Boar and Rat Compatibility: Characteristic and Astrological match

Chinese astrology is a cyclic pattern of 12 years, and it is represented by an animal. Each animal is linked further with one of the elements, namely water, earth, fire, wood and metal. Rat and Boar belong to the water element as per Chinese astrology. The Rat and Boar is an excellent pair, whether it is love, friendship or business. Rats like being in the centre and receive all the goodies while the Boar like to put their friends ahead. They will flow into each other’s vessel of thoughts smoothly. Let us know more about them and their compatibility.

Chinese Zodiac Boar and Rat: Personality Traits

Both are water signs. So it seems they should get along well. Both have an excellent mutual understanding. Practical intelligence should compensate the infractions with the merits of a partner. Both are like a match, and the horoscope sees a clear roadmap for their relationship to exist. A few traits are specific to their personality, which does not harm their partners. If they compromise for each other in the first stage itself, it can be an everlasting match.

Male Rat: Personality Overview

Male Rats are meticulous, affirmative and loving discipline. They have a memory of an elephant. Sometimes mild and sometimes impulsive. They are socialites and often donate for a cause. People want their company. Due to qualities like sharp intuition and good foresight, they can be good business leaders.

Tender by heart, they fall for those who are pure and gentle. Female partners should be well cultured and level headed. Male Rats are stable, kind in love relations and won’t change partners frequently. They ultimately want to marry the girl with whom they start a relationship. They will do it all in a relationship and will always think about their partner first. People can take advantage of this, and Male rat will probably pay but will never ask for payback. Rats are broadminded and can be good husbands. He can be your dream match.

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But if you like to spend, you need to be careful as Male rats are tricky in money matters. But as I told you, they love their partners and can be generous towards them. Rats can choose from a variety of professions. They are highly skilled souls and can excel in careers like artist, doctor, engineer, architect, photographer etc.

Female Boar: Personality Overview

Boars are sensual, but they can be mule by nature. Do you know what I mean? Stubborn! They are honest by nature, and this quality can harm her. However, if you lie to them, they will throw you out of their lives and show you your place. Methodical in life but also charming. Boar can attract people very quickly as they are a perfect combination of friendship and romance. They will be better than male partners.

Boars from inside are fragile and can get easily hurt. They are entirely devoted to their male partners. They like Cinderella stories and love to live in fantasy. So due to their dreamy mind, it is hard to figure out what is going inside their head, or should we say heart. But if you are a hopeless romantic guy, then she is the one for you. She likes total drama and picturises it in her dream. You can pursue her with gifts and many romantic antiques.

So talking about the compatibility factor, which is mentioned later, Boar and Rat can be a perfect match. No problem relationship is the bottom line here. They will complement each other in the best possible way.

Boar and Rat Compatibility

There is nothing complex, and everything seems simple in this relation. Not much to talk about Boar and Rat couple as it’s like for a like match. This is a favourable relationship, no conflicts, fewer arguments and full of love and passion. Both respect each other, and there is a sense of trust prevailing between them. Water elements will allow them to overflow into each other’s mind.

However, as the Boar is dreamy, it can leave one partner into a dream world and another into reality. Boards can easily get captivated by shadow personality. The boar may encounter a problem of quickly surrendering to their partner, which may lead to discomfort and misunderstanding. Both should avoid such situations to arise.

Male Rat and Female Boar Compatibility in Love

Rat man is a leader of the family. He has a high inclination towards family and traditional value. Rat and Board are the same element and can get sexually attracted easily. The relationship will be sweet, romantic, and a sense of mutual respect and devotion will complete the couple. They can set couple-goals for others in society. Boar adores the quality of her male partner and follows the path laid by a Rat. You can call it sometimes vulnerability, but this is the trust that Boar shows in Rat.

Due to this devotion, Rat can shower all the luxuries on his partner and make her feel like a princess. As already mentioned, Boar likes to be in her own fantasy, and Rat has all the capacity to fulfil that. She can lead a life of a princess, with the prince being at her service. Astrologically, this is an ideal match that can be everlasting.

Their compatibility score is 80%  which is above average and good if we consider the couple. Both these partners deeply care about each other and can immerse all the love and wealth for each other. This is a proper match of soul and body. Boar can be the lucky Charm for her partner.

Male Boar and Female Rat Compatibility in Love

Change sides and what you get is nothing less than a high percentage couple. The compatibility factor is increased if they come to the standard page. The Boar man and Rat woman will fit like lock and key. It can become a reality once their casual love fling turns into a family. However, both will have to give space to each other. Their communal life may be a little tipsy turvy.

The female partner may not reconcile with her partner’s character, which may be soft, ingenuine and lack business acumen. At the same time, the husband does not like to be dominated. Don’t worry. You can still have harmony in this relation, but the spouse needs to make an effort to sustain the relationship. Plus, she needs to give away her submission mode. This is a perfect match, and with a little bit of effort, this can last for long.

What to do if your partner is Boar?

It is pretty simple, Boars are dreamy and like to be in their fantasy world. They love life and want their partners to shower them with gifts, roses and flowers. So keep them happy. Show your affection, and if possible, let them take the lead. Delicate heart and purity make them fragile to outer friction. So be a protector. They like to be pampered.

Boar’s don’t pay much attention to trivial things in life. Can get irritated fast and become angry. They won’t show their emotions openly and can judge others secretly. If you want to have Boar in your life, you need to show tolerance and be patient.

Male Boar’s best match is with Rabbit, Rooster, Tiger. If the rabbit is silent, then this can be a perfect match. Each of these three signs will try to make the relationship last long. However, they should avoid  Ox, Dragon and Snake.

Lady boar can find their perfect match in Horse, Sheep and Dog.  They should avoid monkey and rooster as trust and overdominance become an issue.

What to do if your partner is Rat?

If your partner is a Rat, then you need to have a good ear. Rats love to debate and argue. They are somewhat attention seekers and will frequently complain about small things. The best way to deal with them is to listen to them. They like freedom and not advice, so it’s better if you let them take the lead. On the reverse side, they are very suspicious. So be honest with them and don’t allow them to doubt.

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The Rats’ best match is with Monkey, Ox and Dragon. However, they should avoid Horse and rooster as this match will not last long.