered.

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The sign of Shashi Tharoor is Capricorn, and at present, the Sade Sati of Saturn is going on in Capricorn. To reduce the effect of this malefic scenario in the kundli, it is necessary to do Shani Puja.

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When it comes to Shashi Tharoor’s future, things are looking up for him because there is a positive Jupiter transit from above the Sun-Mercury of birth to in front of Jupiter, which will bring him good fortune.