Rabbit and Horse Compatibility – Rabbit Chinese Zodiac – Horse Chinese Zodiac

Interested to know about Chinese Astrology and Zodiac Signs? Are you aware that as per the Chinese zodiac the animals associated with your natal charts tell you so much about your unique personality and your life ahead? Chinese Astrology is as old as 2000 years. Chinese Astrology plays a significant role in their culture and everyday lives. The Chinese Zodiac signs are represented by the 12 animals. These animal-based Zodiac Signs could be understood as a cycle of about twelve years and each year is represented by a separate animal.
In this blog, we will explore Rabbit and Horse compatibility.

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Rabbit Chinese Zodiac Personality

As per Chinese Astrology, the individuals who are born under the month of Rabbits are generous, very tender and decent beings. Just like the animal Rabbit who is quite a tender and tame animal however very swift in its movements. So the people born under this Zodiac sign have very tender and soft personalities.

The Rabbits have a very modest approach and attitude towards life and they like to keep their surroundings amicable and joyful. They are known to maintain very pleasant relationships with the people around them. They are someone who would run away at the sight of quarrels! These people will not really get irritated very soon. Their strengths are that they are quite easy-going by nature. They are known to be very friendly and they have a number of friends from different walks of life.

Anyone could rely on a Rabbit as they are highly responsible and committed being. However, they have a darker side too. They could get quite cautious in certain situations which might hamper their growth and well being. You might find a Rabbit quite nervous in intense situations. They are not overly ambitious beings. They live in their own world and at times they find pleasure in escaping reality.

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How does Rabbit Behave In Love?

When it comes to love affairs the individuals of Rabbit descent are quite sensitive and considerate of their partners. Those who are in romantic relationships with Rabbits will find themselves surrounded by mystery as Rabbits have the tendency to behave mysteriously in Love relationships.

Rabbits are also quite rational in their persona and they enjoy the periods of dating immensely. With their partners, Rabbits are known to get sentimental and sensitive. They could be very tolerant and considerate of their mates. If an individual would like to entice a Rabbit then be very supportive of their ways and means. Because Rabbits natives are very tender and noble and at times superior and elegant beings.

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Horse Chinese Zodiac Personality

As per Chinese Astrology, a Horse is considered to be a traveller both literally and figuratively. This Zodiac is passionate about being free and independent. A Horse will not like to rely on anybody. A Horse will not like to be tied down or fixated by any situation or individual.

Horses have the tendency to move from one thing to the other and often get frustrated at the inability of the others to match up with their energetic pace. Hence building a relationship with a strong Horse Zodiac could get challenging.

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How does Horse behave in Love?

In a romantic encounter, a Horse comes across as someone quite strong at the very inception. The initial desires, passion can drive the individuals of this Zodiac in love relationships. No matter how much do they crave the love of their dear ones. The Horse’s personality is mysterious, be it a Woman or a Man. They enjoy keeping up with the chase long after the first date.

Horses love to play the card of seduction with their mates. However, they can quickly give up on it as well if they see the other person is interested.

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Horse Wife and Rabbit Husband

As per the Zodiac and Rabbit and Horse compatibility, this relationship of Rabbit and Horse might be quite a difficult one to accomplish. It might need a lot of work from both partners. The Horse wife is very sentimental, quite emotional and bangs on intuitive. The Wife could easily get tired of her husbands thorough thoughtfulness and delicate nature.

The Rabbit Husband is happy to relax and enjoys his isolation while the Horse wife is always looking for action and adventure. The Rabbit considers his wife to be very money-minded, inconsistent and careless by nature. Both of these Zodiac is quite self-centred and very preoccupied with their own likes and preferences. Hence they will have to put in some effort to understand and behave as per the likes and dislikes of the other partner.

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Rabbit Wife and Horse Husband

As per the Chinese Zodiac and matching the relationship of Rabit and Horse is not a very compatible one. They might not get a very happy ground in their relationship as they are both quite opposite and different in their views and opinions. The Horse Huband finds his Rabbit Wife to be quite detached, faultless and careful with everything. It pains him to see her being so aloof. However, the Rabbit wife could become very affectionate and forthcoming if she could see that her Horse Husband can provide and take good care of the family and fulfil all of their demands. However, the Horse Husband will not let her fancies come in the way of what he decides and what he would want to do as per his own preferences and at his own sweet pace.

He would rather do what pleases him the most and would not let anyone hamper his wishlist. The Horse is expected to do very well for his family and for himself however the Rabbit wife will not be able to bear with all the attended insecurities. This might create tension and insecurity in their relationship.

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Ending Note

That was Rabbit and Horse Chinese zodiac for you! A Horse breeds independence while the Rabbit demands love and attention. Both of these typical Zodiac Signs if are allowed to form a relationship they would not only be disastrous for themselves but for the family at large.

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