Significance and Importance of Peepal Tree

For centuries, the peepal tree, or Pipal (Ficus Religiosa), has been revered as one of the most sacred trees in Hindu culture. The Peepal tree is revered by both Jains and Buddhists. It has been said since ancient times that when there is no hope left for a particular thing or the expected performance is not achieved. The peepal tree will come to your rescue. If you make offerings to the tree and conduct those rituals, all of your concerns will be washed away. Ummm, we know you must be wondering why we worship peepal trees? You just ought to read the full blog for all your answers.

Appearance of Peepal Tree

It’s a big semi-evergreen with a thick, broad trunk. The tree can reach a height of 30 meters (98 ft.). It has smooth, light grey bark that peels in patches. The leaves are long, heart-shaped, and taper at the tips. When ripe, the fruits resemble small balls and are purple in color.

Where do you find it?

The Indian subcontinent, southwest China, and Indochina are all places where you can find this mostly because the climate in these areas is conducive to its development.

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Reasons For Being the Most Sacred Tree

  • Krishna says in the Bhagavad Gita, “I am the Peepal tree (ashvattha) among the trees.” As a result, many people believe it to be Lord Vishnu.
  • It is said that – The Trimurti – resides in the tree.
  • The sources are Brahma
  • Vishnu’s trunk and
  • Shiva’s leaves
  • It is said to be the birthplace of God and our forefathers.
  • It provides vitality and dispels harmful energy.
  • It is well-known for its healing properties. (Values of medicine)
  • It is thought to bring good health, luck, fortune, childbirth, and wisdom.Vanish All Dosh From Your Kundali

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What aspects of your life can be influenced by its worship?

  • Relationships (removes all the unnecessary troubles in your marriage)
  • Youngsters (helpful for the growth and development of your children)
  • It improves your human qualities by adding harmony to your thoughts and behavior.
  • Increase the amount of money coming in (develop your business or upgrade your job skills).
  • Brings good fortune, wisdom, and luck.
  • Good health (Eradicate all health-related issues or disorders)
  • Problems with horoscopes may be overcome. Mangal dosh, Navagrah badha, Shani sadesati, Rahu and Ketu issues are just a few examples.

Things to do based on the Current Life Graphs

1. Moon: Take a bath after soaking the Peepal tree’s wood in the bathing water.
2. Mangal Grah: Take 8 rounds of the divine tree and give water from the copper vessel.
3. Mercury: On Wednesday, give green lentil (masoor) and make three rounds around the tree. Give a chameli oil diya to go with it.
4. Jupiter: Use the colour yellow to your advantage. Give yellow candy, turmeric water, and yellow flowers on Thursdays. In the evening, give a Peepal tree a mixture of milk and water.
5. Rahu: On Saturday, give honey to the tree.
6. Ketu: Light a Deepak of alsi oil and give gangajal.
7. Shani: On Saturdays, give jaggery water mixed with raw milk, light an incense stick and go around the tree seven times, and in the evening, light a diya with mustard oil.

Rituals to pursue to get rid of Serious Problems

  • To get a son, women tie red dhaga or cloth around the tree’s trunk.
  • It is worshipped on Saturdays to bring riches because goddess
  • Lakshmi is said to sit under the tree on that day.
  • By watering the plant, you can earn benefits for your children.
  • You can achieve materialistic satisfaction by erecting a shiv ling under the Peepal tree and worshipping it on a regular basis.
  • To achieve a positive soul, recite Hanuman Chalisa while sitting under a Peepal tree.
  • Take 11 leaves from a Peepal tree, sit under it, and write Sri Ram on each one with Chandan paste. Offer them to Lord Hanuman in order to be free of all challenges and stumbling blocks.
  • On Monday, if the business is not booming, worship the Peepal tree. Take a new leaf and place it in the cashbox. For Grah Shanti pooja, peepal tree wood is used. On Saturday, take a peepal leaf and use sandalwood paste to engrave a swastika symbol on it. Place it under your seat at work and perform it for the next seven Saturdays. Collect all seven leaves on the eighth Saturday and put them in a secluded area.
  • If you water the tree every day and touch the root with your left hand, you will avoid chronic illness or disease. A peepal leaf can also be held under the pillow by the individual who is concerned.
  • Couples who are unable to conceive a child can soak a peepal leaf in water for at least an hour. Remove the leaf and position it under a branch. The couple should then drink the water, which would undoubtedly benefit them.
  • If you have For-Father’s debts, water the peepal tree for 43 days, except Sundays.
  • If you are unable to prosper in life, worship by lighting a camphor diya (Kapoor).
  • If you suspect you have Manglik dosha, soak the leaves of the Peepal tree in water and bathe in it.

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Importance in terms of science

It is interesting not only from a religious standpoint but also from a scientific standpoint. A lot of oxygen is released by the peepal tree. It is said that going around the tree in the morning would provide the worshipper with an abundance of oxygen. This tree is also thought to have a lot of medicinal properties. Its leaves, wood, roots, and bark are used to treat a variety of ailments. Ayurvedic studies are also dominated by the sections of this herb.

Existence of God in Peepal Tree

In Hinduism, the peepal tree is revered and held in high regard. The tree is worshipped, and a puja is performed. However, no one knows anything about its past or sources. The Peepal tree, on the other hand, is associated with some intriguing legends. The tree is characterised by its heart-shaped leaves with long, narrow tips. Peepal trees were first cultivated in the Mohenjodaro city during the Indus Valley Civilization (3000 BC – 1700 BC). Excavations show that the Peepal tree was revered by Hindus even at that time. Continue reading to learn more about the Peepal tree’s roots.

The wood obtained by cutting the Peepal tree was used to make a fire during the Vedic period. An event is mentioned in the ancient Puranas in which demons defeated the gods and Lord Vishnu took refuge in a Peepal tree. Since the Lord lived in the tree for a period of time, the tree is revered by the people. As a result, people started to worship the tree, believing it to be a way of praying to Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu is said to have been born under the peepal tree, according to legend.

According to legend, the tree is home to the trinity of Gods, with the root representing Brahma, the trunk representing Vishnu, and the leaves representing Lord Shiva. Lord Krishna is also said to have died under the Peepal tree, according to common belief. The peepal or pipal (Ficus religiosa) tree, also known as “Ashvattha” in Sanskrit, is a large tree and India’s first depicted tree. The peepal is depicted as being worshipped on a seal discovered in Mohenjodaro, one of the cities of the Indus Valley Civilisation.

The Peepal tree is also mentioned in the Upanishads. The peepal fruit is used as a classic example to clearly describe the distinction between the body and the spirit. A person who does not have a son should consider the peepal tree as his own child, according to the Skanda Purana. It says that as long as the peepal tree survives, the family will prosper and have a good reputation. Cutting down a peepal tree is considered a major sin, almost as bad as murdering a Brahmin. According to the Skanda Puranas, anyone who cuts down a tree would undoubtedly go to hell.

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Worshiping the peepal tree on Sunday

According to Hindu Shastra, the peepal tree houses all Devi-Devtas. Lord Vishnu is present in the roots, Lord Keshav is present in the trunk, Lord Narayan is present in the branches, Lord Hari is present in the leaves, and all devtas are present in each fruit. The tree is said to be Lord Vishnu’s manifestation.

Worshipping this tree brings peace of mind, but it is important to note not to do so on Sundays. After 8 p.m., remember not to light a diya in front of the peepal trees. You will face serious consequences if you do so.

According to Shastras, worshipping a peepal tree brings all devi-devtas’ blessings. Even though all days are good for worship, doing so on Sunday brings poverty into the home.
Worshipping peepal on Sunday reduces and depletes sources of revenue. In family life, there are many challenges and problems to overcome, better to deal with them with abundant devotion.

Hey readers, hope you understood the significance of the peepal tree, and you may treat this tree accordingly. But one thing would like to add, how great this tree is, isn’t it?