Miracles of Copper Surya Yantra

There are many kinds of Yantras; some are in a circular pattern, called mandalas, some in a pyramid shape, called merus, and some with numbers in them called Sankhya Yantras. There are many categorisations based on where they are drawn and how they are used, but the basic principles behind the working of all these yantras are the same. There are four basic aspects to understand in any yantra. The first is the symbol used to create it. Second, the surface on which it is created. Third, the ingredients which are used to make it. And finally, the process of energising and benefiting from it.

What is Copper Surya Yantra?

Copper Surya Yantra is a certain geometrical arrangement carved on a copper plate, which has a direct physiological, mental, emotional and energetic impact on the geometrical shape of the human body. It is consecrated in a certain way with the utterance of mantras or pure sounds that caters to the purpose of strengthening positive and removing malefic effects of the Sun in someone’s life.

There are many Yantras coming from the Vedic period. One of the prominent yantras is sun yantra. Surya Yantra directly works on the Manipura Chakra or Solar Plexus, which is the maintenance center of the body. It is responsible for health, vitality, charisma, contribution to the world, ambition, hunger and manifesting your desires.

The knowledge or science of yantras is spread across hundreds of textbooks of Agama and Tantra Shastras, like Yantra Chintamani, Brihat Samhita, Mrigendra Agama and Kiran Agama. The word ‘Agama’ literally means the arrival of something. In this context, it means making the divine arrive. In respect of Surya Yantra, the Sun god is invoked to receive his blessings. Surya yantras have the numbers inscribed on them. The meanings of these numbers are based on the context of usage of this yantra.

So why is Copper Surya Yantra so popular? Copper is very receptive to cosmic energy as it is an excellent conductor of electricity and heat. Keeping a Copper Surya Yantra cleanses the energy of your home or office. It attracts positive energy in the space it is placed in. Copper is extremely vibrant and effective to use for the purpose of Yantras. It is also very reasonable when it comes to price, making these yantras available to the mass.

Benefits of Copper Surya Yantra:

Ward off Obstacles:

It removes all the obstacles and hurdles in the life of the natives. If the natives have been facing sudden obstacles and ongoing problems for a long time, then they should definitely keep Copper Surya Yantra at home and worship it every day.

Leadership Ability:

If you are aspiring to become an entrepreneur, being associated with a large number of people and working with a huge team will be an important part of your work. You will need to guide and direct them towards a common goal with a one-track mind. For that, you will need strong leadership skills and assertiveness. Copper Surya yantra will give you the prospects, power and energy to attain this desire.

Increases the confidence level:

Every person has an inner struggle for approval in various aspects. People go through unconscious comparisons with others which might negatively affect their confidence level. Copper Surya yantra is very effective in this kind of scenario. It increases confidence by altering the energy faculty of people into something profound. If they place this yantra in their home or office, adhering to the instructions corresponding to the yantra, they will feel that they are more grounded and confident in their overall approach towards everything.

Self-expression and Creativity

Sun is the king of the solar system as it provides life energies to our planet and all the planets circle around it. It is the source of creation. Hence, creativity has to come from it. Copper Surya Yantra unleashes the creativity within you and drives ahead to express yourself in many ways – be it through art, music, dance, theatre, writing, speaking, innovations, creations, discovery and inventions.

Achieving Success

Copper Surya Yantra is a catalyst to achieve success in all aspects of life. You will gain name, fame, success and prestige in society. You will be one of the sought people who will be approached to discuss important things. Your say will not just be heard but also considered. You will achieve success in business and your profession. It removes financial difficulties from the native’s life.

Awareness and Attention

This yantra heightens the awareness and gives an enhanced perception. It will make it easier for you to be focused and concentrate your mind as per your will. If you are someone who is easily distracted, then you should definitely keep this yantra in your home or office. Students will benefit from this immensely and will study effectively.

Favours from the authority

Copper Surya yantra facilitates favours from superiors, government, administrative officers, bosses, higher management and your father. Any authoritative figure that you have or will come across in your life, this yantra will attract support from them.

Joy and Wellbeing:

To be joyful has become rare these days, especially when people cross their childhood. Being the signifier of joy, Copper Surya yantra will manifest wellbeing in your life. It prevents depression and the everyday blues. It will make you more lighthearted and happy.

Healing Divine Powers:

It heals past wounds and traumas. It has the resonance to attract the divine frequency of providing deep and permanent healing. If you get nightmares frequently, place Surya Yantra in your home and worship it every morning. It removes the dark energy from you and protects you against the ill-intentions of others.

Energy Tonic:

Copper Surya yantra governs the fire element, and it provides high energy but the controlled one. If you are someone who procrastinates a lot, is lethargic and lazy, then this yantra will help you out of it. You will feel more energetic and willing to step out in the world and perform actions. It brings discipline, structure and order to your life.

Spiritual pursuits and Meditation:

Copper Surya yantra enhances ‘Dhyana’. As it can give you deep concentration and attention powers, your meditations will be of a more profound kind. Not every spiritual seeker has renounced the world. Many of them are actively participating in the Samsara, bringing positive change and at the same time continuing to pursue the highest truth. It is best for them to keep this yantra in the east corner of their meditation space.

Sun Mahadasha:

This yantra is an asset, especially during an ongoing Surya Mahadsha. The natives will be able to overcome the challenges easily and effortlessly. This yantra will align their energy with the cosmic energy of the Sun and give them clarity in every situation. Copper Surya Yantra removes the malefic effects of the Sun and strengthens the positive effects.

Victory in Legal matters:

The power of the Sun gives resolution in the legal issues or any hurdles created by the administrative bodies. If any land or property is stuck in some disputes, use the blessings of Copper Surya yantra. It will free you of all such worries and provide speedy solutions.

Knowledge and Wisdom:

Knowledge and wisdom lie within you as the source of divine powers is operating from inside. All you need is to access it. This is what Copper Surya yantra does. It connects you with divine power, helps you to reach out to deep wisdom and illuminate your life. If it is kept at home, whoever lives in your home will have good self-esteem and will be able to bring out the best in them.

Medical significance of Copper Surya Yantra:

In Hindu culture, copper vessels have been used for storing and drinking water. It had many healing benefits as consuming water from such vessels cured many ailments. They remove toxins from the body. In addition to this, even keeping Copper yantras cleanses the energy of the space it is placed in. If you are bestowed with this sacred yantra, it will aid you to be free from eyes, heart, bone and skin related ailments. It prevents frequent fever, mental disorder and physical weakness. If you have issues with saliva drooling while sleeping, this yantra can benefit you a lot. It gives you immense energy to carry out day to day activities effortlessly.

Who should have the Copper Surya Yantra?

Everyone can have Copper Surya Yantra, especially when the sun is debilitated in your chart. You can consult an astrologer and get to know whether the sun is debilitated in your chart or not. Anyone can avail the benefits of Surya Yantra to make their life better and total well-being. Astrologically, if you are an Aries, Leo or Sagittarius sign, this yantra will prove to be extremely life-transforming. It will remove education-related difficulties, give longevity, success, prosperity, wealth, prestige, power and will bring children into your family. If you are born on Sunday or in the month of July or your ruling number is 1, then also this yantra will work miraculously for you.

Energising Ritual of Copper Surya Yantra:

The purpose behind creating and worshipping a yantra is so that the yantra reflects that action back on our own self, thereby raising us to a higher level of living, ascribed with that yantra. This is the idea behind worshipping Copper Surya Yantra, as it provides many benefits and has the power to transform your life. Yantras are not just figments of our imagination; we breathe life into them every time we meditate upon or worship them. There are many ways of creating such divine entities and energising them so that they magnify and reflect that energy back into us.

One of the direct forms of doing this is through reciting the sound, mantras and realising the form, yantra, of the corresponding energy. There is science behind the Yantras. Ancient Vedic astrology has relied upon this sacred technology of geometry and reverberations that can manifest the desired outcomes.

Based on what kind of a deity is being invoked into the geometrical form, that kind of an energy source is offered to the yantra as well. These entities could again be categorised as sattvik, rajasic and tamasic. And correspondingly, such kinds of food substances and ingredients are offered. Copper Surya Yantra is rajasic and sattvic both.

Lord Sun is invoked on Sunday, in Shukla Paksha preferably, before sunrise, facing east by doing certain rituals and chanting of beej mantra a number of times as specified in the Vedic texts. The beej mantra of Surya Yantra is – Om Hraam Hreem Hraum Sah Suryay Namah.

Cow milk and gangaajal are used to purify the yantra. Sandal, saffron and red flowers are offered. This whole ceremony should be done with pure heart and devotion. If you do not understand how to do it, you can purchase Copper Surya Yantra online, pre-energised and consecrated by astrologers.

You will have an extraordinary and transformative life if you imbibe the pure energy of Copper Surya Yantra in your home. Do not miss the opportunity to make this difference in your life when ancient Vedic science has so much to offer; be willing to receive the blessings.
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