Ketu Transit 2023

Ketu Transit 2023

The southern node of the Moon, Ketu, is the other point where the Sun and Moon’s paths intersect. Rahu is the dragon’s head, and Ketu is the tail. Depending on the transit, Ketu can bring both good and bad times

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The planet is also known to bring emotional and mental ups and downs in one’s life. Ketu can make you narcissist by blessing you with material wealth. Like Rahu, it can also mislead you at times.

Ketu Transit 2023DateTiming
Ketu Transit in Virgo30 October 2023, Monday13:33 PM

Rahu and Ketu both stay in a sign for one and a half years as they are slow moving planets. Just like Rahu, Ketu can also help you think out of the box.

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