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Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius make up the trio known as the Fire Signs. Since fire is the primary symbol of this group, its members tend to be impulsive, carefree, jovial, warm, and entrepreneurial. Most of the time, these people don't harbour grudges towards anyone.

The Water Signs are Pisces, Scorpio, and Cancer. They are among the Zodiac Signs who are most emotionally oriented and are also the most intense. They can actually pour their hearts out for their loved ones and can be very loving and affectionate.

Natives of the Earth Sign are renowned for their endurance, steadiness, and pragmatic outlook. These folks typically place a high value on elegance and aesthetics. The Earth Signs can be incredibly warm beings from the inside, even though they might not be particularly expressive, although it might take some time.

Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius are members of the Air Signs, which are very laid-back and jovial people who dislike getting worked up over things. These individuals are highly inventive and creative, enjoy diversity, and are constantly exploring new possibilities. You should be ready for them when you're around them.

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What is Compatibility?

In today’s day and age, getting your relationship compatibility checked has become a norm. Zodiac signs compatibility lets you know how you and your partner click (or don’t click), and what future holds for both of you. And why not? Knowing the right aspects of the couple compatibility helps a ton in identifying the beneficial traits, similarities, and differences between two individuals.

Non-compatible astrological matches can also warn about the hardships to come if there are any. There are two ways to approach your Star Sign Compatibility. Vedic Astrological Compatibility can either be calculated by comparing your and your partner’s birth charts, or you can go for the Sun Sign compatibility that would tell you about your relationship compatibility based on your zodiac signs.

Therefore, with Zodiac sign love compatibility, you are not necessarily required to have your partner’s birth chart, unlike a birth chart love compatibility. Just by entering the right Zodiac Pairings, you can see if your relationship is likely to go in the directions you want. If your Sign Matches with your partner’s sign, congratulations! Smooth times can be predicted ahead.

Moreover, a Star Sign Compatibility will not only show you the current status of your relationship, but it can also predict future dynamics of your relationship, too. It shows you how strong your relationship is right now, what makes it work, and whether you are about to live a life of harmony or conflicts with your loved one in the future as well.

Relationship compatibility is not the only aspect that is revealed with zodiac sign compatibility. Along with that, you can also access the zodiac love compatibility and sex compatibility between you and your partner. This will help you learn even more about your partner and your relationship, and can ensure a lasting relationship with mutual understanding.

In Vedic Astrology, the positive compatibility between signs is an indication of brighter things to come as long as your relationship is concerned. Apart from your zodiac love compatibility, you can also check out your Star Sign Compatibility for marriage. This will not only ensure a harmonious and blissful married life but can also reveal if there are any obstacles to be overcome. It also helps in revealing the obstacles and remedies for them early in your relationships.