The October Birthstone – Opal Stone

A class in themselves! Opal Gemstone, as a species, is so unique and royal. It is true because more than any other Gemstone, Opal Stones are distinctively unique and different, and each one of them. Opals are also known to be the most delicate of all the gemstones and require special care. They are translucent or opaque coloured. These opaque semi-precious stones are known to be the birthstone of the people born in October. Opal is known to bring love and happiness to the lives of its wearer.

The name “Opal” comes from the Latin word “opalus”, which means a “seeing jewel”. Another theory states that the word” Opal” comes from the Sanskrit term “Upala”, which means “a precious stone”. It is considered a very distinct and colourful stone.


Opal Gemstones: Let's Peep Into Formation and Sources

Opal stone is an old semi-precious stone. It is formed by filling up the cavities built in the sedimentary rocks or the veins made in the igneous rocks. A raw opal stone can form stalagmites or stalactites, and it can replace the organic built up in the fossil wood, shell or bone. This stone has been building up since dinosaurs used to walk on the face of the earth!

Opal Crystals are predominantly found in large chunks in Australia’s continent since the very beginning of the 19th Century. However, people find this semi-precious stone in the United States of America, Czechoslovakia, Brazil, Southern Africa and Mexico.

Opal Gemstones: The Palette Of Colours

The original Opal stone is predominantly a colourless semi-precious stone. However, finding such a natural and superior quality Opal stone is very rare. During the formation of the Opal Stone, the disseminated impurities generally impart in this rare gemstone various dull body of colours that looks like a Pallette of colours to the naked eye. Such colours could range from very pale whites to bright yellows and reds and pinks. Such a colourful palette is formed due to iron oxides, manganese oxides and organic carbon. A colour palette of Opal could also be found in the shades of black.

Opal Gemstone: The Origin In Ancient Folklore

Greeks of the ancient era believed that the Opal Stone came from the tears of the God Of Lightning, “Zeus”, after winning a battle against the Titans. His tears became Opal when they touched the surface of the earth.

According to Indian mythology, Opal was believed to be a “goddess of Rainbow” who transcended herself into a Stone to escape various other Gods’ advances.

As per Australian mythology, the continents’ traditional people believed that Opal was the “Rainbow Serpents” and used to fear this stone.

In ancient times Opal was revered as a stone of “Foresight”. The Greeks put their faith in this stone and considered that Opal stones could provide one with “deep insight”. During medieval times, women with fair hair used to adorn the Opal stones in their hair to protect them from losing their fair colour. This was true of the women from Scandinavia and Germany.

Many ancient cultures also associate this semi-precious gemstone with the “God of Love”, and it is considered a lucky stone for the one who wears it or possesses it.

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Opal Gemstone: Uncover The Health Benefits

This stone has the power to promote calmness and security. It is a helpful remedy to cure depression and stress. It is also quite beneficial for children who have trouble sleeping or have imaginary friends. It forms a protective shield against negative energy. Let us explore the various benefits of this magic stone.

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Physical Healing

A Real Opal is a very interesting stone associated with boosting strength and stamina. It is suitable for your skin, hair, eyes, nails and kidneys. It has benefits of water assimilation, retention and balancing of water levels in the body. Opal is also of immense help in removing any infections and cleaning and purifying the kidney and the blood. Its physical healing attributes include reducing fever, regulating insulin production and boosting memory functions. It is supportive in hormone production, PMS, menopause and during childbirth.

Emotional Healing

The Opal stone or Natural Opal is a tremendous emotional support stone. Its dynamic healing properties are often associated with desire, erotism, sexuality, love and passion. Wearing this stone will make you more sensual. You can live in harmony with your emotions and fall in love with life! Wearing this semi-precious stone will give you a good boost of optimistic vibrations.

Spiritual Healing

The spiritual and Metaphysical healing attributes of this gemstone are associated with bringing about awareness and spiritualism in its wearers’ lives. Wearing this gemstone can invoke insight, enhance conscientiousness, intuition, psychic abilities and visions. Opal is one of the best stones for availing the guidance of light. It can attract cosmic energy and bring about ease while communicating with the divine.

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Opal Gemstone: The Instructions To Care

Opal Stones are delicate. However, they are all the more worthy of all the extra care! Given their fabulous healing properties, they are pretty sensitive to temperature changes and can easily crack or “craze” when dehydrated. Opals that are kept in water must be dried thoroughly before cutting. Opal jewellery might at times become dull white and colourless because of the scratches on the surface of the gem. A repolishing treatment should be enough to bring back its lustre.

Opal Gemstone: Let's End Here

There is no doubt about the fact that this Gem aids in bringing balance to one’s life and build trust in life and dealings and release any fear and anxiety. Wearing an Opal Crystal is also considered to bring about improved relationships in personal and professional life. If you want to grow in all the spheres of your life, we suggest you invest in an Opal Semi-Precious Gemstone. But do this after having an elaborate discussion with your astrologer.