Will You Get A Government Job Or Private Job?

Everyone wants to know whether they will get a government job or a Private job. Getting a government job might be the desire of many people. And why not? It brings stability and security in life, which everyone usually looks for. Individuals also work as hard as they can to get a government job, but is this sufficient for them? No! Hard work isn’t enough to keep up with the strong competition.

For getting a government job, astrology plays an important role in it. Astrology will provide you with the proper guidance as to what job path to take. So without wasting your precious time, let’s move on to how astrology plays an important part in getting a government job.

A Role Of Astrology in Government Job

Astrological theories are really helpful if someone needs to get a government job. At first, an individual needs to prepare a horoscope so that he or she may have an idea about planetary placements. These planets and their association with signs and houses may help you fulfil your desire. No matter whatever position you want in the government sector, astrology could be a handy tool to do so. Are you curious about the future? Get highly accurate future insights from our Free 2024 Horoscope Report!

Here, astrology will define your chance of getting the desired position in the government sector. So, there are some factors you must consider while looking at the horoscope. This may support you in getting a suitable job on a permanent basis. If you use some of these, then you will save your time and energy on unnecessary things in this highly competitive world. Below are some astrological factors which may assist you in entering the government department.

Presence Of Exalted Sun In Your Horoscope

As we know, Sun is the celestial father in the astrology world. Its presence is enough for getting a government job. It is not only the significator of soul and father, but it also indicates chances of success in government examinations. This could be easier for those who are preparing for government exams as they can know if Sun is favourably placed or not. If the Sun is strong or it is an exalted sign, you may get positive results in your exams. Also, if Sun is placed in the Aries or Leo sign, you may find a suitable government job.

Sun's placement in 9th, 10th And 11th House

Another important factor is that when the Sun is placed in the 9th,10th and 11th houses, it may assist you with good results. And therefore, you may have a great chance of passing the entrance exams. You may not only get a good job, but you may improve your working capabilities. Your relationship with your colleagues may improve, and you may focus well on your work. But things may not remain the same if the Sun is debilitated or united with its enemies.

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Saturn's Placement In 9th or 10th House

Saturn, the lord of rings, is another important planet to be considered while searching for government job success. It represents all the administrative and management skills. So, this malefic planet should be well placed in an individual’s birth chart. This may bring you close to success. And as a result, you may enter the later stages of your exams. If Saturn is sitting in the 9th or 10th house, you may find positive results as this will be an auspicious placement for the planet.


Now you might have got an idea about how the planetary placements and astrological theories support you in finding success for a government job. We also learned about how the planets play their role in finding government jobs for their natives. So, before you get into the government sector, we wish you all the very best for the new chapter of your life. If you are still confused about your career, you can consult our Expert Astrologers for better insights.

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