The Multipurpose Camphor Incense Stick

India is a land of age-old traditions. It is a land of devis and devtas, who are believed to have mystical powers to bless the people on Earth. India is also a country that believes in the energies that the planets possess. It is believed that every creature, alive or dead is under the influence of planetary energy as well as elemental energy. And all the planets are ruled by a God.

To enhance the strengths of the planet or to reduce its malefic influence of it, Vedic astrology recommends performing Graha Shanti Puja or some other astrological remedies. Whatever puja or remedy one follows, one thing remains constant in it – the use of incense stick and camphor. Both the camphor and incense sticks are considered sacred and important puja items.

In case, if you need an astrological remedy, perform personalised live puja as recommended by your astrologer.

Incense sticks or agarbattis are one of the essential pooja items or samagri needed to conclude a prayer. It is also important for the rituals to be effective as required. In India, incense sticks play a significant role in all rituals. Any sort of pooja is considered incomplete if the incense stick is absent. So, to have the maximum benefit of all the poojas, one has a variety of incense sticks to choose from. One of the most favourites of many people is the Camphor Incense Stick. Let us try to grab some knowledge on Camphor incense stick and its significance and also understand what makes it an all-time favourite of all.

Camphor Incense Stick: Removes Kaal Sarp Dosha

Vedic astrology is laid a lot of stress on the use of Camphor as it wards off negativity from a place. There are many other significant benefits of lighting camphor during any ritual or even daily prayers at home or office. But in case, you are unable to get camphor, having a camphor incense stick will also yield the same result.

Lighting the camphor incense stick at the time of puja, helps in reducing the effect of Kaal Sarpa Yoga that is formed due to an unfavourable planetary position. It is also helpful in dealing with the stress the native faces due to Pitru Dosha.

Camphor Incense Stick: Ward Off Vastu Dosha

One of the prominent roles of camphor incense stick is to reduce the negative impact of the Vastu Dosha. While constructing any building or apartment, if the Vastu gets disturbed, it may result in the settling of negative forces in and around the area. This negative energy creates obstacles in the way of success and happiness. But if the resident of that place uses the camphor incense stick every day during the daily prayer offerings, the Vastu Dosha can be nullified. This will attract positive energy and happiness.

Camphor Incense Sticks: Other Crucial Advantages

Illuminating camphor incense stick during evening prayers helps in washing out all the negativity from the home or office that had dropped in through the day. The practice of lighting the camphor incense stick can also help the people of that place to prosper and gain wisdom.

The use of camphor incense sticks reduces the risk of accidents and death caused by accidents. If a camphor incense stick is lit every evening after reciting Hanuman Chalisa, it builds a protective shield around the worshiper and his/her family. This keeps the entire family safe from any sort of accident.

The camphor incense stick helps one enjoy sound sleep as it keeps the person away from any nightmares. Camphor incense stick also helps in harmonising strenuous relationships. It also helps a person earn a fortune. Having said that, it is noteworthy that the use of camphor incense sticks helps in controlling the desire to spend money with an open hand. You can feel the aroma by grabbing Camphor Incense Sticks from MyPandit.

The strong fragrance of the camphor incense stick keeps our mind rejuvenated as it cleanses the blood and air. It keeps insects away from the place, and it is a known fact that insects are harbingers of negativity and diseases. One of the best uses of camphor incense stick is treating cold and cough in children.

The Ending Note

So, we saw that camphor incense sticks are not only valued in astrology, it has equal spiritual and medicinal importance. The aroma of the camphor incense stick leaves us refreshed and relaxed. However, if you need more relaxation from your life problems, talk to astrologers for solutions.