Saturn in Pisces – Difficult Placement of Cold Planet in Last Sign

Saturn in Pisces – Difficult Placement of Cold Planet in Last Sign

The various aspects of Vedic astrology make it possible for us to understand and prepare well for the future and nullify the impact of the negative influence of the planets over our life. From understanding the traits to knowing the strengths and weaknesses, from education to love, from career to marriage and children, astrology can make predictions about almost all spheres of life. It can also help us get rid of troubles that are anticipated in the future.

Vedic astrologers are experts in understanding and analyzing the movements of the planets and call them transit or retrograde. A planet transits in the forward direction from one sign into another, while the planet retrogrades back into the same sign, that it had left recently. Both aspects leave some impact on the natives of those signs. These impacts can be good as well as bad. It may benefit the native in some way or harm in some other way. And it may also be a combination of mixed impact.

Here, in this article, we are going to elaborate on one such transit and retrograde of the cold planet Saturn. We shall be throwing some light on what happens with Saturn in Pisces sign and when Saturn returns to Pisces. But before that, let’s gain some insight into the planet Saturn and the zodiac sign Pisces individually.

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Saturn – The Cold Master

The planet Saturn is synonymous to delay, punishment, agony, pain, grief, despair, and all that we consider undesirable. But that is the real identity of Saturn and we cannot escape it. Of course, astrological remedies can help us reduce our pain during the transit of Saturn. But ultimately, we have to take responsibility for our pain because Saturn gives us what we deserve in exchange for what we did in past.

The planet Saturn is a nightmare for the most courageous person too. Saturn spares none, rich or poor, young or old, all are equal when Saturn prepares to give justice. But all this is done just to make us realize that we are wrong and need to change our actions. Think before you act because Saturn is watching your karmas and you need to pay for bad karmas till you get moksha. Watch out next time before doing anything wrong!

Saturn also gives rewards to people who are always involved in good work. A strong and favorably placed Saturn blesses the native with name, fame, wealth, health, power, and position. So, keep your Saturn happy!

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Pisces – The Intuitive and Spiritual Sign

Born under the influence of the ruling planet Jupiter and Uranus, the Pisces ascendants are owners of mystical characteristics. They have strong intuitions and feel detached from the material world. They know that they are born for a bigger and unknown purpose. They find it difficult to stay connected to common people initially. Having said that, we would like to clear that Pisces are not unfriendly people. Rather, they are very friendly and adorable. But they have a defined boundary and shell around them that is difficult to break. They stick to their close ones and just be casual friends with others. They don’t like making enemies either.

Pisces can be regarded as day-dreamers as they are always busy imagining and looking for a third world that better suits them. Very creative and sensitive Pisces will always relate to the pain of others, especially loved ones. They are quite indecisive and face emotional storms quite frequently because of their sensitive attitude. They are compassionate and like to serve people for a better cause.

The Pisces natives have the healing power and love to hear out people and show sympathy towards them. They are strong believers in God and consider everything to be sacred. Because of this, the Pisces natives are never suited for a higher designation in a corporate world, where people have to face cut-throat competition. They are suitable for a profession that requires their healing energy or creativity.

Saturn in Pisces – Dwelling Imagination and Illusion Together

Saturn in Pisces is not the happiest place for Saturn. Rather, we would quote that it is the worst position for Saturn. But this unfavorable and inauspicious position of Saturn in Pisces has gifted gems to humankind like Dalai Lama and Isaac Newton.

The Saturn transit in Pisces makes the native spiritual yet paranoid. And this weird combination of characteristics gives birth to geniuses. When Saturn enters Pisces, it lights the flame in the native to serve the world and take everybody on the path of spirituality. It helps in gaining immense knowledge that helps in revolutionizing society.

Though with Saturn in Pisces, the natives may get vulnerable to hurt and cheating experiences, as they are sensitive and get involved easily. The dreamers in the heart of the Pisces natives are held back under the restrictions of Saturn’s authoritative nature. And this may also lead to paranoid behavior in them.

The Saturn in Pisce’s natal chart makes the native extremely helpful towards friends. The native gets ready to help a friend in need, even if it would cost him a fortune. This attitude often takes a toll on the mental health of the native, as he might not get the same response from his friends when he would need it. And this ultimately results in detachment.

With Saturn in Pisces woman is like a vintage lover. She likes to stick to the age-old fashion trends and doesn’t bother about what is latest and trending. The woman with Saturn in Pisces likes to spend time reading and walking alone, especially visiting art galleries. She has all the positive traits a man would love to have in his dream partner.

With Saturn in Pisces man is romantic at heart. He is a gentleman who would treat her lady to the best. The man with Saturn in Pisces would be like the woman with Saturn in Pisces, who loves to read books and is interested in history.

Saturn in Different Houses of Pisces – The Closure

Planets have a significant role to play in different houses and signs. So does Saturn in different houses of Pisces of the horoscope. With Saturn in Pisces 1st house, the native understands the purpose of life only after reaching the age of 30. Success and marriage both are delayed. With Saturn in Pisce’s 5th house, education, romance and fun are hit badly. With Saturn in Pisces 7th house, marriage gets postponed till the early 30s and that is fruitful. Early marriage will not be stable. With Saturn in Pisce’s 8th house, the native is blessed with longevity though relations with the in-law might not be harmonious. With Saturn in Pisces 10th house, success will come after 30 years of age, no matter how hard the native works. They will be in a good position after that in all spheres. With Saturn in Pisce’s 12th house, the desire to visit or work abroad will not be fulfilled. And if it happens, there would be difficulty in the path.

Saturn in Pisces will help the native only if they live and let live others peacefully and keep working hard. Saturn in Pisces career choices should be made carefully considering their psychic potential and healing powers.

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