Kabbalah Numerology Meaning, Numbers, Chart & Reading

Kabbalah Numerology Meaning, Numbers, Chart & Reading

How come in the world the Kabbalah Numerology exists or wondering what is this all fuss about Kabbalah numerology, then just hold on. From helping you explain the world of kabbalah numbers, their energy and vibrations, along with deciphering their true identity, we get you through the mystic world of numbers of kabbalah. So, let’s walk you through the numbers world, where we help you dig deeper to understand Kabbalah Numerology.

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What is Kabbalah Numerology?

If you’re well-acquainted with Numerology, then Kabbalah numbers will not be a significant mathematical problem to solve. You are good to go. If not, brush up on your Numerology knowledge.

Kabbalah Numerology came into existence from the religion Judaism, and it has a lot of connection with mysticism. The foundation on which this Numerology of Kabbalah exists is relatively easy to understand. It says that all things in this world exist in the form of energy, frequency and vibrations – as once Nikole Tesla quoted. This form of energy is the primary source for the existence of life form on the blue planet – Earth. Similarly, all human creatures are also made up of energy and added to this, the names we carry also hold a certain ratio of energy.

Like numbers, planets also play a role in your life stages, and it is very well explained in astrology.

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Explanation of Kabbalah Numerology

When it comes to Kabbalah Numerology, compared to numbers, the names of the individuals or any living thing is given more importance. These alphabets have their source in the Hebrew alphabets. And for further calculations, looking into one’s birth name helps predict the future, helping to resolve challenges. Surprisingly, there also exists a new form of Kabbalah Numerology, which has its source in the Roman alphabets.

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Kabbalah Numbers Energies & Vibrations

As kabbalah numerology is connected with energies and vibrations, there comes into play different kinds of energies when it comes to calculating numbers of kabbalah. And, to name them –

  • Kether
  • Chokhmah
  • Binah
  • Chesed
  • Geburah
  • Taphareth
  • Netzach
  • Hod
  • Yesod
  • Makuth

The above names consist of 22 vibrations ranging from 1-400. Each vibration emphasises the knowledge and wisdom earned from the soul and the mind, which exists in the non-physical dimension rather than the tangible physical existence in this one dimension world. Would rather say that blood and flesh where the physical identity comes into play.

No doubt, this portrays a higher level of understanding that is above all the physical world and exists beyond the physical boundaries, dimensions, or limitations to explore your inner self. The Kabbalah technique details each letter and explains that each letter holds a specific value/energy through which calculations are made.

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Kabbalistic Numerology Chart & Reading

Let us decipher each letter for a better understanding of kabbalah numbers.


Or you can say that A, J and S holds a value of 1 and similarly the other alphabets:

B, K, T = 2
C, L, U = 3
D, M, V = 4
E, N, W = 5
F, O, X = 6
G, P, Y = 7
H, Q, Z = 8
I, R = 9

Deciphering them, it is clear that all these numbers hold their own meaning, and according to that, various characteristics are observed. Numbers from 1-9 all have their distinctive importance with specific characteristics, and the same help to decode the nature or trait of the number.

Similarly, each number holds its special characteristic and has its own significance by which the kabbalah numbers and alphabets can be defined.

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Kabbalah Numbers Meaning:

Going further down the aisle, let’s now decode the meaning of Kabbalah numbers and find what’s the hidden treasure that helps you understand and predict your future.

1 = Growth
2 = Magnification
3 = Endearment
4 = Fruitless
5 = Genesis
6 = Execution
7 = Mysticism
8 = Impulsiveness
9 = Fortune

Well, in this method of Kabbalah Numerology, the numbers are calculated on the basis of the name of an individual rather than the birth date that makes the overall difference.

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