Jupiter Transit 2022

Jupiter Transit in Vedic Astrology

The impact of Jupiter transit in Vedic Astrology is believed to be long-lasting as it is the largest planet, and has a powerful impact on all areas of our life. The planet is related to education, wisdom, and the spread of knowledge.

The positive transit of Jupiter in your horoscope defines religious instincts, respect and reputation, relation with elderly people, higher authority, or more. The results or impacts of Jupiter transit in Vedic astrology is mostly auspicious. The placement of the planet also plays a crucial role. Of course, the pros and cons of Jupiter transit affect differently depending on the placement. When you plan anything auspicious, the Vedic experts take the effects of Jupiter into account. The blessings of Jupiter are inevitable for a successful auspicious event.

In the matter of education, marriage, children, devotion, spirituality, the planet Jupiter plays a prominent role. It helps you become rich, smart, knowledgeable, cultured, commanding, generous, and liberal.

Moreover, Jupiter transit also forms planetary combinations when another planet combines with Jupiter in the same sign. Depending on the relationship that Jupiter shares with those planets, the effects may differ.

Jupiter Transit 2022 Dates and Time

As per the Hindu calendar, Jupiter will set (Astha) in Aquarius on February 19, 2022. However, the planet will get back to normal from March 20, 2022. After that, Jupiter will transit in its own sign Pisces on 13 April 2022. Let’s look at Jupiter Transit dates and times for 2022.

April 13, 202216:57PiscesDirect
July 29, 202202:06PiscesRetrograde
November 24, 202204:31PiscesProgressive

Jupiter Transit Effects On Each Zodiac Signs 2022

As you know, Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius and Pisces zodiac sign. It is also exalted in the Cancer zodiac sign. Thus, it will affect these signs the most, and many a time, in a positive way. However, every transit is different, and it will be different for each sign, too. Let’s see the impact of Jupiter Transit on all the zodiac signs.

Jupiter Transit In Aries

Aries is ruled by Mars, and both these planets share a friendly relationship with each other. Jupiter and Mars are masculine and share a friendly relationship with one another. Mars’ strong influence in this position makes the native argumentative, but Jupiter also affords the native wisdom, rational thinking, and smartness.

Jupiter Transit In Taurus

Taurus is the earth sign ruled by Venus. Venus is a feminine planet. Jupiter is the planet of wisdom that encourages deep thoughts. As Jupiter and Venus are auspicious planets, the position tends to give positive results. The natives will not give up. On the contrary, they will be energised to make practical decisions. They will work according to planned to-do lists. Also, they will follow it to the T until they get the end result.

Jupiter Transit In Gemini

Gemini is a dual air sign ruled by Mercury, the lord of communication and knowledge. So, when Jupiter is passing through the Gemini zodiac sign, the natives excel in writing, speaking and media. Jupiter pushes the natives to think in-depth, thereby encouraging their minds to grow and expand. But Gemini, the twins, keeps presenting choices constantly. Thus, it becomes complex for Jupiter to find the exact answer that it seeks.

Jupiter Transit In Cancer

Jupiter feels right at home in this sensitive sign as Jupiter is exalted in Cancer. Jupiter and Cancer complement each other well. Jupiter will be staying in Cancer for almost a year, which is ruled by the Moon. Jupiter shares a friendly bond with the Moon. When Jupiter travels through Cancer, a Water sign, the expansive energy combines with empathetic Cancer. So, the natives can expect a profound sense of wisdom to derive from our emotions.

Jupiter Transit In Leo

The Greater Benefic planet, Jupiter, is associated with supporting things that promote expansion, creativity, growth, optimism, and well-being. Jupiter, in a fiery, prideful sign like Leo, is spontaneous. Leo is a fixed sign ruled by the magnificent Sun. Expect dramatic things when the giant (Jupiter) is in a powerful combination with a fierce leader (Leo), having a flair for theatrics. All in all, the presence of Jupiter in Leo will be certainly overwhelming.

Jupiter Transit In Virgo

Jupiter is often associated with wealth and luck. But when the planet of abundance is passing through the Virgo, things can get frustrating as Virgo is a detail-oriented sign. Like Gemini, Virgo is also ruled by Mercury. Jupiter encourages to have a broad vision, while Virgo wants to analyse every minute detail with magnifying glasses. So, the energy of the duo feels constrained, and hence, Jupiter is considered a detriment in Virgo. In this phase, you tend to do right without anyone’s approval.

Jupiter Transit In Libra

Jupiter is all about good fortune and higher minds. Jupiter, when transitioning in the Scales, Libra, finds itself balanced. So, your life gets a lot more harmonious. It will feel a sense of calm while passing through Libra. However, Libra is an air sign ruled by Venus, a planet with distinctly feminine, watery traits. Venus represents beauty, and Jupiter amplifies it.

Here, the giant and boisterous energy of Jupiter is tempered by the poised disposition of the Scales.

Jupiter Transit In Scorpio

Scorpio is a watery sign, showing greatness in Jupiter. It is a fixed sign ruled by the red planet Mars. But the combination becomes complex as the outgoing personality of Jupiter is passing through the inward-looking Scorpio. However, Mars is very friendly with Jupiter. You will wake up from your dreams and taste a reality check. Hence, you can expect concrete results when Jupiter is in the vindictive sign Scorpio.

Jupiter Transit In Sagittarius

Jupiter is at home when it shifts gears into fiery Sagittarius. As the giant rules the Sagittarius sign, needless to say, the transit will prove auspicious for the natives.

The planet will magnify optimism in the happy-go-lucky sign of the zodiac circle. The transit will encourage you to explore new things and create rewarding opportunities. Overall, the combination of Jupiter and the adventurous sign Sagittarius works well together. Which planet is at home in your chart? Find out now with a Free Janampatri Report.

Jupiter Transit In Capricorn

Capricorn is the Earth sign ruled by Saturn. Jupiter is in fall or debilitated in Capricorn, so the expansiveness and freedom of Jupiter are restrained in the house of Saturn. Hence, the placement is very challenging. It may not be wrong to say that Jupiter in conservative Capricorn will not let you distract from reality. Your dreamy thoughts and fantasies that entertain your mind will not get anyway. Capricorn is all about proven concepts and measurable results. Hence, the thoughts that can be conceptual or turned into reality are only materialised in this phase

Jupiter Transit In Aquarius

Jupiter is entering in an innovative, progressive, and broad-minded sign. Like Capricorn, Aquarius is also ruled by Saturn. However, Saturn and Jupiter share a neutral relationship with each other. So, when Jupiter is in the air sign Aquarius, its magnificent energy is not effective due to the malefic influence of Saturn.

Aquarius is more accommodating and flexible than Capricorn, so Jupiter will feel less restricted in this placement. Your high mind will guide you throughout the transit phase, and you will trot ahead with divine wisdom.

Jupiter Transit In Pisces

Jupiter is moving to the last sign of the zodiac belt, and hence, things are going to be boundless and extra dreamy. Pisces is the water sign ruled by Jupiter. It represents revels in spirituality, dreams, fantasies, and connectivity. Jupiter is also about going beyond boundaries. So, Jupiter’s presence in Pisces amplifies the vast way of living. Jupiter is known as Guru of Gods, but when it is transiting in its house Pisces, you will learn from souls and gain knowledge from silence.

Jupiter Transit 2022 with Nakshatra Transit Details

Jupiter is the ruler of Punarvasu nakshatra, Vishakha nakshatra, and Purva Bhadrapada nakshatra. Which nakshatra were you born in? Understand your Nakshatra better, with Nakshatra: Types and Significance.

Here are the Jupiter Transit in Nakshatra 2022 Date and Times:

2nd January 202207:44 amShatabhishaAquarius
2nd March 202201:15 amPurva BhadrapadaAquarius
28th April 202205:35 pmUttara BhadrapadaPisces

Jupiter Transits’ Remedies

The magnificent planet has a lot to do with yellow. Saffron or turmeric tilak, offering chana dal to cows, Yellow Topaz, yellow clothes, etc., are the remedial solutions related to Jupiter. Jupiter Transit 2022 remedies will be different for each sign, dependent on natal placements and other transits. In general, you can include applying saffron or turmeric tilak in the morning, feeding chana dal or gram lentil to the cows, offering food to Brahmins on Thursdays, worshipping peepal trees, yellow clothes, pure Ghee, yellow flowers, and wearing rings and pendants of Yellow Topaz.

However, it is always advisable to wear gemstone only after consulting Vedic astrologers to enjoy magnifying results and avoid adversity. Other Jupiter transit remedies may also include worshipping banana trees, offering khichdi to needy people, helping disabled people, and chanting Guru mantras.

Puja for Jupiter Planet

If you feel that Jupiter transit can bring some unwanted results for you, you can perform Vishnu Puja. It can enhance self-confidence and show the path to success. Not only that, it will magnify your knowledge and promote health and wealth.

You can perform Rudrabhishekam Puja to eliminate the malefic effects of weak Jupiter from your life. If you want to perform accurate Puja vidhi with zero hassles, you can book online Vishnu Puja or Rudrabhishekam with us.