Numerology Types – Different Types of Numerology and Discover Your Life Path

Numerology Types – Different Types of Numerology and Discover Your Life Path

Numerology gives insight into your destiny by revealing hidden elements. Even though it is unconfirmed, Chaldean numerology remains the root of all types of numerology. The difficulty of learning Chaldean numerology may explain its diminished popularity compared to Pythagorean and Kabbalistic systems. Among the most widely used systems of numerology today are Pythagorean and Kabbalah numerology.

Numerology is practised in a variety of ways throughout the world. In spite of the fact that different types of numerology have been practised for hundreds of years, it was only William John Warner, better known as Cheiro, who made it so popular during the last century.

One of the most renowned numerology types is Pythagorean numerology, which also refers to Western numerology as well as Modern numerology. In numerology, Pythagorean numerology is the most popular because it can be used to determine the character, time, etc.

In numerology, a prediction is derived from the number of people, and the roots of that analysis are traced back to the era of ancient civilizations like Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Egyptian, and Babylonian. Though the knowledge gained was not deep enough to get into the details, it assisted people to find some of their answers to their questions.

There was not only fascination for the common man in finding his answers in terms of numbers and names, but also mathematicians who, in those eras, were extensively studying this belief system in terms of numbers. It has been found that various Numerology types gained popularity as well due to the mystical connection between numbers and what is occurring around us.

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Numbers: Types and Interpretations

Numerology reading methods vary depending on the origins and the culture that influenced them. There are four types of numerology readings:

1.Western/Pythagorean Numerology
2.Chaldean Numerology
3.Tamil Numerology
4.Kabbalah Numerology

As per Numerology types, numbers can be interpreted in different ways based on the system’s interpretation. The way information is expressed in every numerology system is unique, distinct, and of very special significance that can give an individual a deeper understanding of their relationship with life.

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Pythagorean Numerology

As for types of numerology numbers, the numerology based on Pythagorean principles is also called Western numerology. By using the Pythagorean method (1-9), one can build an in-depth Numeroscope to discover a person’s personality traits and understanding what the results mean for them.

Many thousands of years ago, Pythagoras invented numerology types. . He was an early thinker and fan of numbers, a mathematician, mystic, and physicist in Greek culture.

Number theory holds that everything can be rationalized with mathematical calculations. Every number possesses energy and vibration that are either positive or negative, depending on how they are emphasized. Currently, this numerology types is mainly used in western countries, making it one of the more popular types.

Astrology, which links planets to numbers through the Pythagorean system (the Dasha system), predicts one’s future similarly, using the Pythagorean model. Numerology, however, uses the Pythagorean system differently.

Psychologists can use it not only to evaluate the circumstances of a person being passed through and to examine their mental, emotional, and spiritual makeup, but also to understand Numerology.

Pythagorean Numerology: Positive and Negative Energy

According to various numerology types, often people are interested in knowing whether they are compatible with some people or not. Not only are they romantic, but they also contribute to their relationships, family, community, and others.

It is important to evaluate the degree of harmony in people’s relationships by using the Pythagorean system as it provides such information.

It has both positive and negative meanings at the same time. The fact that your Life Path number matches that of another person doesn’t mean you are going to have harmonious relationships, because either you or the other person can manifest negative sides of the number.

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Chaldean Numerology

A complete Numeroscope of one’s life (detailed Number Chart) is not possible without analyzing various numerology types (mainly 1 to 52, with repetition thereafter), based on numbers 1-8 (holistic system).

Even if the Chaldean number system is effective at finding unlucky or lucky numbers, it does not offer a scientific, rational, holistic method that can be applied to daily life as this method is not holistic.

In his extensive research of the Chaldean and Kabbalah systems, Sethuraman found that Chaldean numerology was the only accurate system available among variable types of numerology readings. Considering 108 numbers in Chaldean numerology, Pandit Sethuraman is the world’s first to interpret those numbers.

Although this form of numerology is not as often used as other numerology types, it is well known for its accuracy when making predictions. A certain number produces vibrations, which lend the Chaldean Numerology its unique characteristics.

It is interesting to note that Chaldeans were also a tribe of people who lived in ancient Babylonia around the 10th century BC. Numerology is the science of representing the outer influences of a person and its inner aspects through its single digits.

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How Does Chaldean Numerology Work?

Using Chaldean Numerology types, the name of each person can be transformed into a number. Each number has a unique vibration. Numerology specializing in name vibrations ultimately follows the vibrations contained in a name. Next comes the difficult part: interpreting vibrations.

To illustrate, let’s consider the widely known name Beth. The first step is to determine the numerical value of this name. A special chart is available for this. To compare the letter to the number, we have B as 2, E as 5, T as 4, and H as 5. 16 is the sum of all the numbers. The number is a symbol of Beth’s influence.

For Numerology, it is common to simplify two- or three-digit numbers into one-digit values. The number 16 is reduced to 1+6 = 7. Beth, her footprint and image are characterized by this number according to how others see her.

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Chaldean Numbers and their Significance

Based on variable numerology types, each number is identified by a characteristic and has a meaning. One digit is easier to work with since the meaning is clearer and less vague, so the reader gets a deeper understanding of what the numbers are trying to convey.

0. There is no evidence of the person’s true talents yet. Nowadays, most things around you are fake, so you need to carefully watch your words and connections.
1. Self-reliant, confident, and capable of leading. It is the number of strengths.
2. The ability to adapt and be agile, inner equilibrium and unity.
3. Life is changing, circumstances are changing, there will be twists.
4. Strong mental focus, improved work performance, improved discipline.
5. A tendency to travel and boost creativity and a love of independence.
6. A brilliant tutor or consultant. There are a lot of important activities in life.
7. A person who is dependable and smart and has strong moral values.
8. A highly motivated, goal-oriented, and robust individual seeking financial stability.

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Tamil Numerology

Originally from the Tamil region of India, Tamil numerology, also known as Indian numerology is one of the oldest numerology types in ancient history. There are three conglomerated digits in it. Listed below are the following:

In order to calculate this number, you need to know your date of birth. Individuals’ beliefs, perceptions, and characteristics make up their self-perceptions. Apart from how a person handles other people, it also refers to his own capabilities.

According to the equation, the psychic number 9 follows 1+8 + 9 if the birthdate is 18 June. Psychic number nine belongs to this individual.

Generally, numerology types are referred to as the science of numbers. The word numerology derives from the Latin number ‘numerous and the Greek word logos, meaning ‘words, thought, and expression’.

The study and art of numerology reveal one’s potentiality and nature by providing a deep understanding of the individual and their life’s path, based on their deeper attributes and temperament.

A detailed understanding of planetary attributes is also included in numerology, and those include mythology of the planets, the deities they represent, their movement in the sky, and the recommended pujas for aligning with the planets’ energies.

Kabbalah Numerology

Originally derived from Hebrew mystical science, Kabbalah numerology has a mystical quality. It is arguably one of the most famous types of numerology as well as the most widely used. There are different values associated with each alphabet here, and these values correspond to specific characteristics.

The different types of numerology methods enable people to discover and uncover their inner self, as well as acknowledge the characteristics they possess, and to have the courage to work on themselves to become better individuals.

Every word has an intuitively corresponding number based on numerology types. Based on Hebrew letters, Kabbalah numerology is a system that utilizes numerical values.

There is a significant difference between this system and the other two. In contrast to the other methods, the Kabbalah numerology method requires only the name of the individual in order to work.

A few Hollywood stars like Britney and Madonna helped this branch of numerology gain popularity. Kabbalah Numerology is the largest of all the branches of numerology. This word sounds like “Kabala”.

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How to Find A Kabbalah Number?

The Kabbalah number is determined by your first name. Your name needs a numerical value. Be sure to include the middle name in the calculation.

Add up the total. The number will have double digits, which you must divide by 9. After a whole number, there is a digit referred to as a remainder. You need to add 1 to your remainder to determine your Kabbalah number.

Let 42 be your numerical value. In this example, 42 is divided by 9 and 6 is the remainder. By adding 6+1 to your Kabbalah number, you will get 7.

If your remainder is 0, in cases such as 81 (the number is whole and has no remainder) add 1 to 0. In such cases, the Kabbalah number is 1.

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Kabbalah Numbers and their Meaning

Each Kabbalah number corresponds to a certain vibration or energy.
1 – Success.
1 – Development.
3 – Love.
5 – A bad luck.
5 – Innovation.
6 – Outcome.
6 – Life.
8 – The instinct.
9 – Good luck.

Final Thoughts

As per numerology types,, every system has its own pattern and identity, and each is unique. You will get good results if you adhere to them if you remain honest and believe. The numerology systems of different countries will differ according to their capabilities.

The Pythagorean numeral system has recently become more popular in modern times. Despite the low popularity of this system in previous days, many modern numerologists now see it as the most accurate.

Increasingly, numeric calculations are now done online. Numerologists that claim to be the best online numerologist can be found online.

To begin with, you must determine which numerology types they prescribe. We offer a free numerology calculator to help you discover types of numerology numbers and new information about yourself.

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