Fool Tarot Meaning, Love, Feelings, Upright & Reversed – Guide

Fool Tarot Meaning, Love, Feelings, Upright & Reversed – Guide

Fool Tarot Meaning

Are you ready for exploring some crazy new things? So, if this card opens for you, without a single thought, start considering yourself as fool. Jokes aside, The Fool Tarot is the very first card in the major arcana, reflecting a new beginning. As a result, an end to something in your old life.

The Fool Tarot is called zero(0) and has no particular position within the Tarot card deck. But don’t take this card lightly. This fool tarot is no less important. In fact, its placement signifies everything. To start from Zero. You’re about to enter into something very different than before. Time to trust yourself & go with the flow. Are you ready?

  • Element: Air
  • Astrological Sign: Aquarius
  • Planet: Uranus
  • Date: The very first day of Spring
  • Fool Tarot Upright: New start, adventure, innocence
  • Fool Tarot Reversed: Risk, fearlessness, recklessness

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Fool Tarot Upright

The Fool Tarot of new beginnings, potential & opportunities, like a young man standing at some crossroads and about to take your first step into the unknown. Even if you don’t know about the destination, just have faith in yourself & enjoy the journey 🙂 As you start this new journey, The Fool Tarot helps you to have a free, sharp mind and a state of excitement. Don’t really give stress to your brain for the results.

Now is the perfect time to shine. Seriously, what are you waiting for? Do you really think of mapping everything before you do anything? No way! Not with The Fool Tarot especially. Besides this, the fool tarot is excellent for mediation, in case you’re struggling internally. The Fool Tarot is your guide, like someone adventurous and easygoing. Everything will eventually fall into the right place. Just take chances & see what happens.

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Fool Tarot Reversed

The Fool Tarot Reversed means that you have conceived a new idea but are not yet ready to ‘birth’ it into the universe. You may worry that it’s pretty unfit. Or maybe you have the feeling that the timing isn’t right. On the flip side, it says you are taking too many risks in life & acting recklessly. Look at the broader picture and understand how you can retain the Fool’s free spirit without hurting others.

In light of the playful and enjoyable energy of The Fool Tarot, the reversal means that you are exploring this spirit at a more personal and peaceful level. For example, rather than letting your hair down and dancing up on stage, you’re dancing in your bedroom like no one’s watching. Just look at how you can make more impact on your everyday life, even though you are doing it in private.

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Fool Tarot Love and Feelings

Are you thinking about how a future partner feels about you? Then we need to say that the Fool Tarot Love is relatively neutral. This individual doesn’t have a bad intention toward you, but he doesn’t even feel like settling down anytime soon. They’re going out for a good time. Bear in mind, however, that your future with this person cannot yet be guaranteed in one way or the other.

Justice Tarot represents Justice, equity, honesty, & the rule of law. You are being held liable for your acts and will be judged as such.

So basically, the first or last card, numbered “0”, the Fool will both start and conclude the 22-card Hero’s Journey through the Tarot’s Major Arcana cards. Finishing with a perfect quote that fits the Fool Tarot, ”Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.” – Seneca.

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