Importance and Benefits of Planting Banana Tree At Your Home

Things To Know About Banana Trees

Banana is a well-known and the most famous organic product around the globe. It is exceptionally advantageous to health, and it is considered the astounding thing in Hinduism. The banana tree and its leaves are said to be heavenly and perhaps the most sacred products.

The Importance Of Banana Tree

Hindu religion is enlivened by many mythological stories and occasions and has significant binds with various components of nature. Numerous trees are viewed as sacred and loved from the old days. Our religious content and sacred writings consider plants and creatures on endless occasions for various impulses and reasons. The plants have a deep connection with Gods and Goddesses, so they are significant because of explicit characteristics. Bananas don’t develop in a tree. It falls in the classification of lasting spices with a trunk that isn’t woody. However, because of its appearance, size and design, it is viewed as a tree, and it has great importance in Hinduism.

Almost certainly, trees and plants are essential for our existence, and we can’t live without water. Trees, plants and creatures that exist in nature or comprise nature are revered with extraordinary commitment and earnestness as per Hindu folklore and conviction. Trees are worshipped as God in Hinduism since earlier times. Every single tree and creature is straightforwardly identified with Hindu God or divinities and is viewed as significant for explicit characteristics. Like tulsi, neem, peepal, bilvapatra, Ashoka leaves that are supplicated or utilized in puja or wedding functions. As a result, the banana plant can be utilized in auspicious functions in India.

The holy banana plant is associated with God Brihaspati. This tree represents Lord Vishnu and goddess Laxmi as it is said that Lord Vishnu lives in it. It guarantees serene wedded life to the couple who offers banana organic products to Lord Vishnu and Devi Laxmi on Thursday. It likewise favours you with great monetary steadiness. It is said that the 11th day of December or January is considered a suitable time for offering bananas to Lord Vishnu and Goddess Laxmi.

Individuals should develop banana trees on Thursday if they are facing challenges and obstructions in life. You can wear the base of the banana tree if you can’t bear the cost of a Brihaspati gemstone to beat the bad impacts of planet Jupiter.

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Banana fruit is also offered to Lord Vishnu and Lord Ganesha to summon the endowments of Gods to achieve the family’s success. Its trunk is utilized concerning enrichments at the principal entryway for inviting God.

A banana tree is planted and sustained till it bears natural products during the month of Vaishaka, Magha or Kartik Shukla Chaturdashi.
Astrologers recommend that an individual who is having Manglik dosha in the kundali ought to wed a banana tree before marrying a non-Manglik native dosha to eliminate the dosh.

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How Banana Tree Became A Sacred Plant?

The banana plant is known as ‘Kadali’ in the Sanskrit language. So, why it is considered the sacred fruit in the Hindu culture?

The Hindu Mythology tells us Rishi Durvasa got angry with his better half when she disturbed his sleep. And so, he made her transform into a banana tree. After getting the curse, she begged her husband to grant a wish that she should be dealt with uncommonly and as a sacred plant. Rishi Duravasa approved her wish, and since that day, the leaves of banana trees are considered propitious and holy in Hindu culture.

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How Hindus Make Use of Banana Tree?

Banana leaf is utilized to circulate Prasad or Bhog to the devotees in a temple. Banana organic products are offered to God and Goddesses as Naivedyam or Bhog.

The banana tree trunk indicates the best of luck and success; thus, it is utilized for improvement during celebrations or services in Hindu culture.

Lord Ganesh is enamored with banana leaves and gets assuaged by the contribution of leaves during Ganpati puja.

A banana leaf and fruits are offered to Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi as a religious contribution. The use of the banana leaves is referenced in all Vedic customs as they are viewed as sacrosanct in Hindu culture. The banana fruit is considered the most lively leafy food and is good for all.

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Facts And Benefits Of Banana Tree

There is a conventional custom in the Hindu religion to decorate the entryway of the marriage lobby and the place of the bride and groom with two banana trees. This tree represents the couple’s married life would be evergreen, and the relationship and love between them would be interminable. Then, a couple will be showered with all the success of the world and with kids.

The tree is associated with ‘Devaguru or Brihaspati’. The conviction is common, and the people who can’t bear the cost of Yellow Sapphire gemstone can wear the foundation of the tree. Planting the tree at home is identical to having a Guru or Brihaspati at home.

The banana tree is faithfully strict, which represents Lord Vishnu, and it ought to be revered each Thursday to profit the advantages of the planet Jupiter.

The banana fruit is offered as Prasad or Bhog to Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi. It is a conviction that Vishnu and Lakshmi love the leafy foods, favour lovers, with a gladly wedded life, great monetary condition and bliss for the entire family.

During the Durga Puja, a great celebration of Bengalis, the type of Goddess is made with banana plantain. This type of Goddess referred to as Kola Bou is considered the wife of Lord Ganesha. She is given a shower before evening and set close to Lord Ganesha upon the arrival of Maha Saptami.

Wrapping Up

So, this is how growing a banana tree in your home may bless you with success and harmonious married life. The planting of a tree on the 4th day (Chaturthi) of Shukla paksha of Vaisakha, Kartika and Magha is said to be propitious. And therefore, you may receive maximum benefits in your house. Some of you may not see its effects soon, but you may get positive results from the tree with time.