Will Sushmita Sen Continue To Catch The Eyes Of Fans?

Will Sushmita Sen Continue To Catch The Eyes Of Fans?

Sushmita Sen is all set to return in Aarya 2 web series on Disney Plus Hotstar. The fans appreciated Sushmita’s outstanding performance in the first season. 

In her first season, Sushmita, aka Aarya, played the role of a homemaker who turned into a hardened criminal. To safeguard her family, she joins a mafia to get revenge for her husband’s murder.

Sushmita has now shared her first glimpse from Aarya 2 – it seems to be a Holi scene. Aarya emerges from a cloud of colour and appears ferocious. While sharing it on social media, she wrote, “Sherni is back,”.

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In Sushmita Sen’s Surya Kundli, there is a self-occupied Jupiter and a weak Venus. As a result, her horoscope is quite balanced and positive. However, her upcoming time might be challenging for her. Her performance in Arya 2 is likely to get average appreciation, as Ketu transit might not provide her with favourable outcomes.

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