Swimming Pool Vastu – Swimming Pool Vastu Tips, Location & Direction

Swimming Pool Vastu – Swimming Pool Vastu Tips, Location & Direction

A house is more than just a place to live; it is an extension of our mental space and an expression of our personality. Every aspect of our lives is inextricably linked to our home’s design, decor, and upkeep. Even when it comes to buying a house with a Swimming Pool, it is critical to follow Vastu principles.

Because pools have a vital water element, locating them in the wrong direction can bring bad luck and misfortune. They must be constructed in specific locations that can balance various energies.

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Swimming Pool Location as per Vastu

Do you know what’s the best direction for a pool to face? The North-East corner of the house aka Ishan corner is the best location for a Swimming pool. If no open space exists in the North-East direction, you should build the Swimming Pool in the East or North direction. When a collection faces any of the directions mentioned above, it will bring good fortune to the home’s residents.

Swimming Pool Direction Vastu Don'ts

The Swimming Pool should not have a connection with the South or West directions, according to Vastu shastra principles. A Swimming Pool Vastu in the South-East corner of your house should also be avoided.

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Swimming Pool Vastu Tips

Many modern Indian homes include a swimming pool on the upper floors or the terrace.
While a swimming pool on the terrace may appear to be an ideal location, it is not considered the best engineering design as per Vastu. The ground surface is directly connected to all Swimming Pool Vastu concepts and other water-related items such as water storage tanks, bore wells, and underground water tanks.

As a result, if you’re looking for a house with a Swimming Pool Vastu, make sure it’s on the ground floor. If your house or property already has a swimming pool on the terrace, consult with a professional.

Preferred Swimming Pool Direction as per Vastu

According to Swimming Pool Vastu in the corner of the house is preferable to one in the centre. Even when facing the right direction, a home with a swimming pool in a corner has a better energy balance. A pool in the corner of a house adds to the privacy.

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Swimming Pool in Home Vastu


Swimming Pools are an excellent place for adults and children to get some exercise.
The added benefit of low-impact exercise on the body is preferable to high-impact activities. Both children and adults enjoy playing and relaxing in and around a pool.
When you own your pool, you can always host pool parties or go for a late-night swim.


Swimming Pools can be hazardous in the presence of children and those who do not know how to swim. If you decide to own a Swimming Pool, you should have the necessary safety fencing and door locks installed on your property. The homeowner may be held liable for injuries caused by neighbours or friends in their pool.

Ending Note

As a result, Swimming Pool Vastu is critical to achieving good results for the family.
One might wonder how the construction of a Swimming Pool will affect the residents. However, according to Vastu Shastra, doing so will bring you good fortune, wealth, and peace of mind. In contrast, failing to follow those principles can lead to many misfortunes and numerous problems in life.

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