Know The Connection Between Astrology And Mental Health

As per Vedic Astrology, some planets may have negative impacts on an individual’s health. Due to the bad characteristics of the planet, your mental health might get hampered. So, yes, there is a deep connection between astrology and mental health. To analyse it, one should get their birth chart under the astrological lens. The horoscope of the natives will give the details of your health. In this process, it is necessary to check the placement of the planets too. Let us shed more light on this topic.

Astrology And Mental Health

If we take a closer look at astrology, it suggests that conjunction between good and bad planets can result in mental stress. It also reveals that planets’ negative influences may hamper your thinking process, and you may lose your communication skills too. For instance, astrologers utilize planetary situations alongside mental attribute models to know your top to the bottom character. Below are a couple of points that connect astrology to mental health.

Astrological Theories

Astrology has always been important. Thus, a significant gathering of the populace is slanted towards it and puts trust in it. Individuals who think that it’s difficult to communicate frequently use zodiac sign attributes to indicate their characters and scope of feelings. This is the science behind horoscope brain research. Subsequently, it very well may be utilized to develop a positive affinity with individuals. Likewise, brain science is extensive and versatile and utilizes different ways to deal with recuperation except if it doesn’t hurt an individual. Along these lines, individuals who solidly trust in mental astrology get mental advantages when their guiding is directed with the astrology.

Signs Of Mental Illness In Horoscope

With every one of the planetary positions, houses, and zodiac indications of a Horoscope address diverse mental states, sadness, and nervousness. It might bring about differing mental issues in both short and long periods.


  • Moon is the significator of the psyche. A burdened Moon in the birth graph brings about psychological instability.
  • At the point when Mercury, the significator of the sensory system is not good in the horoscope, an individual endures mental unwellness.
  • Likewise, when planet Jupiter the significator of insight and development is not good, it brings about poor enthusiastic and emotional well-being.
  • The fifth house is the homestead of perkiness and good faith. if an air sign, for example, Gemini or Aquarius mistreats the house, it can prompt mental problems or unreasonableness. A woeful fifth house drives an individual to an unwell emotional state.
  • Likewise, when planet Jupiter is alongside planet Mars in the Seventh House, it shows the person will have unstoppable anger.
  • The sluggish planet Saturn is likewise one of the Karakas for tension.
  • In a Kundli, when Saturn is alongside Mars in the fifth house or seventh House or ninth House, it instigates physical issues.
  • Also, when Saturn is in the twelfth house with a powerless Moon, the person may experience the ill effects of mental issues.
  • Additionally, when a malefic sub-planet with the propensity of Saturn is in the Seventh House and is bad for a malefic planet, it brings about psychical issues.
  • At the point when Rahu and the Moon are in the Ascendant with a malefic in the ternary, it causes fears and problems.

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A Role Of Planets

During the 1950s, lunatic was utilized for individuals who are mentally sick. The word lunatic is equivalent to luna, which refers to the Moon. Individuals put trust in the old days, that moon stages and psychological well-being are interlinked. The birth charts, horoscope, and data framework show us the list of various parts and periods of our life. In Vedic astrology, the Moon represents the psyche and Mercury is connected with rationale and astuteness. Analyzing these two planets in a horoscope, one can know about the chances of psychological instability. Consequently, this gives us an edge to take careful steps and intercede with the ailment.

If the Moon is associated with bad planets, you may experience the ill effects of intense depression. If Moon is united with Rahu, the individual may have schizophrenia or fear. Whereas, if Moon is associated with Ketu, the individual may get crazy and create daydreams. If the fifth place of a person is stifled by an Air sign, he or she may fall prey to mental illness. The mix of the fourth house and the Moon connotes mental harmony. Also, the partnership of the fifth house and Moon shows passionate prosperity. So, the afflicted fifth house may give you negative results in terms of your relationship with your spouse.

Role Of Moon

Moon, the divine star, assumes the most important part in keeping up mental equilibrium. The Moon means the mind of a person. It administers the innovative part, creative mind, and craft of an individual’s mind. How an individual thinks alongside how an individual reacts to various circumstances is addressed by the situation of the Moon in a Horoscope.

A strong Moon presents an individual with numerous extraordinary characteristics, including sharp reasoning, creative character, and brightness of development. Then again, a feeble Moon brings about enormous mental issues. At the point when the Moon is in a bad area, the individual inconveniences like Schizophrenia, Depression, Sleep inadequacy, and periods issues. For example, when any malefic planet perspectives the Moon in your horoscope, it causes psychological sickness. However, when Moon is in the sixth house or eighth house or twelfth house, a person endures the absence of focus capacities.

Furthermore, a weak moon connotes some issues with the developing phases of life. At the point when the Moon is burdened by Saturn, consistently, an individual may encounter self-destructive considerations and regular anguish. Also, when Rahu or Ketu is distressing the Moon, it brings down an individual’s certainty and confidence.

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Role Of Mercury

Mercury is the leader of all talents and skills. It is the divine planet Everything in relationship with the incitement part, respiratory framework, and sensory system falls under Mercury. When Mercury is strong in the horoscope, you may possess plenty of talents and skills. You may balance things like a professional.

Then again, if any malefic planet burdens Mercury, in this way, the individuals can experience the ill effects of depression and anxiety. On account of a helpless Mercury in a Horoscope, during the planet’s Mahadasha or Antardasha, the person will encounter mental difficulty. Additionally, it might tend them irritably or have flighty conduct.

If Mercury is in the 6th, 8th or 12th house and if it is aspected by malefic planet, you may experience the ill effects of psychiatry issues. Also, you may face issues like serious mental issues like OCD, ADHD, extreme nervousness issues, and wretchedness.

Role Of Venus

Venus is the planet of euphoria, aromas, sentiment, and joys. It oversees a wide range of satisfaction identifying with family, companions, and spouses. Strong Venus in Kundli offers a local with extravagance in numerous structures. In any case, it is additionally the significator of wants.

At the point when Venus is in the fifth House of Horoscope, it gives terrifying impacts. Despite the convictions, Venus probably won’t assume a strong part here. However, it serves both the brain and body of a human. Hence, when Venus is in a bad position, it just proposes odd demonstrations and an absence of focus.

Also, Jupiter, the significator of intelligence, has a huge part in psychological wellness. When it is in a strong position, it oversees and directs each planet’s useful behaviour. However, a powerless Jupiter brings about mental issues like sorrow, uneasiness issues.


Astrologers have many solutions for sickness identified with mental dependability. Below are few useful remedies.

  • Get rid of the malefic effects of planets.
  • Perform NavGrah Puja to please all 9 planets.
  • As clarified above, Moon has incredible significance in affecting psychological well-being. So, try to please the moon always.
  • Organize Puja for Rahu or Ketu.
  • Wear Moon-related gemstone to provide strength to it.

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