Unleash Your Inner Lion With Leo Silver Pendant!

Unleash Your Inner Lion With Leo Silver Pendant!

Leo, the Lion rules the fifth position of the Zodiac cycle. It originates from the Constellation of Leo. People born under the date range from 23rd July and 22nd August are the Lions. Leo is the firebrand accompanied by Aries and Sagittarius. They are fixed modalities. The astrological sign represents a dominant lion. The lion is taken from the Greek mythology, Nemean Lion. It holds great significance in Greek mythology and the opposite sign is Aquarius.

Leos are regarded as fiery and confident beasts. Leo has cultural significance in different civilisations. Egyptians worship the constellation and refer to it as Knem, because it was present during the Great Nile River floor. According to the Egyptians, this event is significant as this event marks the significance of harvests for the upcoming year and Egyptians consider it as a gift from the earth. Tutankhamun’s gold throne also has lion heads where the seat and the front leg meet. This is a symbol of power and royalty.

Though they are dominant, they do have some weaknesses or better should I say the negative traits that can hamper their progress. They are ruled by the Sun and this heat can often burn themselves. To nullify the ill effect, astrologers advise the Leo native to wear their lucky gemstone Ruby. Ruby with its remedial impact can also bestow the native with immense wealth and fortune. Ruby is often worn as a gem ring. However, with the advent of modernisation, Ruby is now worn as a pendant and in necklace form. It is commonly worn in the form of a Leo Silver Pendant or Leo necklace pendant. Before going into the details of the gemstone and the Leo Zodiac pendant necklace let us get an insight into the Leo traits.

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Leo Silver Pendant: Uncover The Brave Traits Of Leo Natives

Leo, the lion are fire signs and they also act in that way. They are always on top of life. They are full of life, always waiting to grab their attention. They command respect and the spotlight at the party. They are positive and independent-minded. They are fun lovers and fun to be around. They are born leaders and you can always rely on them. They will jump to help you. They are optimistic and always see the brighter side of life. They are the boss who can be both charming as well as dominating and have a good understanding of work-life balance. This increases their productivity. So while basking in the glory of positivity, they have few negative traits that also need to be taken care of. This is where the Leo Zodiac Pendant comes into the picture.

Leo’s self-confidence can also make them overconfident. The bold headfirst attitude might often land them into trouble as this may not always go in their favour. They are often self-centred and often regarded as narcissistic, domineering and greedy. This makes them take a deaf ear towards their surroundings. This lack of self-awareness may make them narrow-minded and vulnerable to knee jerk reactions. This roaring egomania at times makes them descend down to a self withdrawal and gloomy mood. They are attention seekers and lack of attention makes them depressed at times and this also results in a lack of confidence.

The bouts of depression and lack of desire can be overcome while wearing Ruby in the form of a ring or a pendant. The astrologer advises Leo native to wear Ruby seated on silver or gold. It offers the native with good health and takes care of the depression and controls the rage that may build in the Leo over the period of time. The Leo Silver pendant or Leo Star Sign Pendant coupled with Ruby gives a good option as the metal itself is noble and it will not harm the skin in any way.

One more way to lessen depression is to consult astrologers for guidance.

Let us know the benefits of this Zodiac jewellery. 

Leo Silver Pendant: The Design Decoding

The Leo Silver pendant with the glyph or the representation of Nemean Lion is embedded in the silver pendant hoop. The design resembles the lion and it carries Ruby on top of it. The Ruby is often called the Manik or Ratnaraj. Ruby on Mohs scale scores 9.0 in hardness and the bright red colour makes it an attractive gemstone. Ruby fits perfectly in the Leo Silver pendant or necklace as the ornament of Leo natives. So what are the benefits of the Ruby Silver necklace?

Leo Silver Pendant: The Significance Of Ruby In The Jewellery

With the sun as the ruling planet of Leo, Ruby acts as the perfect cover. According to Hindy Astrology, Ruby is recommended to wear as per the natal chart of the native. Ruby relates to the planet Sun. Sun is the karak and life-giver in the solar planets. To enhance the impact of the Sun, one must wear a Ruby gemstone. The combination of Ruby artistically placed with the Silver pendant gives the native enormous fortune, good health and social confidence. 

Ruby represents the sun and with the strong sun in your chart, Ruby multiplies the positive effect of the Sun. The Leo Silver pendant with Ruby enhances courage, power and father. Positive sun with Ruby will make the native optimistic and royal. They will be confident in their life.

The silver pendant touching your skin with embedded Ruby will have a healing effect on the heart as it regulates the blood flow and kills the germs and reduces the infection. It brings wealth and fortune to the native-born under the Leo sign. It wards off the enemies from you and you will become self-independent. It also miraculously reduces the stress and pathology of lung disease, backbone related issues, diabetes and hypertension. Wearing a Leo silver pendant helps to improve communication skills and to ward off professional problems.

Not only does the Leo Silver Pendant help to get you the astrological remedies with the help of Ruby it also looks stylish and suave. The pendant form looks elegant and desirable. The benefit of Ruby coupled with the look to kill is the perfect gift for someone. This is a perfect mix of beauty with a cosmic attraction that gives the individual benefits of strong sun.

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Leo Silver Pendant: The Product Formation

The Leo silver pendant or the Leo Silver necklace has a base of silver. The pendant and the necklace are of Sterling silver. The weight of the Ruby may vary from 3 to 4 grams but you can customise it according to your need. The cut of Ruby is generally in round form but if you want in a hexagon or square shape, it’s up to you.

Leo Silver Pendant: The Varied Uses

This Leo Constellation pendant can be an ideal gift as well as can be bought as an ideal jewellery option. Not only that, if you want to use Ruby for remedial purposes without compromising on looks, then this is the ideal thing. You can customise it as Leo Lion Pendant or Men’s Leo pendant.

Leo Silver Pendant : Art Meets Astrology

Since ancient times, people have been fascinated with glittering metals and gemstones. It forms an integral part of few. The combination of Ruby with artistic silver jewellery is often the eye candy in the gathering and function. Each Zodiac sign has its own gemstone and it can be perfectly placed on silver. For example, the Aries Silver Pendant suits the Aries while the Aquarius silver Pendant fits the Aquarian. 

Leo Silver Pendant: Wrapping Up

The Leo Silver pendant like the Capricorn Silver pendant and its other counterpart gives you that perfect artistic look with the astrological impact a Leo needs. So what are you waiting for? Consult the astrologer today and get a Leo Silver pendant with embedded Ruby. Ladies Keep on admiring your pendant in the mirror!