Bhakut Dosh: Astrological Remedies For a Healthy, Happy and Stable Relationship

Bhakut Dosh: Astrological Remedies For a Healthy, Happy and Stable Relationship

Bhakoot plays a vital role during the birth chart matchmaking of a boy and a girl. It has been believed that Bhakoot Dosh is among one the defects in horoscopes that create hurdles in marriage. Bhakut in Kundli might create problems in marriage and married life as well. Bhakoot can be found during the matchmaking process. Bhakoot consists of a total of 7 points. Bhakoot in astrology is grounded on the Moon Sign. If you are looking for matchmaking through the birth chart, Ashtakoot Guna Milan becomes vital.

In addition to Bhakut meaning, Bhakut is located at the 2nd position at the top and 7th place from the bottom. According to Guna Milan norms, ‘Gunas’ in horoscopes do the job of matching the nuptial horoscope of a boy and a girl. Bhakoot Dosh harms married life and hence, it is very important to find out the Bhakut Dosh Nivaran for a happy and successful married life.

Bhakut in Kundli shows the compatibility of the couple during matchmaking for marriage. Bhakut shows a sense of stability, mutual understanding, good health, contentment, endurance, and prosperity for a happy and successful married life. According to Bhakut, the Moon is the ruler of all Rashis and affects the emotions like love, affection, and romance in the person’s horoscope.

The presence of Bhakut Dosh in Kundli might disturb the life of a married couple. Low chances of fertility, pregnancy, trouble in conceiving, and late pregnancies are some of the adverse Bhakoot dosha effects that might disturb the life of a couple.


Types of Bhakoot Dosh and Its Impact on Married Life

According to Vedic Astrology, there are three kinds of Bhakut Dosh. For each Moon Sign relationship, the Bhakoot Dosha effects act according to the horoscope of the native. Below are the details of Bhaku Doshas in different Moon Signs.

  • Navam Pancham Bhakoot Dosha appears when the Moon Signs are located to each other at an extent of nine or five positions.
  • Dwi Dwadash Bhakoot Dosha happens when the Lunar Signs are located at 2 or 12 positions.
  • Shadashtak Dosha occurs when Moon Sign is located at an extent of six or eight.

Most often Bhakoot dosha cancellation is done naturally in some Rashis. The pair of Taurus and Libra and Aries & Scorpio cancels Shadashtak Dosha while Dwi Dwasash gets cancelled by Capricorn & Aquarius.

Undesirable Impact of Bhakoot Dosha in Married Life

According to astrology, Bhakut Dosh might create serious circumstances in life. Though, these problems might not be severe but might create trouble in the married life of an individual. Separation, infertility. Financial issues and the death of a partner are some of the impacts that a person can notice who is suffering from Bhakut Dosha effects. An individual might also experience financial loss, unemployment, and instability among partners.

Bhakut in Kundli invites various issues in life. Let’s check below how Bhakut Dosh influences the marital life of an individual.

  • The couple might suffer from financial issues after their marriage. Either one of the partners might be completely reliant on his or her spouse in terms of finance and wealth. Even an individual might face a loss in business even after a hefty investment.
  • Late childbirth can be the cause due to Bhakut Dosh in Kundli. It might also cause discontent between partners.
  • Couples might face arguments and constant fights can spoil their relationship resulting in divorce.
  • Another adverse Bhakoot Dosh effect is the death of a partner. This can be caused when Bhakut in Kundli adjoins with other malefic planets. If Shadashtak Dosha appears in the birth chart, it might cause the death of one or both the partners
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Effective Remedies to Eliminate Bhakut Dosh in Kundali

Bhakut Dosh remedies are the best way to eliminate dosha in the life of a married couple. The presence of Bhauk Dosh might end up in separation and give rise to various other unexpected problems in marital life. Bhakut Dosh cancellation would be beneficial for you as it might help you in reducing numerous unwelcomed and undesirable circumstances in your individual life.

Though we can try to eliminate Bhakut Dosh in our life. It can be reduced but it doesn’t disappear completely. Still, certain remedies can be performed with the help of Astrology specialists. This might help in lessening the negative effect of the dosh.
Bhakoot Dosha’s effect doesn’t completely vanish.

However, there are Remedies for it that one can perform religiously and under the guidance of Expert Astrologers.

Below given are some of the effective Bhakut Dosh remedies required to reduce the negative effect of dosh.

  • Pooja for Bhakut Dosh can be done under the guidance of an expert astrologer.
  • Recitation of Mahamrityunjaya Mantra. You can also opt for Havan puja.
  • Wear gemstone rights and pendants as recommended by your astrologer as a Dosha remedy.

Apart from the above, there are numerous remedies that you can follow according to the Bhakut Dosh remedies after marriage norms. Yantra, Mantras, Havans, and pujas are the best remedies to cure the bad effects of Bhakut Dosh. As we know that both Yantra and Mantra are quite expensive. Hence, Bhakoot Shanti Puja should be performed.

When Bhakut dosh occurs in Kundli and adjoins with other doshas like Nadi Dosh, it might result in serious consequences in the life of natives. Hence, it has become compulsory to opt for remedies like Bhakoot Shanti Puja for a happy and stable married life.

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Cancellation of Dosha during Match Making Before Marriage

As per Indian astrology norms, the matching making of horoscopes plays a significant role in knowing the compatibility among couples. Due to the occurrence of specific circumstances in horoscopes, Doshas get cancelled.
According to Indian astrology, Guna Milan is an important method of matchmaking horoscopes. Guna Milan or “Comparison of Qualities” depends on the eight aspects and each is determined by different points. There are 36 points that should be matched to fix a marriage. A score of 20 or above is eligible for marriage.
Below given are circumstances where each Dosha gets void:

Dosha Cancellation Varna
If Guna is showing a score of 1 point and Varna doesn’t seem identical, this might cause dosha in horoscopes. This dosha might get cancelled or void under the below-given circumstances:

If the Moon Sign of both the couple has the same planet or the ruler of the Rashi is the same.
The dominant ruler of Navamsha of the couple might be the same planet or mutual friends.

The Varna of the male is superior to the female.

Dosha Cancellation Vashya

The score of this Guna is 2 points and causes minor dosha if the Varna doesn’t match. Dosh cancellation happens when the below circumstances are found satisfactory:

The Moon Sign of both the associates has the same ruling planet. Either the ruling planets are mutual planets.
The ruler of Navamsha of both the associates has common planets or the same friendly stars.

The Bhakoot Dosha cancellation happens when the Yoni is totally matched with the other partner.

Doshas Cancellation Tara

A minor dosha might appear if Tara is not matched with the partner. This Guna shows 3 points and stands void under the following circumstances:

The Rashi of both partners has the same ruling planet.
The ruler of Navamsha of both the associates has common planets or the same friendly stars.

Doshas Cancellation Yoni

This Guna is the carrier of 4 points. The Yoni Dosha appears void under the bellowing conditions:

If both the associates have the same Rashi or the ruling planets are mutual friends.
If the Navamsa has the same ruling planet.
Vashyaguna should at least carry 1 point and
The absence of Bhakut Dosh in the birth chart.

Dosha Cancellation Greha Maitri

There are 5 points carried by this Guna. The dosha occurs due to disparity among couples and might get cancelled under the following situation:

The ruler of Navamsha of both the associates has common planets or the same friendly stars.
Absence of Bhakoot Dosha.
Both the associates have the same constellation but have different Moon Signs.

Doshas Cancellation Gunas

This Guna is the carrier of 6 points. Due to Mahadosha in the horoscope, this dosha stands void under certain circumstances:

If the total points in the birth chart of a girl are more than the boy.
If the ruler of the Rashis has the same planet and stars.
The ruler of Navamsha of both the associates has common planets or the same friendly stars.
Absence of Bhakoot Dosha in the birth chart.
Both the associates have the same constellation but have different Moon Signs.

Doshas Cancellation Bhakoot

This Guna is the carrier of 7 points. If the Guna doesn’t match then it is regarded as Mahadosha in the Kundali. Though, Bhakut Dosh in Kundli stands null if any of the below circumstances do exist:

If the owner of both the Rashis and Navamsha have common planetary positions or mutual friends.
If the Naadiguna of both partners is matching.

Doshas Cancellation Naadi

This Guna is the carrier of 8 points. Mismatching of Gunas is considered as Mahadosha and the dosha gets null under the following circumstances:

  • If both the partners have different stars but the same Rashis.
  • If both partners have the same stars but different Rashis.
  • If both the partners have the same stars but different Charans

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The impacts of Bhakut Dosh act differently in different birth charts based on the planetary movements and positions in their horoscope. The amalgamation of Bhakut Dosh in kundali with other defects such as Nadi Dosha, Gana Dosha, and Griha Maitri. The negative impacts of Bhakut Doshas cannot be seen promptly. It acts slowly but steadily and spoils the married life of individuals.

The Bhakut Doshas can be cured and most of the time it is treatable. Hence, you need not worry much about the after-effects of this dosha. The couple who is looking for Bhakoot Dosha remedies after marriage should consult our Astrological Experts. The experts might suggest the best remedies in the form of Puja, donations, charities, Yantra and Mantras. These could help in lessening the influence or impact of Bhakut Dosh and other astrological defects. If the couples follow the guidelines as prescribed by the Astrological Experts, they can lead a healthy, happy and sturdy relationship.

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