What Do I Need to Know About My Saturn Return?

In astrology, the “taskmaster planet” Saturn is associated with karma, which brings major transformation through its strict ways of teaching. It is the planet representing discipline, hard work, persistence, practicality and organisation. Saturn’s placement in your natal chart in a particular house can reveal a lot about the events and lessons in your life. On the one hand, you might be affected by your bad karmas, and on the other hand, you may reap the harvest of your good karmas. However, you can also find where Saturn is placed in your natal chart with your Free Janampatri Analysis! Without any further ado, let’s look at the meaning of Saturn Return and know much more about it.

Meaning Of Saturn Return & Its Purpose

Every 27 to 29.5 years, Saturn comes back to its own original sign when you were born. This is called ‘Saturn Return’. It is a major astrological coming-of-age moment. It happens at the 29th, 59th and 88th years in your life with some variations in months.

Saturn Return may sound a bit frightening, but while it may be an exciting phase in your life, it is not horrible. Your Saturn Return is essentially the ringed planet asking you to become a proper grown-up adult.

Saturn Return might cause a lot of panic and depression if you are not prepared for it. It is said that you are not really mature unless you have faced a Saturn Return. You might feel directionless, humiliated, lazy, and empty during this time.

Its purpose is to bring you into reality, shed off your arrogance and make your life meaningful. When you understand the teachings, it is then when it becomes beneficial. When you go through difficult times, you tend to miss the good things in your life. So it is essential to know about your Saturn return and how it affects your life. Let’s have a look at it!

What Do You Need to Know About Your Saturn Return?

As per astrology, if Sun and Saturn are in the same house or in an aspecting position then they are not considered to be good because they are natural enemies. When Saturn goes over itself, it brings a lot of changes and new events in your life. The lessons can be very overbearing. You might go through breakups, job loss, relocations and other huge changes. Saturn will make you realise your life path before it is too late by making you go through various hardships.

The purpose is to bring you on the right path. So if, during Saturn Return, despite being an engineer, you feel like your passion is cooking, you better become a Chef. Go for that career change, even if you will have to start all over again. Discover what career opportunities you are likely to get in the year 2022 with your Free Career Horoscope. Saturn breaks down your ego and arrogance, especially if you have Saturn sitting in the ascendant sign or the 7th house. In all other houses also it does the same thing. Well, there is lot more that you can expect when there is Saturn Return. Let’s have a look at some:

What To Expect From Saturn Return

When Saturn returns, you will face difficulties in the areas related to the house it is in or the houses it is aspecting. In the 2nd house, placement of the Sun and the Moon are also crucial. If these three are severely debilitated, you might be directionless.

With debilitated Mercury and the Moon, you may procrastinate and not make good use of Saturn Return. When your Sun, Moon and Mercury are strong, you simply become more determined to fulfil your life’s purpose.

If you have Saturn in the 5th house, during Saturn Return, you might receive new learnings to explore your creative side and self-expression. But it might also bring trouble to your children.

Wrapping Up

Saturn is considered the best teacher to have; the only thing is that it is very strict. It brings major transformations that are needed in one’s life. Vedic astrology is a wonderful way to uncover the secrets of Saturn’s placement in your natal chart. Know the complete analysis of your birth chart from our Expert Astrologers.