Vastu Puja – Vastu Shanti Puja Benefits & Rituals

Vastu Puja – Vastu Shanti Puja Benefits & Rituals

Vastu Shastra is considered the Science of Architecture. Vastu means dwelling, while Shastra stands for ‘the doctrine of teaching’. Vastu shastra works towards an amalgamation of architecture with nature as it combines five elements. It helps you restore harmony in the construction and decor of commercial and non-commercial spaces. The living space found with any kind of Vastu Dosha then must seek the help of Vastu Shastra. This ancient method will remove the dosha by remodelling and reconfiguration of internal and external spaces.

In accordance with the ancient Hindu Vedas and scriptures, Vastu shastra is said to be the brain of Architecture and Construction. This is because it guides us to reap the benefits of positive elements prevalent in nature, namely Earth, Sky, Air, Water and Fire. Vastu principles consider the position of planets and their corresponding effects with the help of the basic five elements. Let us shed more light on the Vastu Puja topic.

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About Organizing Vastu Puja

In the present time, we live in a place where we want everything quickly and readily. Our lives are quite busy, and therefore while constructing the new house or renovating the house, many people forget to follow Vastu Tips. So, if they fail to consider Vastu Shastra, they may end up falling prey to Vastu Dosha. This dosha can be removed with the help of Vastu Puja, and thus, house owners organize it to allow positive vibes inside their home.

During Vastu Puja, they offer special prayers to the deities who reside in each direction of our spaces. Such offerings are also made to the basic elements of nature. After making the offerings, we believe that those unholy elements could be purified. For example, after offering prayers to the Air element, we believe that the air that enters our house is in the form of a positive aura.

Vastu Puja Benefits

The Vastu Shanti Puja is performed to remove doshas and faults that remained during the construction of a building or house. Let us look at the major advantages of organizing Vastu Puja.

  • The inhabitants of the house may feel much more relaxed and free of any health or wealth worries.
  • It may protect you from the bad effects of the planets, which could be the result of the ill placement of the planets.
  • Vastu Puja may help you maintain a fun-loving relationship and bonding between family members.
  • One can remove career or marriage life obstacles. Also, positivity may remain for a longer time.
  • You may reclaim joy and peace inside the house. You may enjoy the good days of your life.
  • The Pooja of Vasu Shanti is believed to purify each corner of the house and makes each corner pure and positive.

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When to Organize Vastu Puja?

One should perform a Vastu Pooja at the time of Griha Pravesh. Let us look at certain circumstances, which allow us to perform Vastu Shanti Pooja.

  • It is advisable to conduct this pooja after the renovation of your house. Such a renovation can alter the present structure of the home, so it needs a Vastu Shanti Puja.
  • One can also perform this Pooja after renovating their head office or workplace.
  • If your home or office is suffering from scarcity of space, we suggest you perform a Vastu Shanti Pooja
  • It is recommendable to perform a Vastu Shanti Pooja when you purchase an old home.
  • It is always good to perform a Vastu Shanti Pooja when there are errors in the arrangement of the interiors of the home or office,
  • If you have been residing in the same home for ten or more years, you should perform a Vastu Shanti Puja.
  • If you are staying away from your home for a long time, you should perform Vastu Puja along with Vastu Pooja Room before re-entering your house.

Vastu Puja Rituals

Those who want to perform Vastu Shanti Puja should check the Muhurat and the timings of the day. This puja should be performed during the auspicious tithi and month. So, one should check the date and time for the Vastu Pooja. One should approach a priest or pandit to organize havans and rituals inside your house. Below are the steps to organize Vastu Pooja.

  • Hang the sacred leaves on the main entrance of the house
  • If possible, plant a tree or grow Tulsi plant near the house door
  • Perform the rituals with pure intentions, and take Sankalp while performing Vastu Shanti Puja.
  • Organize Ganesh Pooja for auspicious beginnings.
  • You should recite Vastu Mandal or Vastu Purush Story from scriptures.
  • Perform Kalash Sthapana and Nava Graha Pooja
  • Perform the Vastu Purush Yagna and offer prayers
  • Offer flower petals and grains to the earth on which your house is built
  • Sprinkle Ganga Jal with the mango leaves inside the corner of your house
  • Conclude your puja by performing aarti and distributing the prasad
  • Thereafter, dig a pit in one of the corners to put puja ingredients in it.

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Ending Note

A home is a place where everyone wants to relax peacefully. So, it is upto to us whether we are allowing the positive vibes and happiness in the house or we are unintentionally offering space for dosha. Vastu Puja offers great support in eliminating those doshas, and therefore, it is organized before the arrival of new owners. Vastu Shanti Puja, organized for the newly constructed house, will help you get maximum benefits and positivity.

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