Mercury Retrogrades in Taurus 2022: What’s In It For Your Zodiac Sign?

MyPandit May 04, 2022
Mercury Retrogrades in Taurus 2022: What’s In It For Your Zodiac Sign?

Get ready for the astrological event in May 2022, i.e Mercury Retrogrades in Taurus. The planet of intelligence and communication skills is soon going to move in a backward motion in the Taurus on May 10, 2022. It will remain in Taurus till June 03, 2022. Obviously, the planetary event of Mercury Retrograde in Taurus will be going to impact natives of 12 zodiac signs differently.

In Astrology, Mercury is one of the prominent planets. It is considered the auspicious planet that offers favourable results to the native. If it is aligned with an auspicious planet, it will give positive results. However, with malefic planets, it yields unfavourable results. Let’s have a look at the Mercury Retrograde 2022 Predictions with astrological remedies and see which signs will be affected by it.

Mercury Retrograde In Taurus For Aries: Good Health Is True Wealth

Hey Aries Natives, Mercury will be retrograde in the second house. You will do great in terms of health. There may be some sudden expenditure arise during this period. Avoid taking any new adventures at this time span. The marital life of natives may see some minor tensions. Understand the effects of Mercury and other planets in your horoscope with your Free Janampatri Analysis!

Remedy: Worship Lord Shiva for gaining a solution to your problems.

Mercury Retrograde In Taurus For Taurus: Don’t Be Afraid Of Challenges

Individuals who belong to Tauras, get ready to welcome Mercury in its own sign. On the health front, some minor issues may occur. Financially, the period seems not so bright. During this period, your job, as well as business, is likely to face some problems. There may be disruptions between married couples as they may not remain on friendly terms.

Remedy: Worshipping Lord Vishnu will yield many benefits for you.

Mercury Retrograde In Taurus For Gemini: Stable Finances

Mercury will be retrograde in the 12th house for the individuals of Gemini. Some physical and mental issues may arise in this period. You can expect stability on the financial front. Entrepreneurs may face some new challenges on their way. Married ones may have a peaceful period. However, this is only a teaser; the year is likely to bring many twists and turns for you. Reveal with your Free 2022 Horoscope Report!

Remedy: Worship Goddess Durga for desired results.

Mercury Retrograde In Taurus For Cancer: Low Profits On Cards

Cancerians will see the retrograde of Mercury in the 11th house. No issue in Health is seen. Avoid financial investment for a while. The ratio of profit in a job or business is likely to be low this time. Married couples may go through an uneventful phase at this time.

Remedy: Worship Lord Shri Ganesh in order to achieve benefits.

Mercury Retrograde In Taurus For Leo: Don’t Expect A Smooth Ride

The Leo natives will be going to have a retrograde of Mercury in the tenth house. Nothing news-worthy on the health front. It is likely to be the same as before. Financially you should not go for short term investment. Pay more attention to your work and business. This period is expected to be good for married folks and people who are in a relationship.

Remedy: Worship Lord Shiva in order to gain numerous advantages.

Mercury Retrograde In Taurus For Virgo: Tread Carefully!

Mercury will retrograde in the ninth place for the Virgo natives. There may be minor problems in your health during this period of transit. Financially, take every step thoughtfully. The workplace can give you a little hard time. An average time for married relationships.

Remedy: Worship Lord Shri Vishnu for gaining what you are looking for.

Mercury Retrograde In Taurus For Libra: Save Money For Rainy Days

Libra natives will experience Mercury retrograde in the eighth house. You may face some difficulties in health during this time. Some sudden expenses may come up during this time. People doing jobs or business may need to work carefully. Married folks may face some small disputes in this period. The year 2022 will bring many ups and downs to your love life. Reveal with your free Love Horoscope 2022!

Remedy: It will be beneficial to worship Goddess Durga.

Mercury Retrograde In Taurus For Scorpio: Avoid Speculation

Mercury will be retrograde in the seventh house for the Scorpians. Natives have to take care of their health in this time frame. Avoid making any long term investment financially. Natives doing jobs or business are likely to gain less benefit from the things they have been planning. Married natives probably have an average time.

Remedy: Worship Lord Shiva to fulfil your wishes.

Mercury Retrograde In Taurus For Sagittarius: Target Of Cupid’s Arrow

Sagittarians will experience the retrograde of Mercury in the sixth house. You are likely to be healthy this time. Choose your investment plan carefully in order to achieve healthy financial status. People doing business may experience some difficulties at this time. In fact, there may be some differences for business people working in partnership. Married individuals may be caught up in the debate over some issues.

Remedy: Worship Lord Ganesha for yielding the fruits of your hard work.

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Mercury Retrograde In Taurus For Capricorn: Tough Competition On Cards

Capricornians will behold Mercury retrograde in the fifth house. It is advised to pay attention to your health; otherwise, some difficulties may arise. On the Financial front, you have to work with thoughtful planning. People doing a job or business may have to face some troubles in their work. Married as well as people in the relationship may have a good time

Remedy: Worship Lord Vishnu for maximum benefits.

Mercury Retrograde In Taurus For Aquarius: Some Ups And Downs Ahead

The people belong to the Aquarius sign; Mercury is retrograde in the fourth house. There are likely to be ups and downs in your health. Stay away from the short term investment for a while. Natives engaged in jobs or businesses may see deterioration in their performance. People in a relationship or the married one may have a tiff with their partner.

Remedy: Worshipping Lord Shiva can solve all your problems.

Mercury Retrograde In Taurus For Pisces: Maintain Peace In Your Relationship

Mercury will be retrograde in the third house for Piscesians. Your health will be in its best form. Be careful in terms of finances before taking any step. The time is probably average for the natives engaged in a job or business. However, there may be some tension with partners on the professional front. Married natives may face differences with their spouses. The same situation is also expected for the people in a relationship.

Remedy: Worship Lord Ganesh to fulfil your wishes.

Wrapping Up

We hope that these astrological transit predictions will prove beneficial for you and help you prepare for future challenges. However, remember that the effects of Mercury retrograde on Zodiac signs may differ based on your horoscope. You can even consult our Expert Astrologers to get better insights into how this Mercury Retrograde impact the area of life. The first consultation is FREE.

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