Saturn in Capricorn – Law Maker with Law Follower

Saturn in Capricorn – Law Maker with Law Follower

The craft of Vedic astrology believes that there is the energy possessed by all the heavenly bodies, whether visible like Sun and Moon or invisible like the Planets. These cosmic elements have a strong influence over all of us in a good or bad way. And their influence gets better or worse when these bodies combine with other bodies. Sounds complicated, isn’t it? Let’s make it simple.

At the exact time of birth of a child, the sky has a particular pattern of stars and planets arranged together. This pattern is redrawn on paper and is called Horoscope in simple astrology language. It is believed that this pattern of stars and planets has a significant role to play in the child’s life. The Horoscope drawn based on calculations done with the birth details helps make accurate predictions about the child’s life. It can help us know about the child’s education, how life would be in general – rough or smooth, a career that probably the child will take up, and the marriage – whether the child will enjoy marital bliss and have a family or will there be any issue. Also, it will help in understanding the growth and promotion of the child’s professional life in the future.

The best part of astrology is that it can make us aware of the possible challenges we may face due to weak planets or their inauspicious position in the Horoscope. Another aspect of Vedic astrology is the planetary transit and retrograde analysis that have a solid and lasting impact on the native. The article is about one such important transit – Saturn in Capricorn-after 30 years. Saturn had recently transited from Sagittarius into Capricorn in 2020 and will continue to be posited in Capricorn till the year 2022. Let’s see what’s in store with Saturn in Capricorn. But before that, let’s have a clear idea of the planet Saturn and the zodiac sign Capricorn.

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Planet Saturn - The Rule Maker

Saturn is associated with all dark words like pain, grief, despair, hopelessness, misery, accident, loss, and tragedy as per astrology. With the onset of Saturn’s transit, the native starts trembling with fear, anticipating all the ugly experiences that he would have to face in the coming period. And because Saturn is a slow-moving planet, the pain is felt for a longer period till Saturn moves out or changes position.

Saturn is the lawmaker who makes sure that everybody follows the rule that he has framed. And if somebody dares not to follow the rules, he has to face the anger of Saturn, and he is to be blamed for all the miseries in life. There is only one mantra that works with Saturn – “As you sow, so shall you reap”. So, take steps very carefully because Saturn has its eye on your actions.

But when Saturn is placed in a favorable position, it bestows the native with power, authority, name, fame, and prosperity. So, if you want good blessings, then mind your actions next time!

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Zodiac Capricorn - The Rule Follower

Not in the weirdest dream too, the Capricorn native will never break any law. According to the Capricorn zodiac sign, if a rule is framed and a law is made, one must follow it religiously, come what may and even if it has nothing positive associated with it.

The rigid attitude of the Capricorn is because of the influence of planet Saturn which is its ruling body. So, it comes naturally that you ought to follow the rules if the rule maker is your ruler. There is no escape!

The natives born under the 10th sign, which s Capricorn, are the most hard-working, ambitious, and serious about everything in life. A Capricorn native can work for long hours without taking any breaks and even ignoring the basic body needs of food, water, or even attending nature’s call. You may call them sincere, but this is not an advisable way of conduct. All work and no play will surely take away the joy of life, especially the joy of love life and health aspect, though the native might earn more than anyone else around.

The Capricorn natives are disciplined and organized and expect the same from the people around them. With their managerial skills, they can be at the top position of the organization. But they don’t like to be sub-ordinates for a long time and lose patience if the promotion doesn’t come early. For this reason, the Capricorn people choose to have their own businesses and commit their whole life to their ventures. Now, let’s see what happens when Saturn transits Capricorn. Will the two rules lover have a gala time, or Saturn will make the workaholic work harder?

Saturn in Capricorn – It’s All About Discipline and Pronouncement!

Saturn is the natural ruler of the Capricorn zodiac sign. So, Saturn in Capricorn can never be in a dangerous or malefic position. Rather, with Saturn in Capricorn, the native has better control over life. Though the path might be a bit rough, the Capricorn’s endurance will help the native sail through it easily.

With Saturn in Capricorn, the native might feel the pressure on his shoulders. It would be a classic depiction of a person carrying the load of the entire world. The native will be suppressed under duties and responsibilities that he had chosen for himself, but now they make him feel frustrated and burdened. Assigning tasks to different people at work can be a big help to Capricorn natives at this time, but only if they can trust others!

The Saturn return in Capricorn can be difficult for the native, and it’s also time to introspect and analyze the goal of life beyond professional and financial aspects. When Saturn enters Capricorn, it’s important to take action on the plans. Capricorns are not planners, they are executors, and so, they should not waste time and energy once Saturn is in Capricorn ascendant.

With Saturn in Capricorn, the native may get jealous of others’ achievements and success stories. The native may yearn for the same status or stability that the other person has, and eventually, with hard work and endurance, the Capricorn will get it, maybe in some later years of life. And the time of transit of Saturn in Capricorn is considered good for a career.

With Saturn in Capricorn, man is a strict disciplinarian, as expected of him. He is generous and loving, though everything comes in life after work. He is a workaholic who gives preference to work over life. In his quest to have a comfortable and luxurious life, the Saturn in Capricorn man forgets to live a normal life with loved ones.

Winding It Up!

The Saturn in Capricorn brings in more maturity in the native. In its ruling territory Capricorn, Saturn remains calm and dignified. But the transit makes the native experience the need to look at the larger picture and stop running after smaller goals. It means to stop and think hard and work harder!

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