Business Astrology: Overview, Significance, & Auspicious Combinations

Running a successful business requires entrepreneurial skills and a lot of work. But there are times you might feel like you won’t see the fruits of your labour. For knowing your traits and skills, there is nothing more accurate than business astrology, i.e. the astrology you apply for your business.

However, your business success depends on your personality and hidden potential. Revealing it is easy. In astrology, there are some astrological signs which can be successful businessmen.

As the saying goes, a good beginning is half done. This is why the beginning is very important for a successful business. Your success and failure depend on it. Thus, for a precise beginning, join us to find out what business astrology has in store.

Overview of Business Astrology

You can start a new business at an auspicious time with the help of business astrology. In fact, we have a complete guide dedicated to when to start a business according to the stars.

With the help of business astrology, you can choose the best time for marketing the product and restructure the company for a long-running business. You can also analyse the first trade chart with the help of business astrology.

Astrologers always make the business chart of the native to provide business solutions for business problems. To achieve success in the business, you must choose a business date and time with the help of an astrology birth chart. In Vedic astrology, this auspicious time is known as Muhurat. You can consult expert astrologers and know the Shubh Muhurat to start any new business.

Business Astrology By Date Of Birth

For successful entrepreneurship, the benefic planets must be strong and placed in the right house of the natives birth chart. The 1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th houses are auspicious houses. Simultaneously, Jupiter and Venus are the benefic planets. For predicting events in life, the native’s birth timing technique of Vedic astrology works very well.

By the way, for the transformation and innovation process, Rahu transits in the 10th house play a crucial role. When it comes to business profits, the 2nd and 11th house plays a significant role. However, for business partnerships, the 7th house should be considered, whereas the 5th house indicates investments.

The House of Fortune is the 9th house, and the mysterious house is the 12th house. The favourable and benefic planet’s transiting here brings auspicious time to get the best results in business.

Some houses and planetary combinations can create a loss to the native. The house of hardships is the 6th house, whereas the house of obstacles is the 8th house. There should be a loss of business or money when the planets transit through these houses.

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Business As Per Astrology: Auspicious Yogas

There are various yogas that give success in a business, such as:

  • Gajakesari Yoga: Favourable position of Jupiter and Moon, the blessings of Jupiter helps in business related to overseas.
  • Raja Yoga: Created by different combinations of planets: Read Here. Makes you a hard-working, ambitious, dreamer, and positive thinker.
  • Dhan Yoga: Created by different combinations of planets: Read Here. Brings wealth into your life.
  • Panch Mahapurush Yoga: Created by Mars, Venus, Saturn, Jupiter, and Mercury’s placements. Read about it here.

Apart from these yogas, here are some of the planetary combinations that can help you find success in business.

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Business and Astrology: Some Good Combinations

Planets, whether they are benefic or malefic, influence the natives’ life. The placement of houses and planetary combinations changes the natives’ destiny. Let’s discuss the successful combinations for businesses-

  • When Saturn controlled the 11th house and placed it in the 9th house, the natives’ desire increased tremendously. This makes him a successful businessman.
  • In the birth chart, the conjunction of Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury is created in Kendra; then powerful wealth yoga gets formed.
  • In case Mercury is exalted and the 2nd lord is placed in the 1st house, then the native becomes a successful businessman in his youth.
  • The native can own the business if the benefic planets are placed in the 2nd, 7th, and 9th house.
  • If the lord of the 2nd or 11th house makes a relationship with Mercury, then a native becomes a very successful businessman.
  • The person becomes a successful entrepreneur if the 10th lord is in the nakshatra of the 3rd, 7th, or 11th houses.

Everyone wants a successful business. You should see planetary positions when you will start a new business as it determines your success. You can consult a good astrologer and ensure that all the conditions should be favourable in business astrology, and then move ahead. Talk to Experts Now!

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FAQs About Business Astrology

Which Planet is Responsible for Business?

Mercury and Saturn are responsible for a successful business. They are the karaka planets for business. Their sign and house placement determine the success of the native. So, it needs to be in a good position for business success.

Which House is the House of Business in Astrology?

The 7th house is the House of Business in astrology. There should be beneficial planets in the 7th house, or the 7th lord position should be good for the overall success of the native.

There is no secret to success. Hard work and favourable planetary combination play a prominent role in successful business as per business astrology. Find out where you stand when it comes to favourable planetary combinations by Talking to Expert Astrologers.