Purvaphalguni Nakshatra 2022 Predictions and Muhurat

Purvaphalguni Nakshatra 2022 Relationship Prospects

This year, love, affection and warmth may increase in your family relations and you may also come closer to your loved ones. No doubt, with your love and care, you may even make a place in their hearts. The middle of the year and the last months of the year may add happiness and joy to your family life. 

Married couples may be happy with their married life. You would enjoy your life partner’s full support and he/she may inspire you to move forward in your professional life. Your soulmate will stand by your side in every situation whether good or bad like an ideal life partner. You will surely be proud of yourself to have such a life partner. 

This year is going to be good for your love life. Fortunately, your relationship will move very fast and you may get married this year. The wisdom of the stars is here to let you discover the fate of your relationship. Read Love And Relationship Horoscope 2022

Tip: Spread more love and affection to move closer to your loved ones. 

Purvaphalguni Nakshatra 2022 Health Prospects

This year would be good from the viewpoint of health. You may feel fit and fine from the beginning of the year. However, some physical ailments may keep bickering you from time to time. Be aware of the changes in the weather conditions, as they may aggravate the health problems related to Kapha in your body. Small health conditions like cough, cold, fever, headache may bother you now and then. However, the chances of a major problem may be quite less. You should practice yoga regularly so that you can stay fit.

At the beginning of the year, one of the family member’s health may deteriorate at home, for which you may have to run to the hospital. However, do not be discouraged as the situation may improve gradually. Health is wealth and you sure don’t want to waste that. Read Health and fitness horoscope 2022for some useful tips.

Tip: Be alert to weather changes and practise yoga regularly for good health. 

Purvaphalguni Nakshatra 2022 Career and Business Prospects

If you talk about your career, then people doing jobs may have to face transfer in their jobs this year. Though you may need to put in a lot of hard work in your job from the beginning of the year, it may bring in good results and give you comfort. Wherever you are or wherever you may go, you may put in your 100% and work efficiently. This way you may be able to secure your job position as well as you may also get an offering of business partnership. Undoubtedly, doing side business may be profitable for you. 

If you are already in the business field, then this year may bring in a lot of good hope for success. It also opens up gateways for some new plans in your business, only then you would get success. The last month of the year may turn out to be lucky for your business, as you may achieve success. Get a detailed resume of your professional life. Read Career and Business Horoscope 2022.

Tip: Don’t miss putting in your 100% in your work.  

Purvaphalguni Nakshatra 2022 Finance Prospects

This year seems to be moderate from the economic point of view. You may gain benefits from an insurance policy. The financial income of the family may increase. You may also receive some unexpected money or you may receive returns from some old shares, which you might have not expected, especially in the middle of the year. Due to this financial gain, there may be a sudden change in your financial position. During this year, also try to repay the loan that you might have taken as soon as possible so that there is no financial burden on you. By the last months of the year, your financial condition may improve. You will surely enjoy the fruits of the efforts you have put into your wealth management through shares, savings and other investments. Having a financial dilemma? Don’t worry, we are here to help. ExploreFinance Horoscope 2022

Tip: Try to repay your pending loan as soon as possible to reduce financial pressure. 

Purvaphalguni Nakshatra 2022 Dates and Time:

Purvaphalguni Nakshatra 2022 Dates:Begins:Ends:
January 21, 202209:43 AM, Jan 2110:38 AM, Jan 22
February 17, 202204:11 PM, Feb 1704:42 PM, Feb 18
March 17, 202212:21 AM, Mar 1712:34 AM, Mar 18
April 13, 202209:37 AM, Apr 1309:56 AM, Apr 14
May 10, 202206:40 PM, May 1007:28 PM, May 11
June 7, 202202:26 AM, Jun 0703:50 AM, Jun 08
July 4, 202208:44 AM, Jul 0410:30 AM, Jul 05
July 31, 202202:20 PM, Jul 3104:06 PM, Aug 01
August 27, 202208:26 PM, Aug 2709:56 PM, Aug 28
September 24, 202203:51 AM, Sep 2405:08 AM, Sep 25
October 21, 202212:28 PM, Oct 2101:50 PM, Oct 22
November 17, 202209:21 PM, Nov 1711:08 PM, Nov 18
December 15, 202205:16 AM, Dec 1507:35 AM, Dec 16