Vastu Color for Home – Vastu Shastra Colors for Home – Vastu Home Colour

Vastu Color for Home – Vastu Shastra Colors for Home – Vastu Home Colour

Vastu Colours for Home

Colour therapy, according to Vastu, is important for balancing our body, mind, and spirit.

The various shades bring energy into different spaces and positively impact the home and its occupants.

The perfect location of your house, according to Vastu Shastra, is a matter of direction and colours; it notes that different colours are best for different directions in your home.

Finding the right Vastu Colours for our home is important, as we spend most of the time at our home after working hours.

If you ever plan to repaint your home’s walls, consider using colour therapy combined with Vastu Colours.

Wall Colours according to Vastu Shastra attract healing energy into your home. Also, there are colours for the main gate as per Vastu too. We can’t paint any colour on the main gate. Softer hues like white, wooden, or silver are ideal colours for the main gate according to Vastu.

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Vastu Color for Living Room

The living room is a reflection of our personality, charisma, and individuality.

Therefore, it must be appealing, lively, and expressive, with Vastu Colors for the living room.

The living room should build to face north, east, or northeast.

When visitors come to visit, the living room makes a favourable or unfavourable first impression.

The rest of the fittings and furnishings in the living room, according to Vastu, should be in colours that contrast with the room’s primary hues.

This contrast would bring satisfaction by striking the right energy balance.

Cushions, curtains, and bolsters in gold, turquoise, and light pink will give the living room a new lease on life.

The following is a list of Vastu Color for living room, making it an ideal as per Vastu principle:

  • White (associated with integrity, innocence, and goodness)
  • Floral whites (for honesty and perfection )
  • Beige (connected with being calm, relaxed, and neutral)
  • Cream (instils beauty and charm)
  • Light pink (fosters warmth)

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Vastu Color for Dining Room

The dining room is one of the most significant rooms in the building.

The East or South-East is the safest place for the dining area to be located.

Here are some Vastu Colors to consider for your dining room:

  • Peach (one of the calming colours)
  • Saffron (associated with devotion)
  • Light orange (promotes inspiration, joy, and happiness)
  • Yellow (the colour of peace and honour)

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Vastu Colors for Kitchen

The kitchen represents using fire to turn raw vegetables and other staple ingredients into energy-giving food.

Therefore, kitchens should always build in the house’s South-East corner, called the home’s fire corner.

Relevant colours, according to Vastu Colours for Home, will help increase metabolism and boost digestion, resulting in better health and prosperity.

The following are the perfect Vastu Color for Kitchen:

  • Light scarlet red (the colour of innocence)
  • Saffron orange (defines the Hindu concepts of strength and bravery)
  • Brick orange (a mixture of relaxation and energy)
  • Peach (associated with peace)
  • Woody green (associated with nature)
  • Brown (helps whet the appetite)

Vastu Colors for Kids Room

Any children’s room should preferably build in the west.

A child’s room should always be caring and bright because it helps boost their personality and helps with concentration.

According to Vastu, the best colours for a Kids room are:

  • Shades of light green(growing region, youth, and stability)
  • Shades of light yellow(brings peace, happiness, and clarity)

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Vastu Color for Bedroom

As it’s the space in which you wake up and sleep, having the right vibe for your bedroom is key for setting a positive tone for your life.

Choosing the right Vastu Color for Bedroom is also a simple and fast way to bring positive energy into space.

The master bedroom should face South-West because it is peaceful and conducive to relaxation.

The following colours are ideal for the master bedroom:

  • Shades of rose pink (a symbol of gratitude, respect, gentleness, and kindness)
  • Light brown (fosters good health)
  • Mauve (purple and violet encourage good dreams; it also calms emotions)
  • Mahogany (represents strength and endurance)
  • Tinges of gold (It stands for affection, knowledge, and prosperity)

Vastu Color for Pooja Room

White is a common Vastu Color for Pooja Room because it symbolises purity, serenity, and harmony.

While Vastu for Home indicates that this is suitable for your entire home, it is ideal for your place of worship.

Yellow is another choice, as it attracts positive energy.

Light blue and light green will help you relax in your pooja space while reinforcing your confidence in life.

Experts advise against using red because it symbolises rage and may have serious impacts on a peaceful environment.

It’s also a good idea to stay away from dark colours.

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Avoid these Colours on your walls as per Vastu

Medium shades, according to experts, are always a good option.

Dark colours such as red, brown, grey, and black may not be suitable for all since they represent the fiery planets Rahu, Shani, Mars, and the Sun.

Avoid the colours red, deep yellow, and black.

These colours, in general, have a high intensity, which can interrupt the energy pattern within your home.

However, if you feel that your home lacks passion and warmth, you can use red in certain areas.

Avoid using a lot of red in the bedroom because it reflects fire energy and can cause temperament problems.

The exterior home wall colours according to Vastu should not be too much white because it promotes egocentrism.

In the garage and car parking section, homeowners can avoid using dark colours.

Vastu Color FAQs

Which Colour is Good for Vastu?

  • The best Vastu Colors for Living Room are blue, green, yellow, beige, and tan.
  • However, Vastu recommends using a mix of red colours in the living room, but not too much.
  • The whole area would become alive and brimming with a new life.

Which Colours give Positive Energy?

Blue is a “cold” colour that evokes feelings of peace and serenity.

The colour red – Our brain reads red the fastest; it activates our organs, associated with vitality, energy, and fascination.

Yellow, green, and purple are other colours that give positivity.

Which Colour is Best for the Bedroom?

Lavender is the ideal shade of purple because it retains its regal presence while not overpowering the room.

Plus, Green is a perfect Vastu Color for a bedroom because it has both warm and cool tones.

What is the perfect colour for a kitchen?

South-East zone is suitable for kitchens, the walls should paint in orange or red colour.

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