Om Incense Sticks – The Inestimable Food For Your Soul

Om Incense Sticks – The Inestimable Food For Your Soul

Om is the sound of existence and life. It is the most sacred and auspicious sound majorly used in almost all mantras. As the name suggests very aptly, Om Agarbatti is one of the best incense that you can have for your homes, offices, temples, gardens, etc.

Om Agarbatti is traditionally manufactured in India using pure and natural components such as herbs, gums, resins, flower extracts, sandalwood, essential aromatic oils, and honey. They can be used for aromatherapy, yoga, meditation, healing, soothing, worship, and romance.

The decision of bringing home the sweet-smelling Om Agarbatti may help you alleviate chaos, quarrels, bad luck, odour, and disease from your life.

Benefits Of Om Incense Sticks

We all have a sacred or worshipping space in our homes where we find peace spending time. This belief spot gives us hope and sanctity, especially at times of crisis. Lighting up Om incense sticks would help you create the perfect and peaceful ambience for worshipping god. For some of us, this is the time when we are in close association with our inner selves, and anything that might trigger this peaceful state of mind should be practised as a ritual without fail.

When there is fragrance or purity in the air, you tend to breathe deeper than usual. This deep breathing normalises your blood pressure and heart rate and makes you feel pleasant. This helps you take care of anxiety, panic attacks, insomnia, depression, and foul odour, which may also be caused by inadequate oxygen supply to the lungs due to shallow breathing. Om incense sticks have a unique fragrance that can enhance your breath quality.

Om incense sticks are made from natural ingredients, so no harmful chemical is used. Sometimes chemicals in the incense may have a tendency to trigger allergic reactions like stuffy nose and teary eyes for allergic or asthmatic patients. Om incense sticks are hand-made organic incense.

It is a proven fact that when a human mind is in a relaxed state, it is at its creative best. An ambience filled with the sweet aroma of Om incense sticks would surely enhance creativity.

With regular use of Om incense sticks, you will gradually but surely turn into a peaceful being, as once you taste the peace of mind and tranquillity, you would just get addicted to it and would do anything in your reach to experience peace of mind more often as that might be considered as the food of the soul.

Every morning when you go out to work, you are bound to be influenced by so many circumstances and human beings. As it is proven that every one of us has an aura, and we exchange auras when we interact with each other; so arguably, it is out of your control what vibrations you pick up and get affected with. In this scenario, starting your day with one of the various aromas of Om incense sticks may fill you with an abundance of positivity and optimism, irrespective of all the negativity around.

Om incense sticks are energised by experienced Pundits, so they help to exude harmony and peace and transform the atmosphere.

If you look at the history of incense sticks, one of the reasons apart from fragrance was the smoke that got rid of the bugs, mosquitoes, flies, airborne bacteria and organisms and cleaned the environment. Hence, Om incense helps purify the atmosphere.

Om incense sticks are made with such precision that every incense burns for around 40 minutes. This might also be used as an alarm or timekeeping while doing meditation or sparing 40 minutes for yourself to just relax.

And So

What if someone told you that a fragrance-filled air that can benefit and heal your mind, body, and soul is just a click away, and you also have the option of choosing fragrances like Jasmine, Rose, Lavender, Lotus, and Sandalwood?

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