How will Total Solar Eclipse 2020 Affect Your Zodiac Sign?

How will Total Solar Eclipse 2020 Affect Your Zodiac Sign?

A Solar Eclipse is here to conclude the year of 2020. On 14th December, a Total Solar Eclipse will occur, visible in few South-American countries. In the countries nearby, a partial Solar Eclipse would be seen. A Solar Eclipse happens when the Moon comes between the Earth and the Sun. Since the Moon is closer to the Earth, its diameter can cover the Sun completely, causing a total Solar Eclipse.

As for any celestial event, the total and partial Solar Eclipses have their impact on astrology. This total Solar Eclipse 2020 has a duration of approximately 5 hours and 19 minutes, starting with a partial covering of the Sun and reaching maximum somewhere in the middle. Here are the timings (IST) you should know:

Partial Eclipse begins 14 Dec, 07:03 PM
Full Eclipse begins 14 Dec, 08:02 PM
Total Solar Eclipse 14 Dec, 09:43 PM
Solar Eclipse ends 15 Dec, 12:23 AM

How does this Solar Eclipse affect you? Solar Eclipses are known to set off important actions both in the cosmic and in the zodiacs. New beginnings, boldness, dramatic turnouts, are presented by a Solar Eclipse. Let’s see what this total Solar Eclipse has in store for your zodiac sign.

Impact of Total Solar Eclipse According to Vedic Astrology

Effects of Total Solar Eclipse 2020 in the 9th House of Aries

The Solar Eclipse will occupy the 9th house for Aries. You may need to work harder to achieve your desired goals. Some obstacles are likely to cause difficulties and delays. It would be advisable to take all your personal or business-related decisions with caution to avoid additional problems. Things may get intense with your father, and therefore you may need to check your words while having discussions with your father. You are likely to go on a personal or business trip, and however, that is also likely to leave you unsatisfied.

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Effects of Total Solar Eclipse 2020 in the 8th House of Taurus

The Solar Eclipse will take place in the 8th house for you. A piece of advice would be to avoid any junk food or food that is not prepared well to avoid infections and other health issues. You are likely to face disappointments when it comes to family issues. Financial matters may also add to your worries. You may need to go the extra mile to make the atmosphere at your home a harmonious one. However, you are likely to handle the situation with intelligence. If you have an old illness, it may cause problems. You may need to avoid any short or long term investments during this time.

Effects of Total Solar Eclipse 2020 in the 7th House of Gemini

Total Solar Eclipse will occupy the 7th house for you. Despite your best efforts to stay fit, you may face some ailments, albeit nothing serious. However, this may divert your concentration from something important. Relationships with your spouse may go through some ups and downs due to over expectations from them. Coordination with your partners may also get affected if your business is a partnership firm. However, with mutual understanding, you may succeed in resolving the difference of opinion.

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Effects of Total Solar Eclipse 2020 in the 6th House of Cancer

The eclipse will occupy the 6th house for you. The Total Solar Eclipse is likely to be beneficial for professionals. They are likely to perform well in their workplace and come out of a restraining situation that was holding them back in the past. However, it is advisable to take extreme care while making important decisions. You may need to learn to face reality and have patience when it comes to the workplace and even in your personal life. Some health issues may also come in your way, and therefore, the due caution is advised.

Effects of Total Solar Eclipse 2020 in the 5th House of Leo

The influence of eclipse will be in the 5th house for you, and it may bring some differences in the relationships. As such, this situation is likely to disturb or dissolve the harmony if it is not handled carefully through emotional ways which may help to develop the depth in a relationship. The income sources may not be on the higher side, but there is not likely to be any hindrance in cash flow. However, it is advisable that no decision to be taken in haste which may affect your financial stability.

Effects of Total Solar Eclipse 2020 in the 4th House of Virgo

The effect of the Solar Eclipse for you will be in the 4th house, which may demand your sincere efforts for matters related to domesticity. At the work front, hard work and strong effort may be required to keep your prestige or status intact. There may not be any benefit or reward to be expected during this time. Your health may not allow you to work peacefully, and it may lead to even more fatigued. It would be advisable to take extra care of your health to avoid getting sick.

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Effects of Total Solar Eclipse 2020 in the 3rd House of Libra

For Libra, the eclipse will take place in the 3rd house of the birth chart. A cordial and smooth relationship is likely to be there with your siblings and seniors at the job front. All important decisions involving speculation or financial matters may need to be taken care of or to be kept pending for the future. It is advisable to avoid starting any new project or venture during this time. Fortunately, no lasting negative effects of the Solar Eclipse can be foreseen. You may get some good news from overseas if you have been waiting for that.

Effects of Total Solar Eclipse 2020 in the 2nd House of Scorpio

The eclipse will be taking place in the 2nd house for Scorpions. The atmosphere at home and healthy terms with the family members are likely to get disturbed during this time. Matters related to finances may concern you. You may exceed the monthly budget, and unwarranted expenses may come your way. Therefore, it is advisable to have control over your expenses and spendings on the luxurious items. On the health front, your eyes may cause some complications that may require you to visit a Doctor.sssssssssss

Effects of Total Solar Eclipse 2020 in the 1st House of Sagittarius

For Sagittarius, the Solar Eclipse will occupy the Ascendant of the birth chart. This position of eclipse in your chart is likely to affect your health. You may feel discomfort in your lungs or breathing problems may disturb you. That may call for a consultation from your family doctor. You may experience a shortage of finance at times. The expenses are likely to be on the higher side, disturbing your estimates of monthly expenses. However, it is advisable not to borrow money from others.

Effects of Total Solar Eclipse 2020 in the 12th House of Capricorn

The eclipse would affect the 12th house of your birth chart. You are likely to face sudden loss or an unexpected expense of a high amount during this period. All of these may lead to some mental unrest. The possibility of having a major financial crunch cannot be denied. This situation may even affect your health during this period. Mental stability and patience may be the key to help you control the typical financial and health-related issues.

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Effects of Total Solar Eclipse 2020 in the 11th House of Aquarius

The 11th house of your birth chart would have the effects of the Solar Eclipse. You are likely to be quite comfortable from a financial point of view. You may even gain an unexpected benefit from an unknown source. Moreover, if there is any amount that is outstanding from someone, it may come your way and make you happy. Your relationships may trigger up nicely with longer private moments with your beloved one. This may make you feel heavenly pleasures on the earth.

Effects of Total Solar Eclipse 2020 in the 10th House of Pisces

For Pisces, the Solar Eclipse will occur in the 10th house that controls career or profession. You may not feel comfortable with the situations taking place at the work front. The routine and working environment may seem to be awkward. You may need to reorganize business strategies or policies to achieve expected results. The special efforts may need to be made, or the system may need to be evaluated for an increment in the list of clients. Special care may be needed to hold old customers and bring in new customers by offering attractive schemes. Superiors may expect more from the professionals, and that is likely to bring mental stress in the workplace.

What’s Next?

What a rollercoaster! The last Solar Eclipse of 2020 is surely going to make all our lives eventful. The next total Solar Eclipse will happen in 2021, on December 4th. Here is the list of total Solar Eclipses happening in the future:

Annular Solar Eclipse 2021 10th June
Total Solar Eclipse 2021 4th December
Total Solar Eclipse 2023 20th April
Annular Solar Eclipse 2023 14th October
Total Solar Eclipse 2024 8th April

What do you think these will bring for you? Stay tuned with us for that! Meanwhile, you can check out what will be the Effects of Penumbral Lunar Eclipse on Your Sign, which is to occur on 29-30th November 2020.