Saturn in Aquarius – Will There Be a Paradigm Shift? Know Here

Saturn in Aquarius – Will There Be a Paradigm Shift? Know Here

Just go back a little in the very recent history, the year 1994! Remember something big that happened then? Yes! It was the year when the term World Wide Web came into existence, and the entire world was knitted in a small web through the internet. The wide use of the internet since then has never seen a pause ever. This was the last time when Saturn transited in Aquarius sign.

Since then, there have been myriads of technological advancements. There is practically no corner on Earth, which has not experienced the impact of WWW or the use of the internet at some point in time. This interesting cycle of Saturn in Aquarius was again observed and studied by Vedic astrology in the year 2021. It will continue till the year 2023. And this time, too, Saturn in Aquarius 2021 has resulted in huge technological progress worldwide. The technology that was introduced in 1994 is being put to proper and safe use since the year 2020. There is so much to Saturn in the Aquarius zodiac sign.

If we try to understand the basic nature of Aquarius and Saturn and then compare the two with the present scenario where almost 80% of the world is working remotely, we will come to the conclusion that Saturn in Aquarius 2021 can be one big reason for this difference in work culture. Aquarius signifies Technology, and Saturn signifies remoteness. When they are put together, they make people work with technology in remote conditions. Another aspect is about air travel, where the Aquarius sign is symbolic of Air Travel; Saturn delays this traveling by air. The most iconic is the Social Distance that we are following since 2020, and this is because Aquarius is social, but Saturn believes in maintaining distance. Isn’t it interesting to relate all these with the current pandemic scenario, where social distancing, online remote work, and delayed travel plans are prevalent all across the globe?

So, yes! There is an evident paradigm shift due to the influence of Saturn in Aquarius. Now, let’s check out the significance of Saturn in Aquarius in Vedic astrology and the nature of Saturn and the Aquarius zodiac in general.

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Saturn – The Planet that Leaves You Lonely

Talking about Saturn, better known and feared by the name Shani, it is the taskmaster, who makes us work in pathetic conditions to bring out the best in us. Facing humongous loss, pain, misery, and troubles is the indication that Saturn is somewhere around you and has appeared to punish you for all your sins. Better pull up your sleeves and get ready to face a hard time now, because the slow planet is not going to leave any time soon, at least for another two-and-a-half-year.

Saturn will remind you of all the misdeeds and wrong actions that you had taken in the past life and is going to severely punish you for the same so that you don’t repeat them ever again. And when it will leave you, there would be a transformation that you will experience. You will become patient and tolerant and aware of the fact that karmas always pay back. Overall, you will be a better person. Hard work, persistence, and perseverance will be your identity.

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Aquarius – A Progressive Rebellion

The natives born under the 11th sign of the zodiac sign belong to the Aquarius sign. Being governed by the strict planet Saturn, the natives are born with discipline and diligence in their blood. The Aquarius sign natives are often looked upon as rebellious and their attitude and dressing sense makes it evident to others that they don’t like to follow the herd. They like to carve their own way.

The Aquarius zodiac is blessed with technological abilities and always yearns to learn more and adapt to new methods. It will not be an exaggeration to call them reformers as they are always ready to change things and the people around them. The clever natives born under Aquarius, are filled with abstract thoughts and ready to take up new projects involving innovative ideas and exploring new things.

The Aquarius natives are believers in freedom for all. They are independent and social. As much as they love adventure, they are involved with their family too. They are keen pioneers and visionaries.

Saturn in Aquarius – Put On Your Thinking Hats!

The free-spirited and independent Aquarius under the influence of Saturn during the Saturn in Aquarius natal will transform into a serious person who would go on thinking hard all the time. Saturn gives you the skill of being authoritative yet the Aquarius sign shall remain flexible and open to others’ ideas, though they may not be willing to change theirs’.

The friendly Aquarius will try to stick with only those few very close alliances when Saturn enters Aquarius. Though the hard work that Aquarius puts into all the tasks is well-appreciated by all, the Saturn transit in Aquarius makes the person egoistic. It becomes difficult to work in a team with ego issues at the time of Saturn in Aquarius. It is important that the natives take care of their circulatory and respiratory systems as when Saturn moves in Aquarius, it may affect your health.

Truth is all that matter to people with Saturn in Aquarius. Such natives have strong characters and stable careers. But with Saturn’s return in Aquarius, they may experience some instability in their career and may have to think of other options too.

The Leaving Note – Saturn in Aquarius Man and Woman

The Saturn in Aquarius woman often results in an inclination towards research, innovation, and discoveries. The Saturn in Aquarius woman makes her intellectual and imaginative. She is practical in approach and her original ideas often attract men from various spheres. She is quite serious and believes strongly in the constitution of marriage and is a bit conservative when it comes to marriage and relationships.

The Saturn in Aquarius man are born leaders and have fresh ideas always dwelling in mind. The man with Saturn in Aquarius is self-obsessed and has high self-esteem too. People like to hear from him and often take his advice as he is considered wise, intelligent and thoughtful.

Science, discovery, invention, and practical approach are the other names of Saturn in Aquarius ascendants. The position of Saturn in Aquarius is not considered unfavorable, though the strong Saturn shall definitely impose restrictions over the free-spirited Aquarius natives, in some form. But that will only result in a revolution for a greater cause.

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