Benefits Of Guru Rahu Chandal Dosha Puja

Chandal dosh is formed when Rahu or Ketu is placed along with the planet Jupiter in the same house of the birth chart. Chandal dosha is also known as Guru Rahu Chandal Dosha. Guru is the Vedic name of Jupiter, and hence the name was formed. In some cases, Jupiter will be beneficial when Rahu or Ketu are in good positions. Otherwise, it may not give its blessings to you. Let us understand in detail whether it is auspicious or inauspicious yoga?

Guru Rahu Chandal Dosha Puja: The Dosha Which It Solves

Guru is known as the planet Jupiter and Rahu and Ketu are considered as the demons. Thus, a combined effect would make Jupiter also the bad one, and hence the Chandal dosha or Guru Rahu Chandal dosh is formed.

If Jupiter is placed along with Rahu or Ketu in the first house of a person’s horoscope, Guru Chandal Dosha is formed. This means Jupiter is not strong. It results in illegal activities, immoral deeds and corruption matters by the native. Jupiter in the first house with an aspect with Ketu or Rahu and is present in the ninth house or fifth house will result in the Rahu Chandal Yog. This is because of the strong Jupiter in the horoscope. This would help the native to lead a spiritual and happy life.

According to Vedic Astrology, an individual with Guru Chandal Dosha will be affected by the ill effects in life. But to form this dosha, the horoscope must have malefic planets. This means Rahu is affecting Jupiter in a particular house, then Rahu is not good. It is the same as in the case of Ketu also.

If you are haunted by Guru Chandal Dosha, talk to astrologers for the solution.

Guru Rahu Chandal Dosha Puja: Is Chandal Yog Good or Bad?

  • When Jupiter and Rahu get combined, it gives malefic results. But it completely depends on the strength of Jupiter.
  • However Chandal Dosh is consistently inauspicious, yet the combination of different planets additionally assume a significant part to impact the positive or adverse consequences of this Dosha.
  • The impacts of the Chandal Dosha: This dosha carries tons of issues to an individual, and coming up next are some normal sick impacts of Chandal Dosha.
  • The individual may confront troubles in finishing his/her education.
  • The individual loses significant peace of mind and fixation which debases his/her dynamic force.
  • Disturbed psyche causes instability in vocation and the individual loses or changes employment in a brief period.
  • Dosha makes an individual slanted to enjoy socially and ethically untrustworthy activities.
  • The individual may fall into awful organization and take part in indecent, unlawful activities.
  • The individual turns out to be so free and obstinate that makes it hard for different individuals from his/her family to live with him.
  • The individual would consistently encounter a financial crisis and issues in saving money.
  • The individual makes different careless choices that draw at serious risks, mishaps or wounds.
  • The placement of Jupiter in an unfavourable house may negatively influence your health.

If you are afflicted by weak Jupiter, book Guru Grah Shanti Puja as a remedy.

How Badly Chandal Dosha Can Effect An Individual?

An individual experiencing Chandal dosha could bear monetary misfortunes, ongoing wellbeing issues. He/she may not dominate at scholastics as it might be difficult to try and finish the education. Bliss and true serenity are nearly lost under a strong Chandal dosh. Offerings, reciting of slokas or mantras, performing puja are some of the healing estimates that are very successful in diminishing the effect of Chandal Dosha.

Guru Rahu Chandal Dosha Puja: The Rituals To Follow

If you have a question pondering, how can we overcome guru Chandal Yog? Yes, it is through Guru Chandal Dosha Puja and guru Rahu Chandal yog Nivaran yantra. Dosha Nivaran puja includes Kalash puja. Puja must also include puja to five important deities like Shiva, Ganesh, Matruka, Pradhan-devta and Navagraha. Pandits will chant the Guru mantra 19000 times and the Rahu mantra for 18000 in a day. This is known as the beej mantra. Homam is performed with sesame, barley, ghee and other materials to Jupiter and Rahu to remove Chandal dosha in your natal chart. Yagya or homa removes the ill effects of Chandal dosha easily. In order to get maximum positive results, the puja must be performed in the auspicious muhurat or on Thursday and Wednesday.

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Guru Rahu Chandal Dosha Puja: Unleash The Varied Benefits

Below are the major advantages of organizing Guru Rahu Chandal Dosha Puja

  • It wipes out the negative influence of Chandal Dosha
  • It saves the native from taking unethical decisions
  • Reduce obstacles from career path
  • It helps you resolve marriage life issues
  • You may boost concentration and decision-making power
  • One can have desired financial status
  • It Inculcate moral values and helps to be more optimistic

Guru Rahu Chandal Dosha Puja: The Ending Note

If there is a combination of the planet Jupiter with Rahu or Ketu, it forms Chandal Dosha in an individual’s horoscope. In any case, the good interaction of figuring the sort and energy of malefic outcomes is extremely important. An individual must approach an expert astrologer to know about Chandal Dosha and its healing measures. One can also check their horoscope in detail to know the existence of this Guru Rahu Chandal yog. It is advisable to perform puja under the expert’s guidance.