Saturn Transit in Aquarius: Do You Have Love or Hate on Plate This Time?

Saturn Transit in Aquarius: Do You Have Love or Hate on Plate This Time?

Shani sade sati is what everyone fears. Sade sati effects are seen as one of the most crucial times of one’s life. But Vedic astrology believes that the Shani sade sati effects could be reduced with a little effort, being honest, truthful, and praying to Lord Shani. Astrologers suggest many remedies to achieve the blessings of Lord Shani and be saved from the major harms that may come in natives’ life due to his furious nature. According to Vedic astrology, it arrives in our lives to teach us lessons for a lifetime.

It’s wrong to assume that Saturn is always harsh to natives; it’s difficult, and strict teachings make one sincere towards work as well as relationships. It may affect every aspect of one’s life and yet have a positive impact on the native. Before moving gradually into another sign, Saturn spends at least two and a half years in a particular sign. This time Shani transits in Aquarius on 17th Jan 2023 and leaves Capricorn.

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Saturn Transit in Aquarius For Aries: A Roller Coaster Ride

Saturn transit 2023 will place Shani in the eleventh house of Aries sign. This is expected to be a period of ups and downs in the love lives of people. There are chances of having differences between the partners in a relationship. You are advised to keep trying to mend things and not let the situation worsen. New proposals may not be there. A good time ahead for couples to spend together, forming a love and relationship balance. Due to the Saturn Transit Aquarius effects, solutions will come out for any old disputes going on between the couple.

Offering prayers to Lord Shiva will be fruitful for natives.

Saturn Transit in Aquarius For Taurus: Time To Pop That Question

Shani Gochar in 2023 will be a good time for the love and relationship of Taurus. Saturn will take up the tenth house of Taurus sign. There are bright chances of finding a new life partner during this period. If you want to propose to someone and like to move forward then this could be the right time to propose to your love interest. The phase seems good to have a harmonious relationship with a partner in love. Married couples will be blessed with marital bliss with the grace of Shani sade sati 2023. Praying to Lord Hanuman for peace and harmony will work wonders for natives.

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Saturn Transit in Aquarius For Gemini: Quality Time With Partner

Shani dev will occupy the ninth house of the Gemini sign. Saturn transit in Aquarius 2023 will probably make the whole period happy and joyous. One may get a new life partner. Those who are willing to propose, to the one they are interested in, might get success. One may go on a foreign trip or some faraway tour with the spouse. There will be a high possibility of having proper cooperation and coordination between husband and wife. With Saturn transit in Aquarius natives who wish to get married are likely to get marriage proposals, and might also end up getting married during this period. Worshipping Goddess Durga will bring positive results for the natives.

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Saturn Transit in Aquarius For Cancer: Be A Good Listener

The Saturn transit 2023 will place Shani in the eighth house of Cancer sign. Love and relationship for natives of Cancer would get mixed results due to Saturn transit in Aquarius. There are chances of problems cropping in a relationship. Those who are involved in a relationship might face some issues. To avoid any kind of tensions in the relationship, both the natives need to have a proper balance and avoid getting involved in arguments. There are very less chances of any marriage proposal getting accomplished. Even if one is planning to propose to someone then this is not the right time to go further. Learn to be patient and understand each other during this period. It will be fruitful to worship Lord Shiva for the natives and get his blessings.

Saturn Transit in Aquarius For Leo: Be Calm And Leave Ego Aside

Saturn transit in Aquarius will be a period of disturbance for the natives with respect to love and relationship. When Saturn transits on 17th Jan 2023, it will be placed in the seventh house of Leo sign. It is advisable to maintain calm and avoid getting into arguments. If one is planning to propose to someone, then it needs to be given a second thought. Both husband and wife will need to cooperate else there are bright chances of creeping misunderstandings which leads to tensions. It may create distances between both partners. Natives with this zodiac sign should worship Lord Hanuman to get better results.

Saturn Transit in Aquarius For Virgo: Communication Is The Key

The Virgo sign will have Saturn placed in its sixth house when Saturn transits in Aquarius. Love and relationship conditions due to Saturn transit in Aquarius for Virgo natives will have mixed effects. There are chances of having conflicts on some issues between both the partners, leading to tensions. You are advised to avoid building circumstances that would lead to tension in relationships. With cooperation and interaction, the couples could resolve their issues. The time is not in favour of those who wish to get married. They might have to wait for the right time to come and get that precious moment in life. Virgo natives should pray to Goddess Durga for good results.

Saturn Transit in Aquarius For Libra: Bond Going To Be Stronger

If love and relationship are to be seen for Libra natives, Saturn transit in Aquarius is going to be fruitful and important. Shani Sade sati effects would be experienced through the fifth house in Libra sign. There is a high probability of making bonds stronger and the partners will be experiencing full cooperation from each other. The married couples are likely to have some issues. They are advised to spend quality time with each other for better bonding and reducing tension. This is the time when both the partners should understand each other and avoid conflicts. Get blessings by worshipping Goddess Durga for better results.

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Saturn Transit in Aquarius For Scorpio: Understand Each Other

Shani Sade Sati for Scorpio relationship and love-life is going to be average. Saturn will occupy the fourth house of Scorpio sign. The couples are likely to get into heated arguments quite often. It is advisable to understand each other’s needs and perceptions and avoid getting into conflicts. Try and avoid tension too. This period may lead to misunderstandings between the two. Be forgiving towards each other to maintain peace in the relationship. Worship Lord Hanuman to yield benefits.

Saturn Transit in Aquarius For Sagittarius: Some Tension May Arise

Saturn transit in Aquarius will have mixed effects on the natives. Saturn transit 2023 will place Shani dev in the second house of Sagittarius sign. During this period, you are likely to get less support and company from the partner. There are chances of some tensions cropping up because of some reasons. If you are planning to propose to your love interest, there are chances of facing rejection. During the Shani Gochar 2023, old problems would be sorted between husband and wife, leading to a new beginning. It will develop a better relationship and a stronger love bond between the two. Those who wish to get married might hear the wedding bells soon. Natives should worship Lord Shiva for better results.

Saturn Transit in Aquarius For Capricorn: Happy At The End Of The Day

This period is very important for the natives of Capricorn. During this period of Saturn transit in Aquarius, when Saturn will be in the third house of Capricorn sign, the natives need to maintain a balance with their beloved. There are chances of having arguments over trivial issues between the two but it will end happily. The time seems good to propose to someone you are interested in. You are advised to resolve family issues soon or there are chances of having major problems in the near future. Overall, the phase looks good for the partners in the relationship. Worshipping Lord Hanuman is going to be fruitful for natives.

Saturn Transit in Aquarius For Aquarius: Support From The Partner

Shani will be placed in its own ruling house when it transits in Aquarius sign. Saturn transit for Aquarius predictions shows average sade sati effects over the natives. They are advised to be careful if planning to propose to someone. Also, remember to not get emotional and take the decisions in the full sense. You are also advised to develop the support of your partner to overcome the situation of tensions. There are chances of disputes between the two, and so it needs properly balanced coordination of both, the husband and the wife. Your partner may get some health problems due to the Saturn Transit in Aquarius. It will be good for the natives to worship Lord Shiva for good results.

Saturn Transit in Aquarius For Pisces: Effort Needed For Happiness

Shani will occupy the second house of Pisces sign with Saturn transit. The time seems average for the natives. People in the relationship might face some problems with each other. You are advised to think hard before proposing to anyone. Saturn transit in Aquarius may lead to some differences amongst husband and wife. If they both will understand each other and work cooperatively, then there would be good chances of achieving happiness in the relationship. With proper coordination and discussion, peace could be easily maintained. If one wants to go for marriage, then the time doesn’t seem favourable. There are chances of visiting some foreign land with the spouse. Native should perform Hanuman puja for a peaceful relationship.

The Final Words

Saturn transit predictions for Aquarius may make natives aware of the situations that may come in the future with them. With the help of these predictions, one may try finding remedies for the problems that may come up in the future. As it is known that Saturn transit effects are very typical and do not leave any part of anyone’s life. So, one should learn a lesson, take things positively, as over time these problems will also get over. The only thing one needs to do is pray and be honest with oneself.

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