How Vir Das Drew Online Flak: Are There Any Planets To Blame?

How Vir Das Drew Online Flak: Are There Any Planets To Blame?

The actor-turned-Comedian Vir Das is the latest celebrity to create controversies following his video on Youtube. In a video, Vir Das is seen making an anti-national statement, which made his fans as well as social media users furious. As soon as the matter started heating up, Das issued an apology. But, this wasn’t the first time that the comedian got stuck due to his comments. Are there any planets to blame behind his remarks? Astrology believes so. 

Born on May 31, 1979, Vir Das’s kundali shows the combination of Venus and Mars. Also, strong Jupiter is sharing the same house with the Moon. This association gives him fame and keeps him in the limelight. Negatively, Das is serving the Shapit Dosha formed by Saturn and Rahu which may stand as a reason behind him always getting into controversies. 

Moving on, he could be the part of the controversies as Rahu will be passing over his natal Moon. Our top astrologers believe that the coming eight months are likely to be difficult for him, so he needs to be careful. 

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