10th House Astrology: What does it Represents in Vedic astrology?

10th House Astrology: What does it Represents in Vedic astrology?

The 10th house in astrology stands for social status and professional life prospects. It is primarily associated with your career growth, achievements, reputation, recognition, and self-responsibilities. This house may also help you to polish your self-image, and you may expand your social circle. If an auspicious planet occupies this house, you may improve your previously spoiled relations with your friends and families. It also signifies your work and responsibilities in your day-to-day life. The planets and signs holding the 10th house will determine the direction of your professional life.

This tenth house of astrology may throw light on our ambitions and interest in the specific field. It will also relate to your mother’s emotions when she was holding you in the womb. This house gives us an idea about your social status and position in society. Analysing this house, you may unwrap your career-related choices or get insights for your first job after completing your graduation.

Besides, the 10th house may help you do obligations and planning. It also relates to the areas of politics and employment industries. And therefore, a strong 10th house is often found in the birth chart of ministers or a native associated with politics. Alright then, let us find out what Astro experts say about the 10th house.

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Significance Of The 10th House

The 10th house in Vedic astrology holds sheer importance in the native’s life. According to Vedic Astrology, the 10th house is called ‘Karmasthana’, which refers to the house of profession and career. In the zodiac circle, the 10th house is owned by the Capricorn sign. This house may unfold the struggling phase of your career. The 10th house of a horoscope may help you learn about the ups and downs in your profession.

If the lord of the Lagna house is present in the 10th house, you are likely to develop your own business. If there is a conjunction of benefic planets, it may determine the business field, in which you may get success. The planets like Sun and Saturn give you positive results in the house of profession. The Sun can guide you to the correct path of your career success, while the lord of the ring can sharpen your image in society.

This house of career and profession is considered the strongest among all Kendra houses. It may reveal your desire to rise high and various aspects surrounding your occupation. This house denotes the relations with your seniors or colleagues. Also, it helps you know whether you will get a promotion or not in your current job.

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What Does The 10th House Represent?

  • Professional life
  • Career goals
  • Higher studies
  • Job
  • Interest in studies
  • Preferred field
  • Social status
  • Self-image
  • Income
  • Working attitude

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What Body Part Does The 10th House Rule?

The 10th house represents the lower part of the individual’s body. It is associated with the knee, hips, leg bones and knee joints. Other than that, if the 10th house is weak in the native’s Kundali, it signifies skin diseases, allergies, and an emaciated body. This house plays a vital role for natives who are undergoing knee surgery or muscular treatments.

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The Role Of Zodiac Signs In The 10th House

The zodiac sign present in the 10th house will give us an idea about the strength of this house. If the 10th house is in exalted sign, it may give you favourable outcomes. Or, if there is a presence of the debilitated sign, you may not get benefits from the house of profession. Now, moving on to know the role of signs in the 10th house.

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The 10th house in the Aries Sign

Natives having Aries sign in their 10th house are likely to concentrate on their career goals. You would be keen to accomplish them in order to build a successful career. You may develop an ability to choose the correct path of success. In this process, you may like to work independently. And because of your qualities, you may finish your work target before the deadline.

This can-do attitude to your work may inspire others to follow your footsteps. This combination of Aries and the 10th house may guide you to a higher position in your professional field. It signifies your desire to achieve something big in your career. And to fulfil your wishes you are willing to work hard.

The 10th house in the Tauras Sign

The presence of the bull in the house of profession indicates that native’s may crave sensual pleasure from their partner. If Venus is sitting in the 10th house of Taurus, you may get proper tuning and a successful intimate relationship. Besides, this position of Taurus in the 10th house states that you may get favourable results in water activities or the banking sector.

However, this combination may make you stubborn and resistant. Thus, you may not find interest in learning new things. Here, you should stick to the planned strategies in your work to dig success in your professional field. You may get lazy and tired if there is extra work responsibility on your shoulder. It is advisable that you should avoid such a thing and put more efforts into it.

The 10th house in the Gemini Sign

Individuals with Gemini sign in the 10th house are likely to be talkative as they want others to hear their opinions and ideas. You may like to share your thoughts, or you may lend support in the group projects. While doing so, you make sure you got the information correct. You may not care about other’s views, but you may develop more contacts in your field.

You may have multi-tasking ability or may have a solution for every problem. You may develop a successful career in the networking or the telecommunication sector. If your opinions fail to consider, you may be unable to progress, or you may delay in finishing your work.

The 10th house in the Cancer Sign

Individuals with Cancer sign in 10th house may inspire the native to develop their own business. You can earn a good profit via family business. You may stay busy with your family life as you want to spend more time with children or loved ones. Female natives having this combination in their natal chart are likely to work from home or start a business with their parents.

The combination of Cancer and 10th house works well for you as it motivates you to look forward in life. You may give priority to your career goals. You will be emotional and intelligent while chasing success. If you allow yourself to play with feelings, you may completely lose your focus from productivity. As a result, It may impact your wealth.

The 10th house in the Leo Sign

If the 10th house is marking the presence of the Leo sign, natives are good at managing tasks. You will be keen to show your strength to others by handling complex work assignments. This position of Leo in the house of profession enhances your confidence level. You could be a perfect leader by marking your dominance in every field.

With the placement of Leo at the 10th house, your creativity and performance may get recognised by your seniors. This position denotes that you may progress towards career success at a slow rate. Mostly, you may do a great job in the field of arts or finance. You will be proud of yourself for your achievements and accomplishments. This combination may found in the birth charts of well-known actors or celebrities.

The 10th house in the Virgo Sign

The 10th house of Virgo sign indicates that natives may experience ups and downs while running behind their career goals. You are likely to be judgmental, which may distract your focus from making the desired progress. But this doesn’t mean that you are not dedicated to your work. This combination may bring positive results if you pursue your career in the field of writing, literature or journalism.

In regards to your professional field, this house of Virgo represents that you may complete your work efficiently and accurately. On the other hand, you may get bored if you don’t get the work of your choice. That’s why you choose conventional jobs at nearby workplaces. Apart from this, the Virgo sign placed in the 10th house suggests that you could be an organiser or good caretaker of pet animals.

The 10th house in the Libra Sign

The house of profession in the Libra sign determines the native’s preferred field of work. If you have a debilitated Sun in the 10th house of Libra, it may have a negative impact on your personality. This position of Libra and 10th house determines your search for your life partner. In regards to your professional life, you may seek equal contribution of others in order to complete the work targets.

You may not work in your choice of the field but may dig out success in your professional life. Natives associated with small business may join hands with other partners to expand their work. You may get positive results in the field of law and justice, arts or fashion industry. This combination indicates that you may take longer than usual in finding your soulmate.

The 10th house in the Scorpio Sign

Individuals having the 10th house occupied by the Scorpio sign may accomplish professional goals. You are strong enough to tackle hurdles in your way. If you recognise your inner strength, it would be easier for you to chase your goals. Considering these qualities, you may have a chance to develop your career as a researcher, scientists or psychologists.

Furthermore, you have an excellent abilities to work under pressure. Also, you are ever ready to deal with tough times. This defines how fully you dedicate yourself to get things done. If there is a presence of strong Mars in the 10th house of Scorpio, you may achieve desired success in your chosen field. But it won’t be easy as others may not offer the necessary support to you.

The 10th house in the Sagittarius Sign

Natives with the Sagittarius sign may go miles away from their home to accomplish their goals. You may tend to work in an international company. And therefore, you may visit a foreign land. If the Sagittarius sign occupies the 10th house, you are likley to waste time overthinking. This may extend your time to fulfil your ambitions.

This combo of Sagittarius and the 10th house demonstrates that you may possess broad knowledge and a philosophical bent in mind. This Fire sign present in the Earth house indicates that you are productive in many ways. And it may help you to achieve wealth and prosperity.

The 10th house in the Capricorn Sign

If you have Capricorn sign in the 10th house, you are likely to make wrong decisions and bad choices. You may feel guilty for your past mistakes, and this may lead you to have money debts. You may have a struggling phase in the initial stages, but later, you may make remarkable progress in life. If you give extra efforts, you may achieve newer heights in your career. And if you succeed to do so, others may get jealous of you.

The 10th house and  Capricorn is a good combination that offers you a sense of choosing right or wrong whenever you feel stranded in your path. However, if you succeed to clear hurdles from your way, you may achieve your long term strategic target. Overall, this house of Capricorn seems to be success-driven and goal-oriented for you.

The 10th house in the Aquarius Sign

The Aquarius sign present in the 10th house may help you develop an analytical mind. It may sharpen your thoughts and ideas as well. You may participate in the teamwork to share your knowledge. Your visionary ideas and calculating mind may help your team to accomplish the work on time. Besides, you may need to be attentive to your daily life.

If Saturn and Uranus favourably placed in the 10th house, you are likely to be open-minded and intuitive. You may establish more contact to expand your social circle. Moreover, you may carry a positive mindset and easy-going attitude. Also, you are not scared to try new things.

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The 10th house in the Pisces Sign

The individuals with the 10th house of Pisces sign are likely to get stranded while making career-related decisions. You may get frustrated and emotional, which may hamper your professional life. The Pisces sign of the 10th house may help you incline towards spiritual growth in life. You may create room for obligations and excuses while completing your work as you may not consider it important.

Generally, this combination of Pisces and the 10th house may found in the birth charts of musician or artists. You may only succeed in the work related to your field or if you find it interesting. Otherwise, you are too lazy to make progress in your career growth. It is possible that you may have only one goal in your life, and to achieve it, you may go by unrighteous means.

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Influence of Different Planets in the 10th House

Sun in the 10th house

If the Sun is present in the 10th house, you may find it easy to grab career opportunities. You may share your success story with your family. Also, you may spend quality time with your family members too. You are likely to possess leadership qualities and managerial skills.

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Moon in the 10th house

The favourably-placed Moon in the 10th house may help you earn fame, respect, and honour in society. You may invest more energy in chasing your career goals. If there is a debilitated Moon in the 10th house, it may delay your success in professional life.

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Jupiter in the 10th house

The benevolent Jupiter of the 10th house may bless you with wisdom and knowledge. You are likely to be a generous and kind-hearted person. With this placement of Jupiter, you may grab the higher position in your office. Also, the 10th house Jupiter endows you with the ability to overcome challenging phases.

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Saturn in the 10th house

The lord of rings placed at the 10th house means that you may get more job responsibilities at your workplace. On the one hand, you may have more challenges while, on the other hand, you may deal with anxiety and depression. In this process, you may forget about your real work targets.

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Mars in the 10th house

The red planet Mars in the house of profession may bestow working abilities and an optimistic approach towards your life. This Mars of the 10th house will be effective on your professional front. You may receive proper recognition and appreciation from your boss or head of the department.

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Mercury in the 10th house

The 10th house Mercury may bless you with communication skills. It may help you remove speech-related problems. You may have stable financial growth but, you may also have unnecessary expenditure. You may develop your career in writing or publishing.

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Venus in the 10th house

The combination of Venus and the 10th house will make sure you achieve a good social position. With this placement, you could be the centre of attention. Individuals with Venus in the 10th house will be good at organising events and making new contacts.

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Rahu and Ketu in the 10th house

The malefic Rahu of the 10th house may help earn monetary gains by the unrighteous ways. It may send you far away from your native’s place. Whereas Ketu may disturb peace and happiness in your family. Due to this shadow planet, you may face health troubles.

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In a Nutshell

Before we put an end to today’s interesting blog, let us rewind the elements of the tenth house we understood. We found that the 10th House Astrology is an important aspect of individual’s horoscope. Also, we got to know about the results of 12 zodiac signs in the 10th house. Then, we learned about the effects of different planets in the 10th house. Overall, the 10th house plays a significant role in our career and professional growth.

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