Aquarius Pisces Cusp: The Sensitive Soul

It is known to everyone that in the astrological calendar some of the dates on which the native takes birth gets influenced by the characteristics of two consecutive zodiac signs. So the combination of the two’s influence is termed as ‘Cusp’. It takes up the goods and bad of both the signs and due to this the native may get more negatives or more positives at times. It all depends on conditions that which sign is in a stronger position and what will be its impact.

Their influence holds a greater significance. When anyone of the planet of the two signs is at a superior level, it will impose its influence, no matter good or bad. The native has to bear the consequence.

Vedic astrology is the study of the impacts of the planets on different signs, finding solutions for the odds and making it more beneficial when the positive mode is at a stronger position. These all are specially taken care by Vedic astrology and so the negatives can be either removed or reduced. Whenever a sign is under the influence of the two planets, it does not remains clear till the last moment what will happen next? And Vedic astrology is all about the study of the influence of these planets over native.

When it is taken together, the impact of Aquarius and Pisces cusp horoscope, in one’s life can make the life full of energy and creativity. In this article, we will come to know how, and what are those special features of the natives who are born on the Aquarius Pisces Cusp dates. How they are different and what are the characteristics of the Aquarius Pisces cusps that make them unique?

The article also focuses on the Aquarius Pisces traits making it easy to understand their personality. So first, let us know more about Aquarius and Pisces for a better understanding of the formation of the cusp.

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The Progressive, Independent Aquarius

Aquarius is a zodiac sign which is found to be one of the best zodiac signs. The natives born under the Aquarius sign have special qualities in them as they are born with the Sun, as one of the strong planets, in their sign and Uranus being the modern ruler. This makes the native energetic and eccentric and can easily adapt to changes. Even though they are progressive, independent, and humanitarian, then also they like to remain aloof, emotional, uncompromising and some more of the features that are not considered beneficial for the growth of the individual.

Often the Aquarius are found to be rebellious in nature. And most of the revolutions in the world are a gift of the Aquarius’ efforts. Their rebellious mode is also evident in their hobbies and dressing, which is quite off-beat.

Pisces - The Confused Sign

Pisces as the 12th zodiac sign is the last planet, which has Neptune as its modern ruler and two fishes moving against each other show the confused state of mind of natives. Pisces is associated with qualities of selflessness, spirituality, and focused.

With these qualities, they have some negative traits. One of them is that being dreamers they live in a dreamy world which keeps them away from reality. But it also makes them imaginative and artistic in their approach. the main motto of Piscean is to build a happy space for all. The best aspect about Pisces is that this sign is blessed with the combination of the other eleven zodiacs’ characteristics- all good and bad.

The Aquarius Pisces Cusp – Giving Birth to the Natural Psychics

Aquarius and Pisces cusp is formed as they are next to each other and maintain a good friendship. Aquarius Pisces Cusp dates begin from Feb 5 to 21 of the same month, carrying characteristics of both- the Aquarius and the Pisces sign. Since the ruling planets of both the signs make the native sensitive and empathetic, hence the Aquarius Pisces Cusp is also known as the Cusp of Sensitivity. Born on the cusp of Aquarius and Pisces, makes the natives as natural psychics amongst all other zodiac signs. Being compassionate, adapting, understanding and having high tolerance level is their traits that make them different.

Aquarius Pisces cusp personalities are extrovert and at the same time, sensitive. They can make people feel relaxed and stress-free when given some tasks of rejuvenating the people around. And one should not forget that Aquarius Pisces Personalities are the people who are influenced by both planets, Uranus the ruling planet of Aquarius and Neptune, the ruling planet of Pisces, which makes them peace-loving and friendly personalities.

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Traits of Aquarius and Pisces Cusp

Aquarius Pisces cusp personality traits show a synchronised pattern between their feelings and fears. Even though they are sensitive, they can strike the balance. They are intuitive and spiritual but not so good in day-to-day matters. With the progressive impact of Uranus and the strong imaginative powers of Neptune, they can do wonders.

So they must keep dreaming and try to achieve their goals by being more focused. Their personality traits show that these people are empathetic and humanitarian both and always ready to help others.

Aquarius Pisces Cusp Men are idealistic and easily adapt to the changes in life. The Aquarius Pisces Cusp male is strong but at times may become very weak due to his fantasies. They are honest and open with people. Aquarius Pisces Cusp men in love are honest and loving partners who can do anything to make their partner feel beyond expectations and level of love expression.

Aquarius Pisces cusp women are unpredictable, uncommon, energetic, and eccentric at times. Aquarius Pisces Cusp women’s traits show a specific feature, that they cannot express love, even though they love their partner from the deepest point of their heart. Pisces Aquarius cusp women love freedom and get stimulation from their freedom.

Aquarius Pisces Cusp Compatibility – It Matters

The Aquarius Pisces cusp compatibility is visible with people who are endowed with the Earth element. They have a good sense of appreciation for each other. When it comes to their love compatibility they can go beyond limits to show their genuine love. At times their investigative attitude may turn out to be negative. Aquarius and Pisces in love can make the partner feel that love can exist beyond the normal.

Cusp of Aquarius Pisces in the realm of love goes into deeper levels with the Gemini’s. They share a lot in common. Aquarius Pisces cusp love match goes terrific with Gemini but may get over if it turns out to be boring. People with the cusp of Aquarius and Pisces have a lot of friends and enjoy socializing. Aquarius on the cusp of Pisces is creative, humanist, and progressive.

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Wrapping Up the Cusp of Aquarius and Pisces

The ones born on Aquarius Pisces Cusp are the people who are spiritual and more logical. They don’t form any boundaries when it comes to fun and relationship. Cusp Aquarius and Pisces are the borderlines of Aquarius Pisces cusp signs and so these both the signs leave their impact on the person’s life.

Aquarius Pisces cusp tattoo can be formed in multiple ways in geometric or astrology tattoos. Their horoscope has a lot more to discuss but we can understand all the traits of Aquarius Pisces Cusp through some of the great Aquarius Pisces Cusp celebrities like Rihanna, Alan Rickman, Michael Jordan and John Travolta.

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