Sheetala Saptami 2022: Uncover the Date, Significance, Ritual and Story

Sheetala Saptami 2022: Uncover the Date, Significance, Ritual and Story

Significance of the Sheetala Saptami

The day of the Sheetala Saptami holds great significance for the devotees who worship Goddess Sheetala for the health and well-being of themselves and their loved ones. Devotees all over the country believe that worshipping Goddess Sheetala on this auspicious shall help them and their family get rid of diseases like smallpox, et cetera.

However, it is a lesser-known fact that Goddess Sheetala is worshipped as Goddess Mariamman or Goddess Poleramma in the southern part of India, and the Sheetala Saptami is known as Polala Amavasya.

The Sheetala Saptami is most commonly celebrated in the northern region of India. It is said that when a devotee worships Sheetala Mata with all his sincerity and with all the right rituals, Goddess Sheetala shall protect him and his loved ones from all diseases and grant them a long, healthy life. Well, now that you know the significance of the Sheetala Saptami, Let us find out its muhurat in 2022.

Sheetala Saptami Date and Time in 2022

Event Date and Time
Sheetala Saptami 2022 DateThursday, Mar 24, 2022
Sheetala Saptami Puja Muhurat6:21 AM to 6:34 PM
Saptami Tithi Starts02:10 am, Mar 24, 2022
Saptami Tithi Ends 12:10 am, Mar 25, 2022

Sheetala Saptami Puja Vidhi

When it comes to worshipping the Gods, it is very essential in the Hindu religion that you follow all the right rituals. Since, every ritual means something unique and significant, not doing it the right way can cause a bit of trouble. Hence, we have here for you, the right method to worship Goddess Sheetala on the day of the Sheetala Saptami.

  1. Wake up early and take a bath before the sun rises
  2. Worship Sheetala Mata and offer her some of the following items: curd, rice, pudding, puri, kheer Rabri, turmeric, kumkum, Akshat, flowers, vermilion, mehndi, kajal, Red Chunari (scarf), Kaleva, and banana. 
  3. Read or listen to the Sheetala Mata Vrat Katha (The Story of Sheetala Saptami).
  4. At the end of the Katha and puja, perform the Sheetala Mata Aarti at home.
  5. After the puja, sprinkle water from the Kalash around the house and of your family members.
  6. Distribute the Prasada among all the attendants of the puja.

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The Sheetala Saptami Vrat Katha

How It All Started?

Once upon a time lived a rich brahmin in a small village. The brahmin had two sons and two daughters-in-law. The daughters-in-law had a son each a long time after their marriages.

On the day of the Shitla Saptami, the daughters-in-law and their mother-in-law were supposed to worship Goddess Sheetala and have stale food as per the ritual. However, the daughters-in-law had thought that eating stale food might make them sick and that they couldn’t risk that because their sons were still young. Therefore, they secretly prepared some warm “Baati Churma” for themselves in the utensils that were used to prepare food for their domestic animals, so that nobody knew what they were doing.

Next This Happened

When the time came, the daughters-in-law and their mother-in-law worshipped Sheetala Mata. However, when the time came to eat the stale food, the mother-in-law began eating her food, but the daughters-in-law excused themselves saying that their kids were crying. They left the room and ate their warm, freshly made Baati Churma.

Later, when the mother-in-law asked them to eat the stale food as Prasada, they pretended to go to the other room as though to eat the Prasada and started doing household chores. Sometime later, the mother-in-law asked them to check up on their sons, since they had been sleeping a while and hadn’t had their food yet.

Pleading For Forgiveness

The daughters-in-law left searching for Sheetala Mata to ask her for forgiveness and the lives of their sons. On their journey, they came across a ramshackle Khejdi tree, sitting under which they found the sisters, Ori and Sheetala Mata.

The sisters were very much irritated by the lice in their heads. Both the daughters-in-law were tired and planned to rest under the tree, meanwhile plucking the lice out of the sisters’ hair. Once all the lice were out, Goddesses Ori and Sheetala were extremely happy and felt coolness in their head. Hence, they blessed the daughters-in-law saying, “The way you have helped us cool our heads, we hope you feel a coolness in your bellies as well. To which one of the daughters-in-law responded, “Well, that’s what we’re roaming around for, looking for Goddess Sheetala all over the place, but can’t find her.”

Finally The Blessing Of Goddesss Sheetala

Suddenly, she realised that Sheetala Mata was right in front of her. Both the daughters-in-law pleaded in front of Goddesses Sheetala and Ori. They said they were fools and naive and that they did not know of her wrath. They begged for forgiveness and the lives of their sons. They said that they realise the mistake they made and shall never do such a thing again.

Listening to their words, Goddess Sheetala forgave them and revived their children. The women returned to their village with their healthy sons and decided to have a temple built for Goddess Sheetala in the village.

Goddess Sheetala’s Prayer

Sheetale Twam Jagnamaata
Sheetale Twam Jagat Pita.
Sheetale Twam Jagaddhatri
Sheetale Namo Namah.

The Aarti of Goddess Sheetala

Jay Sheetala Mata Mayya Jai Sheetala Mata
Ratan Singhan Shobhit, Shwet Chhatra Bhaata
Riddhi-Siddhi Chanvar Dhulaaven, Jagamag Chhavi Chhaata.
Jay Sheetala Maata…

Vishnu Sevat Thaadhe, Seven Shiv Dhaata,
Ved Puraan Baranat Paar Nahin Paata.
Jay Sheetala Maata…

Indr Mrdang Bajaavat Chandr Veena Haatha,
Sooraj Taal Bajaate Naarad Muni Gaata.
Jay Sheetala Maata…

Ghanta Shankh Shahanaee Baajai Man Bhaata,
Karai Bhakt Jan Aarati Lakhi Lakhi Harahaata.
Jay Sheetala Maata…

Brahm Roop Varadaanee Tuhee Teen Kaal Gyaata,
Bhaktan Ko Sukh Denau Maatu Pita Bhraata.
Jay Sheetala Maata…

Jo Bhee Dhyaan Lagaaven Prem Bhakti Laata,
Sakal Manorath Paave Bhavanidhi Tar Jaata.
Jay Sheetala Maata…

Rogan Se Jo Peedit Koi Sharan Tere Aata,
Kaudhee Paave Nirmal Kaaya Andh Netr Paata.
Jay Sheetala Maata…

Baanjh Putr Ko Paave Daarid Kat Jaata,
Taako Bhajai Jo Naaheen Sir Dhuni Pachhitaata.
Jay Sheetala Maata…

Sheetal Karatee Jananee Too Hee Hai Jag Traata,
Utpatti Vyaadhi Vinaashat Too Sab Kee Ghaata.
Jay Sheetala Maata…

Daas Vichitr Kar Jode Sun Meree Maata,
Bhakti Aapanee Deeje Aur Na Kuchh Bhaata.
Jay Sheetala Maata.


Now that you have understood all the rituals of Sheetala Saptami, you can worship Goddess Sheetala and acquire her blessings for the well-being and health of yourself and your loved ones. We hope the above-mentioned details leads to the betterment of your rituals and assist you in executing a successful Sheetala Saptami in 2022.

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