How To Perform Guru Ketu Chandal Puja?

Guru Chandal dosh is formed when Ketu or Rahu is associated with Jupiter in an individual’s birth chart. The key planet of this dosha is Jupiter or Guru. Therefore, Chandal dosha is also known as Guru Chandal dosh, which is known for giving bad results for its natives. On the flip side, natives may receive favourable outcomes if Ketu and Jupiter are placed in the favourable position in the natal chart. Let us dive in detail about this yoga and Guru Ketu Chandal Puja.

What is Guru Ketu Chandal Yoga?

In Vedic astrology, the planet Jupiter is the most benefic planet. If Jupiter or Guru is strong in the natal chart, the native will be very generous, kind and soft-spoken. Guru is actually very auspicious, and its influence will make the native a ruler or spiritual leader. If a woman has the influence of Jupiter in her horoscope, she can be religious along with being a good wife, mother and daughter-in-law. In the same way, male natives would be ethical and righteous. They can be perfect husbands, and they may not engage in any disputes that are caused by others.

Female natives may also have independent nature and power and are self-made. They never depend on anyone even to move the big hills. However, male natives may be disloyal to spouses if they have the Guru Ketu Chandal dosha. But, this may get resolved by performing Guru Chandal Dosh Nivaran Puja, which assists you in restoring happiness in life. Rahu females are very cleanliness-oriented personalities, plus they love to make their space planned and organised. They want a luxurious life and spend more time shopping. When the dosha prevails in the horoscope, it makes the native selfish and pessimistic. Interestingly, they don’t miss any chance to flirt with anyone they meet in their life.

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The Effect Of Guru Chandal Yoga

  • Rahu and Guru’s combination is very malefic, and hence the positive or negative outcomes are based on the placement of Jupiter.
  • The intensity of Guru Chandal effects depends on the Rahu and Jupiter’s position in various houses of the horoscope.
  • The natives may face issues in completing their education and also, they would have a hard time focusing on their studies and struggle in acquiring success.
  • The financial status of the natives may be affected. They may not get any money for their needs too.
  • The career aspect seems to be unstable for the natives, and may switch jobs frequently.
  • Natives may not be able to make important decisions every time.
  • Various health issues will haunt the native if Jupiter is positioned in a bad house in the natal chart.
  • The native may have issues with their father, mother and other family members.
  • It might be quite difficult to excel in the profession due to their adamant and stubborn nature.

Guru Chandal Yog Remedies

  • According to Guru Chandal Yog Remedial scriptures, you can overcome Guru Chandal Yog through Chandal Yoga Nivaran Puja.
  • Pray to Lord Vishnu with devotion; there are high chances of nullifying the effects of dosha.
  • Another remedy is to perform Chandal Yoga Nivaran puja. Approach a qualified and trained pandit to conduct this puja.
  • Also, reciting mantras with rudraksha beads can help reduce the negative effects of Guru, Rahu and Ketu.
  • If your horoscope has the guru Chandal yoga, you should perform homa for the planet guru.
  • Pray to Lord Ganesh during the puja time to reduce the malefic effects of Guru dosha.
  • As a remedy, you can feed animals and birds daily, respect your parents and elderly people, and worship Goddess Bagalamukhi daily.

How To Perform Guru Ketu Chandal Dosha Puja?

As mentioned above, the guru Ketu Chandal dosha forms when the guru sits with Rahu or Ketu. Jupiter or Guru signifies wealth, education, happiness, knowledge, and self-confidence. The dosha in the horoscope creates disturbances in financial status and education, resulting in the lack of taking proper decisions at the right time. Due to the dosha, you may feel that your efforts are in vain, and you might undergo various personal, social and professional issues. If a person has this dosha, it may be very difficult to lead a happy life without performing a puja.

Guru Ketu Chandal Puja is performed to reduce the bad effects of Chandal dosha. Through this puja, the native person can overcome the issues and lead a better life. Consult an expert astrologer to see if you have this dosha in your horoscope. If it is present, then it is advisable to do the puja at the earliest during your nearest birth star or on appropriate muhurtams by a qualified pandit.

Professional pandits perform this puja by chanting various mantras for the weak planets and to reduce the bad results. Usually, such pujas will be performed in front of Agni.

Guru Ketu Chandal Dosh Puja includes the following processes:

  • Ganesha puja
  • Navagraha puja
  • Kalash puja
  • Deep Prajwalan
  • 18000 Rahu Mantra Jaap or 17000 Ketu Mantra Jaap as per your individual Yoga in the horoscope
  • Puja things
  • Homam
  • Items of Rahu or Ketu to donate
  • Guru Puja
  • Dakshina of Brahmins

Wrapping up

We understood the effects of Guru Ketu Chandal dosha in one’s life if it is present in the horoscope. Those who are dealing with such dosha can organise this dosha nivaran puja. You can also talk to our expert astrologer if you have any doubts.