Shravan Shivratri

Shravan Shivratri

When is Shravan Shivratri in the year 2024?

Sawana ShivaratriFriday, August 2, 2024
Nishita Kaal Puja Time12:05 AM to 12:51 AM, Aug 03
Duration00 Hours 46 Mins
Shivaratri Parana TimeOn 3rd Aug, 06:14 AM to 03:35 PM
Ratri First Prahar Puja Time06:43 PM to 09:36 PM
Ratri Second Prahar Puja Time09:36 PM to 12:28 AM, Aug 03
Ratri Third Prahar Puja Time 12:28 AM to 03:21 AM, Aug 03
Ratri Fourth Prahar Puja Time03:21 AM to 06:14 AM, Aug 03
Chaturdashi Tithi Begins03:26 PM on Aug 02, 2024
Chaturdashi Tithi Ends 03:50 PM on Aug 03, 2024

Importance of monthly Shivratri

Chaturdashi Tithi during Krishna Paksha is celebrated as Masik Shivratri or Maas Shivratri and staunch devotees of Lord Shiva observe fast and worship Shivalinga on all Shivratris in the year. There are usually twelve Shivratris in a year.

Shivratri falling in the month of Shravan is known as Sawan Shivratri. Since the entire month of Shravan is dedicated to worshiping Shiva, the month of Shivaratri during the month of Sawan is considered highly auspicious. However, the most important Shivaratri known as Maha Shivaratri falls during February or March which corresponds to the month of Phalguna as per the North Indian calendar.

The famous Shiva temples in North India, Kashi Vishwanath and Badrinath Dham arrange special pujas and Shiva darshan during the month of Sawan. In the month of Sawan, thousands of Shiva devotees visit Shiva temples and perform Gangajal Abhishek.

If someone wants to start the fast of Shivratri, then he can start from Mahashivratri. Since the festival of Mahashivratri, fasting on every Shivratri has been considered very auspicious. It is believed that by observing this fast, the blessings of Lord Shiva are showered on the devotees, and every difficult task becomes easy. Both unmarried and married people can observe this fast. By doing this Lord Shiva becomes pleased and showers blessings on his devotees. Let us tell you that if Monthly Shivratri falls on Tuesday, it is considered very auspicious in the scriptures.

Sawan Shivratri fasting method

A day before Shivratri fast, devotees should eat only once. On the day of Shivratri, after completing the morning rituals, devotees should take a pledge that they will fast for the whole day on Shivratri and will have food only after the end of Shivratri the next day. During Sankalp the devotees take a pledge of self-determination during the fasting period and seek the blessings of Lord Shiva to end the fast without any interference.

On the day of Shivratri, devotees should take a double bath in the evening before worshiping Shiva or going to the temple. Shiva puja should be performed at night and devotees should break the fast after taking bath the next day. To get maximum benefit of the fast, devotees should break the fast between sunrise and before the end of Chaturdashi Tithi. According to a contradictory opinion, devotees should break the fast only when Chaturdashi Tithi ends. But it is believed that it is right to worship Shiva and break the fast on Chaturdashi Tithi.

Sawan Shivratri is also called Shravan Shivratri. Hariyali Amavasya, another auspicious day during the month of Sawan, falls a day or two after Sawan Shivratri.

Shiva worship material

Actually, worshiping Lord Shiva requires a true heart and devotion. But by using some special materials during worship, you can become eligible for the special blessings of Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva should be worshiped according to Vedic rituals only. If you make any kind of mistake in worship, then its adverse effects can be seen. During the puja, you can eat pure desi ghee, five types of fruits, Panchmeva, flowers, holy water, Pancharas, Roli, Mauli, Gandha, Janeu, Panchmeva, silver, honey, gold, five types of sweets, Bilvapatra, Dhatura, Bhang, Mango. Manjari, cow’s milk, incense, camphor, sandalwood, makeup material of Maa Parvati, lamp, holy water, plum, perfume, Dakshina, cotton, barley bales, basil leaves etc. will be required.

Why is Shravan Amavasya important, know which rituals to perform on this day?

Mantras of Lord Shiva

  • Om Namah Shivay॥
  • Om Trimbakam Yajamahe Sugandhi Pushtivardhanam
  • Urvarukamiv Bandhanaan Mrityormukshiya Mamritat.
  • Om Tatpurushaya Vidmahe Mahadevaya Dhimahi
    Tanno Rudra: Prachodayat.

Become worthy of Shiva's blessings

The festival of Shivratri is celebrated on the Chaturdashi of Krishna Paksha of every month. Which is called monthly Shivratri. Shivratri has an important place among the main festivals of every month. Shravan Shivratri has more importance because the month of Shravan is favorite of Bholenath. This fast is very easy and effective to please Lord Shiva. It is believed that whoever worships Lord Shiva on this day, all his wishes are fulfilled.